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On Monday, March 12th, at 10:19 AM, I placed an order with Steve's Blinds and Wallpapers (Reference Number: C409091) which came with their "Ships in 24 hrs or FREE!" policy. Their website has an intermittent bug such that when you select the "Control Type" option to be "Spring Roller", it doesn't always remove the field below it, which is "Control Position".

Therefore, a customer service representative from Steve's Blinds called me on Tuesday, March 13th, wanting clarification about whether I wanted the shades to be controlled via "spring roller" or "cord". I confirmed that I wanted "spring roller". The representative from Steve's Blinds stated that, because of needing to get this matter clarified, the clock for their "Ships in 24 hrs or FREE!" policy would then start on Tuesday, March 13th instead of when the order was originally placed on Monday, March 12th.

As of this morning, Friday, March 16th, the order still has not shipped. When I called to get a refund to my credit card because Steve's Blinds and Wallpapers did not meet their "Ships in 24 hrs or FREE!" policy and to also inquire about when my order would actually ship, I was told that the policy was void because the manufacturer had a question about the order, and that they would not refund my credit card. Again, it wasn't the manufacturer who had the question, it was Steve's Blinds and Wallpapers personnel and the ONLY reason why they had a question was due to a bug on their website.

Steve's Blinds and Wallpapers "Ships in 24 hrs or FREE!" policy can be read at

Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper
Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper
Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper


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