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StoresOnline / Bait and switch

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Don't fall for the StoresOnline gimmicks. They use their software to track your web surfing habits, then invite you. They have their high pressure, bait and switch tactics finely tuned. They no longer charge you to attend their functions, they give their lunches away and use carefully crafted sentences to hook you.

If you grab the "bait" at the "free lunch" (there are no free lunches) and fail to cancel your commitment within 3 days (they schedule the "explanation workshop" after the legal 3 day cancellation period) you'll be on the hook for 12 months of payments (unless you stop payment on your debit card).

The "Express" site is useless. StoresOnline is marketing the upgraded - Pro site, then more "stuff", then more "stuff"...

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  • Ly
      2nd of Jun, 2008
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    Very true, even as much as we thought we were 'smart' regarding such things, we still got suckered into them, and lost right at $6000. A huge financial disaster for us. Then they continue to call you and 'offer' you another program of teaching, at an additional price of course, to tell you all the things you are doing wrong. Please .. if I can save just a few folks from doing what we did it would make us feel better.

  • An
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    i recently went to one of the seminars myself and totally agree with the others. they took our money and promised that it would make money and we never heard from them again!!! how could the better business beareau allow such fake companies exist and go-on iknowing that they have a well known scam going on. it's not fair to the ones who's really trying to make it in this hard economic time. people will start to leave the internet alone for the sole purpose of...who can you trust!!! the seminar was held march 25, 2009, and it was very convincing!!

  • Ja
      18th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    What a bunch of scam artists, they get you interested with key words and phrases, make you think there going to be there every step of the way and prey upon your desires to be successful and make money. there clever when they speak it wasnt until after i realized they were scaming me that i never heard them make any specific claims to how much you would make but they preyed upon you fears of failing if you did not have their help. What an organization, I cant even get them to call me back or e-mail me and when ever i go on the online chat (which is was enco9uraged to do right away) I get no good answers to my questions and no help with my site, Storesonline and PMI what a ripoff. dont do it. check them out. dont fall prey to their high pressure tactics. and let them know NO means NO. My wife and I feel weve been riped off. I thought we were smarter than this evidently we should have done our homework and we would be ok right now.

  • J
      19th of Dec, 2009
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    Storesonline is a ripoff see transcript --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Started: Fri 18/Dec/2009 10:06 P.M.
    Ended: Fri 18/Dec/2009 10:07 P.M.

    Welcome to Store Front Support
    Hi J***
    Good to have you on chat!
    How may I help you?
    yes i would like to get access to my 3 accounts. I would like to know why i have to pay a subscription fee to sites that i have purchased?
    May I have your license no. please so that I can check on it
    One moment please let me check
    Thank you for waiting
    As per chencking you have purchased your account last 09-FEB-2007
    And you haven't to have any wedsite published
    Please be informed that you need to have atleast one published website to access your accounts
    if i get one website published i will not have any issues with getting access to my other sites?
    Yes j*** that is correct
    what is the fee
    You have an option to renew your site or you can pay for the $10 monthly subscription fee
    what do you mean renew my site
    You can renew your site and have the same package just like when you first purchased your account J***
    so are you saying that i have to pay for the price i had paid orginally for these sites?
    You can choose with the 3 renewal packages if you visit this site www.storesonlinelinkbuilder/renewal
    why do i have to pay again for sites that paid a lot of money for? Once these sites have been purchased then they belong to the person that purchased them?
    it shouldnt matter if i didnt published them they belong to me. If a subscription fee was paid and my first site is published would i have to pay anymore fees?
    There is no more fee's to be collected once you have published you will just have to pay for the monthly hosting of your site
    what will be the hosting fee of each site? Do I have to use Storeonlines web host?
    The hosting fee for each site is $29.95
    And yes it will be storesonline that is going to host your website
    why do i have to use you'll
    You have an option to choose if you want to host your site with us or you can host it for yourself
    what is the downside if i dont have your StoresOnline to host my sites?
    Will i have issues?
    There is no down side to it since you will be the one to host your site
    I really think that it's wrong that StoresOnline would charged thousands of dollars for sites you can get now for under $100 and then make them pay a renewal fee of $319-$1045 to continue to get access to their account. StoresOnline shouldnt even charged these fees unless they are going to build the
    sites themselves, but of course that would be an additional cost in addition to paying for these sites.
    What is the time frame for publishing a website after first purchase?
    The purchaesd that you made before has 1 year prepaid published support J**
    what do you mean pre-paid?
    It means it has a year for you to finished the site.
    i understand the part about having up to a year to publish, but you used the term prepaid
    It means you have a one year free costomer support and you dont have to pay anything for the subscription
    so are you saying that if i need assistance from customer service, now I have to pay a fee? What is this fee?
    That is the monthly subcription fee J*** and that is alos the the fee for you to access the site if you dont want to renew it
    im getting clarification because you said one year free customer support, and any person that paid money for a product should not have to pay for customer support to assist in using their product
    Yes J*** that is correct because it is included in the packaged that you purchased with storesonline
    I will think about doing the $10 fee, but in the mean time I appreciate your response to my questions?

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