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Stormpay says 12dp is being investiaged? Who is? It's MY money they are holding onto NOT 12DP! I DEMAND StormPay tell me who is looking into 12DP. If they can't at least make something up for me to chase down then they are not only LIARS but INCOMPENTANT.


Also, STORMPAY KNOWS full well how all that money is divided up IF 12DP was truely scamming people stormpay Could just return it all to the members and hand 12DP out to dry. Why don't they do this? Because stormpay is scamming not only 12dp but also it's customers

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      Jun 22, 2009
    Stormpay / NetBIA - Scam
    United States

    The discussions about 12DP and all other traffic-sites should be seen in a much wider view, because it are not only the traffic-sites and surfers who are victims of the fraudulent money-rankness of the payment-ops Stormpay and Paypal. Thousands of other website-owners and accountholders has changed their payments-ops and boycott Stormpay and Paypal now due to their very bad experiences with the fraudulent practises of Paypal and Stormpay, both having already a very bad reputation (for years) with a strong growing number of similar cases of fraud.

    Fact is that both Paypal and Stormpay are RIP-OFFS because they shameless abuse as a concern-strategy their position against their customers/ accountholders with their extortion of money, usury and stealing.
    Paypal takes a shameless 11% commission on automatic payments and Stormpay an unbelievable 25% !!! After some time of stealing your money, they cause you bigger trouble, damage and headache by freezing and blocking your account and with always finding some hypocrite arguments in their 'policy' to steal from you.
    It is the same as your own bank refuse to give you your own money on your account because they don’t like your cat.
    Sadly, Paypal routinely freezes its customers' accounts for almost anything and without warning. Once an account is frozen, the funds are often held by PayPal for months on end with Absolutely No Recourse for the merchant. This belongs to the concern-strategy to increase their profits worldwide. Now Stormpay followed their system more and more.
    Beside that, their arrogance, ignorance, blackmail- and hijack-practises with their hypocrite 'policy' are famous and is not the way a company should handle their customers. Ofcourse they make very fat extra profits worldwide with such practises.

    It is absurd and absolute unacceptable that a payment-op-company like Paypal and Stormpay makes their own laws and rules ("policy') about the way website-holders have to do their business and uses illegal and fraudulent methods as stealing money, blackmail and so against their customers/ accountholders.

    It is urgent time that the payments-ops will be strictly regulated by law and by the governments instead of being a jungle where the strongest dictate the rules and do what they want and can. Freezing/blocking = stealing the money from the accountholders on their account is in fact forbidden because stealing is a crime. There should be a high panelty on such illegal practises.
    Hopefully the judges will tackle now Stormpay in the lawsuits of the different traffic-websites and deliver a solid base for compensation in the case of illegal freezing/blocking of accounts.

    As customers/accountholders we can start to boycott the worst payment-ops (Stormpay and Paypal) and move to the honest ones as Moneybookers, SFI-pay, E-Gold and so on.
    And let us place complains against Stormpay and Paypal/Ebay regarding internet-fraud and regarding abusing their position (anti-trust laws) at the same way as in the case of Microsoft to reduce their monopoly, power and arrogance.

    It is clear that Stormpay is a real SCAM/CON and the owner just shows his real face now. McConnell just filled the last year his pocket with more then $5mill. cheating everybody with his Stormpay and his cheating NetBIA, being in fact fraud ! He delivered absolutely nothing then baked air.
    So, if you have still money there, take it out if you can and if it is not to late !!!
    It should be clear to everybody that the owner John McConnel jr. of Stormpay and NetIBA got very big money thanks to the surf-industry in the last year. It is also clear that his move now is only understandable if his policy is to bankrupt Stormpay soon and make very fat big money with it being a case of planned bankruptcy-fraud.
    As far as we have heard, there is no investigation at all of the government (FTC) of the surf-industry. Those stories are being just rumours spread by Stormpay and NetIBA (McConnel) itself as tactics to hide their stealing of big -very big- money and being the style of every professional swindler.

    We with our website got a similar problem in August last year. A porno-king tried to infiltrate for fraudulent use of our website for his roughly 230 porno-websites to get free advertising for that as all our members get for live. Because he did not succeed, he placed falls accuses of SCAM against us (see on this, search under 4dollarretirement-SCAM) in a trial to blackmail us. Ofcourse our damage was big, but would be bigger if we granted. The same is for Stormpay and Paypal, nobody should reward them for their fraud and blackmail.

    With his NetBIA (being a fake/SCAM/CON and cheating members to get extra big income on empty faking promises >250.000 members x $20 =>$5mill. ), McConnell made in the last half year at least >$5mill. fraudulent income. Plus now a trial of illegal stealing of very big amounts from the surf-industry is a very big move. Perhaps a move to far. Or to a very wealthy live, or straight into the prison, or lynched by very angry surfers, because this is real fraud and a case for the 'Internet Crime Complaint Centre' (IC3) being the real responsible institute of the US-government instead of the fake-NetBIA .
    The IC3 is a partnership between the FBI and the NW3C ( National White Collar Crime Centre, see ).
    Everybody should place ASAP complains there against Stormpay/NetBIA to be sure that some money come back to the owners (accountholders) and the government catch that guy ASAP before he is tackled by a big number of very angry surfers.
    It is known that there are already a lot of people underway to talk with him at his racecourse. No surprise that this man cannot sleep quietly and let it be a warning for the owners of Paypal/Ebay, because people let not manipulate and cheat themselves for long time. Cheating delivers always reactions which could be cost more then the profit at the end.

    We all together should file complains now with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC has said they will investigate "if they receive enough complaints." Let's help them out! For more details visit:,, and also .

    Don’t forget to remove soonest this faking banners of the NetIBA ! on your websites, which are only saying that you where also cheated by Stormpay and McConnel . You recognize the Master-swindler at the ironic-arrogant content of his own faking banner: ' Why would an internet merchant hide their identity ?
    Exactly: "They have something to hide which alone should tip that it is NOT safe (and just a fraudulent fake/SCAM/CON)."
    McConnel has more to hide. He has a very bad reputation in his own state Tennessee and got early in troubles with the BBB years ago.

    Instead of making their own absurd faking hypocrite rules with illegal freezing accounts (because website-owners uses a 1- or 2-tiers affiliate-program, randomizer-script or autosurf-programs with nice earnings for their members), Stormpay and Paypal should clean up first their own illegal fraudulent rubbish and dust caused by faking, blackmailing, hijacking, usuring, extortion of money and stealing from their accountholders.
    About the very young trafficindustry we can be short. This is a new branch giving fantastic earning-possibilities to all, website-holders and surfers. Advertising was always big business also in the past before internet.
    People who cannot earn money here, cannot elsewhere on the net.

    Ofcourse also in this branch there are SCAMS like Stormpay and Paypal, reason to look to trustable sites like 12DP from Charis and listen to other experienced people. Every member adores and respects here, also the reason why the number of members of 12DP exploded since may 2005. But there are a number of good traffic-websites and everybody can make big money with it if you do it right. And of course, like every-where there are risks. But most of the people on the net loosing their money with empty promises and wasting their time, but not that with PTS.
    PTS-sites delivers quick and easy results and a very good earning-possibility as well extra traffic to your own website. If you don’t know or understand how, you can ask me.
    I will inform and advise our ca. 2300 members of in detail in our Newsletters about those great opportunities in the traffic-branch as well about the Stormpay- and Paypal-SCAMS. We will form a group in our site where every member can earn >$4000/month easy.
    We are down now with our site till we solved some problems we met now caused by a hacker, due to spamming and due to the Stormpay and Paypal-problems.
    I request everybody who want also place complains against Stormpay and Paypal to sent me a short E-mail with their E-mail-contact-address and full name. Perhaps we can start an action and place complains in the USA (FTC and IC3) and perhaps co-operate with the traffic-websites against Stormpay in the lawsuits and place complains against Stormpay and Paypal/Ebay in Europe at the European Commission (a next case against Paypal/Ebay beside Microsoft will reduce strongly their arrogance and illegal dealing. Otherwise it can cost them big, very big money).
    We as will on our site remove Stormpay and Paypal ASAP and replace it with honest payment-ops as Moneybookers, SFI-Pay, E-Gold and so on, because we are sick of such SCAMS/CON’s.

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