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We took our F350 diesel truck to Shawn Ott at 13717 Ort Rd, niagara falls [protected] on January 11, 2012 for a repair. He quoted us $200 and a few days. A week later without our approval Shawn Ott pulled the head out of our truck and on January 21, 2012 he gave us an invoice for $1414. He refused to work further on the truck until we gave him cash. We advised Mr Ott we were leaving on a vacation Jan 23 and needed the truck as it is our tow vehicle for our travel trailer. We had booked the vacation a year in advance. Mr. Ott said he could have it done in time. The truck was not done and we purchased another tow vehicle, so we could take our trip. Mr Ott promised to have the truck fixed by the time we returned. While we were gone Mr Ott pulled the plates off our truck and parked it on the side of the road. When we asked why our truck wasn't running he demanded more money and threatened that he wouldn't work on the truck. After eleven weeks of having our truck on March 28, 2012 after being threatened with physical violence by Mr Ott we had our truck towed away from Mr Ott's garage/house. We had given him over $3000 in cash and the truck is still not running. Mr Ott came to our house and threatened us again. We notified the police and submitted an information report. We are fearful that Mr Ott will damage our property. We are considering civil action, but don't think we'd get any money back. While he had our truck it was damaged from driving other vehicles into it and painting nearby. The truck is destroyed and we're out over $4000 (we purchased $1000 in parts that we believe Mr Ott sold on kijiji rather than putting them on our truck). We also believe he pulled our plates off our truck and was using them to drive other un-insured or registered vehicles. We found this website about others who have been tricked by Shawn Ott: His wife claims to be a rescue, but breeds dogs that are confined to small pens in the oil soaked yard. I have notified the humane society regarding the care and well being of the dogs, cats and single turkey they have in a pen off the house.

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  • Sh
      30th of Mar, 2012

    wow...the internet is such a safety net and hiding place for people to post anything they want for the world to see - no matter how slanderous and no matter how one-sided and in this case, complete lies and falsehoods. these sites all seem like such a great idea for the consumer, but the reality is it gives people free reign to screw with people and their livelihood with no boundaries to truth and actual events. if by chance i had never come upon this bunch of bull it would be out there for all to see and form opinions by. it isn't right - these sites shouldn't be allowed to post these comments without contacting the person being slammed and making them aware of the comments and giving them an opportunity to respond and tell their side. but then that just wouldn't be as interesting would it!!
    anyways...truth...these people first contacted me regarding fixing a loader. i twice went on mobile service calls to look at the machine and diagnose. i did not charge them (each drive was over 45 minutes each way) for gas or time or services rendered. from the start brent cried boohoo broke and wanted a deal. but that is what i am about - work at reasonable rates for return customers and referrals. his wife amy brought over the manual for the loader and the key and we agreed he would be bringing the loader by to fix it or i would do it mobile. never heard from them again. every time i called either got no answer or a static filled phone that you couldn't understand his words through and story after story after story of why the loader couldn't be delivered. offered to have it towed for super cheap - more excuses. but they left the manual and keys here for months. i was already wondering what the heck was going on. why didn't they get their manual and key back? why did they keep telling stories and promising a job. if they had changed their minds all they had to do was say so.
    i finally in january got through to brent once again and told him that this was absurd - that i had ordered the parts for his job and that the window for getting the job done off season when i am not busy was closing. he had a million more stories - the final one being that his f350 was screwed up because while trying to install a bio-diesel system (a system that runs off of used deep fryer oil to fuel the vehicle) he had broken off a cast iron nipple in the cylinder head. he admitted that he wasn't using the proper type of fitting and that it was his complete fault because he was taking a short cut and trying to reach in and install the improper fitting without disassembling the parts in the way for proper access to the head. he had broken the head completely by doing this and had actually tried to jb weld it. it was a total disaster. i said i would stop by his house, again for no charge, and look at the mess. i did just that. i told him when i saw the truck - again after he cried boohoo broke (and yes, i am that decent of a person to help people out if they seem like they deserve it) that the damage was severe. i told him it needed to be broken down to the point of properly accessing the broken head and then the head removed and weld repaired. he said he couldn't afford that and begged me to try to weld the head while still in the truck. he said he would disassemble it to the point of being able to access the area. i repeatedly told him i didn't think it would work but he asked me to at least try. we agreed that if that did work the cost would be a few hundred dollars. i reinforced my reluctance to try this over and over but agreed to try after he basically begged and pleaded and told stories about their hardships - living paycheque to paycheque, blah, blah. i also told him that this was if he brought the truck over that day since i had a space open then. he finally had the truck brought over three, possibly four days later - using his caa tow calls (i don't think that is the purpose to caa, i am pretty sure they offer their great deals for emergency services to help people not for cheapskates to use for repairs). at that point, days later, the garage was full. there was lots of snow on the ground. i had to have him drop the truck, not running in the house driveway to keep it off the road so the plow could go by. i wasn't there when he brought the truck over but got back later to see he dropped it off with absolutely no disassembly done. he immediately started calling bugging me if i had gotten to the truck yet claiming he could not work without it and would have no pay, so i disassembled as needed to access the broken head outside in the snow and freezing cold in the dark. it took four hours. four hours of work he had promised to do himself. i called him on the phone and he promised to come over and help but he never showed up.
    i had to call a tow truck to have his truck moved out back into the garage because he was days late in bringing the truck - it should have been dropped in the garage in the first place. brent finally came over and looked at the damage. i again told him i thought we should remove the head but he said no, that he wanted me to try to weld repair it while still in the truck. during this time i gave him a list of parts that would be needed to reassemble the truck (orings and such for the turbo) he promised to pick them up for me. i didn't get them myself and mark up the cost. i gave him the opportunity to get them at cost to save money. again through these few days he kept telling me he needed the truck for work and that he and amy were broke - "please help us". he never showed up with parts. he never came and helped like he said he would. stupid me tried the weld repair as brent asked. i spent hours and hours because, if anyone knows a 2001 f350 turbo diesel - there is no room or easy access in the engine compartment. i had to remove additional parts to get access from underneath. bolts broke from rust and rot. the one night (yes - that's right - i accomodated him from 6 am up until 11 pm - phone calls and visits and work) brent did show up he was there for four hours solid labour from me watching while i tried to access and remove four bolts. he saw how huge and tedious and back breaking this job was. he still insisted on trying the weld inframe. he still kept up his pity and sympathy act. brent comes off as an easy going, super friendly [censored]. you can't help but feel sorry for him and want to help him. (now i realize what an act it was!!) he claimed over and over he was losing work without his truck and they so badly needed the money. after way too many hours trying it his way i told him that he needed to look at the job and that the head needed to be removed. he agreed and authorized it. he knew and told me he had researched many hours this job and repair and that it would cost $5000 to $10000 to replace the head, etc. more labour. more parts breaking from rot. finally after one week of this crap - him never showing up to help as was part of the deal, him never getting the needed parts with every excuse why not to spend the money on them and how to try to make due without them (absurd) and me working and working and working for nothing he shows up to say that he actually needs the truck to leave for vacation in florida the next morning and now he has had to borrow a truck. I FOUND OUT ONLY YESTERDAY FROM READING AMY'S BLOG THAT THEY BOUGHT A FORD EXCURSION DAYS EARLIER!!! are you kidding me - lies and stories to me but they bought a new suv and went on vacation. brent told me that they had to pay a friend very dearly to use the truck and that they were going away for less than two weeks. he acted embarassed to be going away. he had to tell the truth about needing the truck to pull a camper to florida not for work. i did tell him that since he had not gotten any of the parts he had promised that would be needed (and he had claimed to have been driving around for hours all that week to get the parts but just won't pay that much money for turbo kits and solenoids - still wanted to use jb weld) that if he left the parts money - still no mark up on parts costs - and a little money to cover my gas (remember i was doing discount work for him to try to make money to pay my own bills during the winter when i have no money) that i would try to get it done. he cam early the next morning before leaving for his trip and left me not even one third of what would be needed. he ended up gone for one month. during that time a transport truck battery exploded in my face and eyes. i was unable to work. he finally came back, again with sob stories of the trailer tires blowing up and having to leave the trailer in ohio and not being able to afford the repairs and can't get the trailer without his truck. HE STILL NEVER TOLD ME HE BOUGHT AN SUV.
    he came over all hours. he called all hours. he cried broke over and over. I SPOKE TO BRENT EVERY DAY AT LEAST ONCE ON THE PHONE IF NOT IN PERSON AND HE KEPT ASKING FOR HELP.
    we finally got the truck back together and it won't start because of his ridiculous bio-diesel install. he has been caught in a million lies. one night i spent fours hours with him in the garage trying to bypass his dead starter. then the truck sat in the garage for two days while he lollygagged about getting a new starter.
    he offered to trade me broken down junk trucks and tractors since he claimed he couldn't pay me. he told me over and over how appreciative he was of all i was doing for him. he even offered to pay me with his wife's favourite red truck without her knowing.
    he finally, after the truck still having problems - dead batteries, starter, old fuel - he told me he couldn't afford anymore - even though i hadn't billed him - and asked if he could work on his truck in my garage with my lights, heat, hydro, tools and assistance, for no charge. stupid me said yes - still feeling bad for him. i finally pulled it out into the driveway because he never actually came to work on it and frankly i had to move on. i told him that as much as i wanted to help him that he wasn't paying me and i needed the space.
    for the last few weeks the truck was here i started to get leary - his stories weren't adding up. when i pulled out the truck i blocked it in so he could not take it without paying me. i really didn't think he would - but i have been cheated by better, kinder and more well-off people than him. sure enough - i got sidetracked and busy. brent saw this - i realize now they were waiting for the right moment. he called me in the morning to ask when i would be home so he could work on his truck. he left a voice mail - which is saved and recorded - with the same message. i told brent at 10 am that i would not be home for hours but that when i was 30 minutes away i would call him to come over and he could work with my help - FOR FREE STILL . he called at 1:30 to tell me he towed the truck out of there.
    the woman that assists me that they are referring to as my wife called him back immediately and told him that he had no right to go on the property with a tow truck driver without permission (he had always respected waiting for us to be there) and take the truck when he knew he owed money or at least the trade items. he acknowledged to her that he owed money on the job.
    when i got back i did go over to their house to ask about his intentions to pay the invoice because i did not believe that he actually was going to come over that night as he promised.
    his wife immediately came running out on the phone to someone. brent walked up to the truck and spoke to me and promised to pay whatever he owed.
    my phone calls are all recorded and have been for over a year. i have all his calls - INCLUDING THE ONE (about 12 days before he stole his truck without paying the bill) WHEREIN HE HAS A CONVERSATION WITH MY HELPER HERE TO NOT LET ME SPEND ANYMORE TIME ON HIS TRUCK BECAUSE HE WAS BROKE AND THAT I HAD PROMISED TO HELP HIM HERE FOR FREE. it is recorded and very clear that brent never wanted his truck finished as he seems to have told his wife. she seems to think i was not working for him when in fact he didn't want me to.
    I NEVER EVER THREATENED THEM in fact after i left their house i found out after being chased down to my garage by the police that she had made a 911 call claiming i attacked and threatened them.
    i eventually found out from the police officer that they had actually called the police earlier that morning to say that i had given them permission to take their truck without paying the bill. the officer even said that doesn't make sense. why would they call the police before taking the truck unless to cover their tracks. they also ended up after questioning brent and amy finding out that i did not threaten them - AND THEY ADMITTED - AND I HAVE ON THE POLICE REPORT FROM THEIR OWN BOGUS 911 CALL - THAT THEY TOOK THE TRUCK KNOWING THEY OWED MONEY ON MY WORK. they admitted they had no money to fix it but were taking it somewhere when they saved the money.
    the day before brent took the truck without paying me he made a comment on a nice brand new raincoat i had. i gave it to him out of kindness because he really seemed to like it and need it. i can't imagine a man taking a gift from someone under false pretenses all the while knowing in his own mind he was waiting for the right moment to rip me off.
    as for their license plates - while they went away and never came back after two weeks as he stated i had to pull his truck out to use the garage and i had to put it on the road so i took off the license plates so a ticket would not be issued to him in case the plow truck tried to go by. i told him when he called me that they were in the garage and he was there waiting when i got back and saw that thye were in fact in the garage. he knows i did not use them. honestly now.
    he also did not spend $1000 on parts and he has all remaining parts not needed in rebuild kits in his truck and he witnessed the use of the other ones. more made up slander!
    and yes - they are proud to have called the pound falsely on the woman here. the pound attended and saw that the allegations were false. there is no breeding. no starving or dirty or neglected animals. the guy shook his head, happy with the healthy animals she takes very good care of and left.
    brent and amy ought to be ashamed of themselves. had he come to me and been honest i could have ended this weeks ago. instead he kept me helping him for nothing, all the while lying and scheming and plotting.
    he promised me and told the police he would pay me. instead i find this crap online

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  • Sh
      30th of Mar, 2012

    and i forgot - i did not damage their truck. one day he was here for free with me helping him for free he took his hood off and put it outside and the wind blew it over. not my fault. i did not trash their truck - the truck is garbage to start with.

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  • Am
      30th of Mar, 2012

    You don't have to believe me. Believe the other 25 people that he's scammed. His response is the response of a con artist. The internet is a great thing.

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  • Am
      30th of Mar, 2012

    Excerpts from website: Dates back to July 2009. If my story seems unbelievable then check out the following story and 25 responses.

    Stevensville Auto Truck Marine Sucks
    Filed under: Automotive — Editor @ 11:54 pm
    Last October I answered an online ad from them to have my outboard motor fixed at Stevensville Auto Truck Marine. They gave many promises. After a few weeks of them not returning any calls they finally called and admitted they couldn’t fix it. They then went on to sell me a motor that was less power than mine, but apparently was in great working condition.

    The first issue was they placed it on my boat, without properly sealing the bolts on the transon so that the first time I took it out the amount of water pouring in was incredible, not to mention dangerous! After advising them they said they would fixthe problems, they didn’t. It still leaked like a sieve. The reason was my transom was apparently rotted and the wood wouldn’t catch the bolts properly. So knowing this, they still let me take it out the first time ! When I returned it to them they convinced me they would do a complete restoration of my boat. I gave them a deposit to start the work over the winter.

    In March 2009 they called me saying they needed more money to buy supplies, so I gave them another $500. By the time April rolled around I kept calling emailing to see the progress, but again no return calls or emails. In May they finally reached me with nothing but a ton of excuses why they hadn’t touched it all winter! They then proceeded to tell me its so late in the season, that they had a comparable boat to sell us. When my wife and I went to see this boat, it was 5 feet smaller than mine, and this boat that was apparently good to go had the motor in several parts and him working on it! I said it was unacceptable. He invited us to wander around the property and see if there was anything else we liked. My wife and I found a hull, that he guaranteed was sound. After quite some discussions we decided to buy it because he was going to paint it for us, move my lights, bilge pump, downriggers, and a few other things from my old boat to this new one. That was June 10 2009. He promised us it would be ready on June 20. I called several times before the date to see what was happening, but again no answers. They finally called me back on the evening of Thursday June23, asking what time I wanted to pick it up as it was ready. I made arrangements to drive out the next day at 9 am. I called them at 830 am as she asked me to, but again no answer. My wife and I arrived there at 11 am, and found the boat completely UNTOUCHED! The paint they had put on it, which is all they did and switch the motor over, was the wrong colour we ordered. Without even a word of apology, he promised my wife and I they would take it into the shop that evening and work on through the night and not to worry as it would be ready the next day at noon.

    Again we drove out. The boat was sitting exactly where we had left it the previous day. Again, without a word of apology, I was yelled at because ‘other customers are losing time and money from here vacations’! I advised him that since last October when I purchased the other motor, I too was wasting time and money. Again he yelled at me as to how busy he is. My friend who accompanied me asked him then to give us the seats we ordered and we would install it. That was when he started yelling to not touch anything, he would bring it in as soon as he finished the seadoo he was working on and that it would be ready that afternoon by 4. I went home rather upset and waited for the call. It never came.

    I finally reached him Monday evening and the excuse was he had to go on an emergency call up north! After making tons of promises, yet again that it would be ready the next day….nothing. Finally on July 9, his wife called saying come get the boat its been ready for a few days. When I arrived there, the boat was still in the exact spot….UNTOUCHED. All the equipment he was going to install, was just thrown haphazardly into the boat. When he showed up, there was no explanation why he made me come out for a third time yet again, knowing nothing had been done. That was when he started yelling how if I keep bad mouthing him, that’s what he calls my calls and emails he doesn’t answer to, he would sue me! He then proceeded to throw these 4 ugly rusted seats into the boat, I asked him where were the seats my wife and I ordered and there was no answer. Instead he just kept giving me junk I didn’t need to make up for it. The stuff given is useless garbage. I was so upset I decided to take the boat with me. That’s when I noticed my marine jack I had just installed on my trailer last October was broken, my spare tire also new missing! We finally found the tire, but there was never anything mentioned about the destroyed jack. His wife made me sign a piece of paper that she wouldn’t give me a copy of saying it just said I took it and it wasn’t stolen.

    When I arrived at home I realised they had lost the key to the ignition! So I had to get a locksmith out to fix it! Since I have had it home I’ve had to rewire all the lights, install my fishfinder, my downriggers, carpeting, fixed a large hole in the keel that was the size of a toonie that wasn’t there before! Basically everything he was going to do, I’ve done. My wife emailed him saying those aren’t the seats we ordered and wanted back the $500 he was taking for seats and labour. That’s when he told her, I don’t do refunds, and your husband signed a release that he was satisfied with the work. No I didn’t! As of yesterday he hasn’t returned any calls or emails.

    Yesterday I finally took it out only to find out that the motor he sold me won’t go into gear, just stays stuck in neutral. I called him from the water as my friend and I were just drifting on Lake Ontario, he didn’t answer. When my friend called from his cell phone, he answered. My friend explained what was going on, and he just said, I guess the transmission is shot, and hung up! We were towed in by the harbour police.

    I called all night, emailed and still haven’t heard a thing. I’m sorry if this was a little long winded but I wanted you to understand exactly the kind of business they operate. There is a lot more I could tell you, but I hope you get the idea of how my wife and I have been treated by Shawn and Stephany, the owners of Stevensville Auto Truck Marine on 13717 Ort Rd, Stevensville.

    I have contacted BBB and filed a complaint. Hopefully I will get the results I’m looking for. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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    25 Responses to “Stevensville Auto Truck Marine Sucks”

    carrie Says:
    August 23rd, 2009 at 7:20 pm
    we have been treated the same way this week i wish we would have read this about 3 wks ago. They are crooks i am out 1300 and my boat was never touched. trying to do something but not having much luck

    Mike Says:
    August 25th, 2009 at 7:11 pm
    I have contacted BBB. They sent me a reply basically stating that they too had been ignored several times by these crooks. I have seen a few postings elsewhere and one even said they were known to the local police out there. I have been in contact also with a local MP there. My big issue is, what if these con artists tell someone theri boat has been fixed and something terrible happends on the water to someone else, then what ??

    Jack Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am
    Good day to the good folks that have had such a terrible experience with Stevensville Marine. I unfortunately am enduring a similar experience as those registered here. At this point I will be retreiving my boat and moving forwward with the repairs being done elsewhere.
    Dave, if you could let me know the name of the police officer who was good enough to show empathy to your situation, I will ask if he would be able to provie police presence as I retieve my boat. This, I persume. will help send a message to the so called proprietor, to take us seriously, and, we won’t be bullied.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance. I will post the outcome.

    Mc 2009 Says:
    September 4th, 2009 at 11:41 pm
    officer pilapew, at least thats how his name sounds, ask for his superviser, this cop knows them well

    Satch Says:
    September 17th, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    I have engaged the services of legal counsel in dealing with these bandits. I have already engaged these people regarding the issues similar to yours. It may well be of benefit to colaborate on this issue to help present a solid case against them. If you are interested in participating in legal action against these bandits, you can express your interest by emailing your reply to [protected] I will be continuing as I see fit to satisify the damage done to me. You are welcome to join in. Your e-mail will be accepted as your expression of interest.

    Satch Says:
    September 22nd, 2009 at 5:31 pm
    Further to my previous communication, I will be submitting court documents in the very near furture in an attempt to recover damages from Stevensville Auto Truck Marine. I have arranged with my legal counsel to draw up and submit the required documents.
    I re-iterate my invitation to those who issued complaints here to respond if you wish to colaborate in this action. This is not an idle threat, this is action in progress, you are welcome to join.

    Unfortuneatly, I am not able to contact you individually. You can repond by emauling me via.[protected]

    Larry 8 HP outboard Says:
    September 25th, 2009 at 10:20 am
    Consumers stay away!

    I had a horrific experience with this company/person/people!

    The initial work promised on my outboard was not actually ever done.

    Against my better judgment and bad gut feeling I returned the motor for promised proper repair.

    Several months of numerous unkept promises to complete the job, non answered messages and an attempt to see the status of the work done. I discovered nothing was actually done! When I went there to get my motor.

    He promised to have the motor done in a week and I returned a week later to a closed facility during normal office hours with people in the house adjacent looking out at me!

    I went to the local police department and was advised they had numerous complaints about Stevensville Auto Truck Marine and advised me to retrieve my motor and stay away from this facility.

    2 weeks later I was finally able to retrieve my motor when, just by luck, an assistant happened to arrive on the property at the same time and allowed me in. The owner suddenly appeared and made more promises and I simply demanded my motor be returned immediately!

    It was now in pieces, parts missing and in generally worse shape than before the first repair. It was also partially painted with overspray.

    I am somewhat embarrassed by my own gullibility dealing with this facility. I Googled the name to see if they were still in business (wishing they were not!) and discovered numerous complaints from many sites about this place! I decided to join the choir of voices against them!

    I have never felt so humiliated virtually robbed by and angry about dealing with a business as I did with this one!

    KTH Says:
    December 20th, 2009 at 3:24 pm
    These guys are absolute cons everyone. I was ripped for 350 bucks to have bearings replaced on a snowmobile. My light bulbs was stolen, along with my drive belt. And the funny thing is, on my receipt, in his comments section, he wrote “New drive belt recommended”. I took matters into my own hands, and got my money back. Play hardball.

    tom Says:
    May 5th, 2010 at 6:28 pm
    im out 4200 and my boat was “stolen” can the police help me?

    reply2tom Says:
    May 7th, 2010 at 12:57 am
    my was “stolen” as well. i have informed police and let them deal with that

    tom Says:
    May 12th, 2010 at 11:27 pm
    did they refund you?

    reply2tom Says:
    May 13th, 2010 at 6:35 am
    investigation is not finished yet

    Sue Says:
    May 22nd, 2010 at 1:53 pm
    Interesting….I just read a post on Kijiji Hamilton warning buyers to beware of Stevensville Auto, Truck, Marine. This poster too claims that his parts were stolen and had his boat returned to him in worse condition.

    Rusty Says:
    June 9th, 2010 at 5:25 am
    I was also burned by these “###”!!! They are still at it as well. Everyone who has dealt with these ### need to get organized, and warn others. Everyone needs to call their local politicians and contact the local media. Radio, newspapers and television. I’m pretty sure a tv show like CBC’s marketplace or W-5 would love to do a segment on them.Ads need to be put up obn Kijiji to warn people to stay away. I was also thinking of putting signs up at each end od Ort rd warning people to turn back. It might be a good idea to rat them out revenue canada since it’s probably a good bet that they haven’t paid their taxes. The humane society should be called in to shut down their puppy mill they have and as well dig up all the bodies of the anaimals they have abused and buried in their back yard…..some facts about these low lifes….
    2004-arrested for posssesion of stolen property (Boats)
    2006-arrested for cultivating Marijuanna
    2007-arrested for assault…

    Police consider them Violent dangerous people and will only go out there in force…..Keep that in mind when dealing with them……

    Stan Says:
    June 10th, 2010 at 11:34 am
    I would like everyone to know that, Shawn & Stephanie Ott of Stevenville Auto Truck Marine are low-lives!!
    After taking my money, they promised me they would deliever a refubished boat by May 1, 2010. To this date, they have not touched the boat we contracted to. The Law stipulates that if someone takes your money under fall pretences and gives nothing in return, that’s FRAUD. If you have any information about them, please share-it with me.

    KTH Says:
    August 9th, 2010 at 3:50 am
    Get a facebook page going, and every person that has had negative dealings can join, meet, and organize. Best to start that way, gain numbers, and collectively do something about it.

    Tanya Hopkins Says:
    February 16th, 2011 at 9:09 am
    Hello to all you poor souls who have been ripped off by these lovely people. I have recently been ripped off myself. They wanted their female rottweiler bred to my male rotty. I have bred one of their dogs before without incident. This time, they showed up to pick her up with only part of the payment. I figured it would be ok, they swore they would be back on Mon. to pay the rest. You know the old song and dance, I am wiating for a check to clear, etc… Well they never showed and when called they never answered until I used another number they did not recognize. Anyway, I am in need of the couples last name if anyone knows it I would greatly appreciate that. Shawn and Stephany need to start paying their bills and doing right by the consumer. Did I mention their dog bit my husband, highly agressive female. I would not recommend getting any of the pups, as this trait can be passed on to the pups, just by watching her. Thanks, Tanya

    rickr Says:
    March 23rd, 2011 at 12:16 am
    If my was stolen, can my insurance cover it?

    george williams Says:
    March 26th, 2011 at 4:50 pm
    For those of you ripped off you can feel a small amount of satisfaction in knowing that you saved me over $500.00 dollars and that it is $500.00 that they won’t get.

    I stopped my potential transaction after reading this site.


    jovan bielich Says:
    April 3rd, 2011 at 9:13 am
    i have been robbed of 3500 bucks from these drug addicts, i gave them my boat to fix, he sais he wanted to buy it, we signed a paper stating he would pay me for boat, and stiffed me, atleast i got 6000 from them, its been almost 2 years now, i kept calling and his druggy wife called the cops on me for threatening them HAHAHAHA what a joke, i’ll find you out having a drink somewhere . losers !!!

    Richard Says:
    April 19th, 2011 at 11:11 pm
    I leave my boat to this marina. Now I couldn’t contact them.
    Should I call insurance company?

    Too bad…

    Chris Says:
    May 27th, 2011 at 1:19 pm
    I bought an engine, outdrive and transom assembly that he was going to install in my boat. Three times I had to bring more money so he could buy parts. It took almost 3 months before he faxed me an invoice stating that the work was completed. I went to pick up the boat the next day and found the engine not even bolted in, valve covers off and outdrive missing. Everything was blamed on the fact that the transom was rotted due to saltwater corrosion (Ontario boat!) and had a dog tied to the trailer and said I couldn’t take it until 2000$ more was paid. I am a mechanic so I took the boat home and fixed it myself but was out about 2700$ for a junk engine and nothing else, he actually damaged the boat by leaving tools to rust on the gelcoat.
    If you are having him fix or sell you anything, don’t proceed. He promises the world but one look at his property and you know he isn’t legitimate.

    Rick Says:
    July 5th, 2011 at 6:27 pm
    I just wanna let you know that my motor seems to be “stolen”. Ther regular phone is not working now.
    I couldn’t contact them. It’s definitely FRAUD.

    Anyone can give me suggestion what I can do?

    Fred Thomspon Says:
    July 7th, 2011 at 8:01 pm
    Can anyone forward a phone number for these criminals. Hopefully a cell number. I am about to wage war on these lowlife’s for theft.

    +1 Votes
  • Jp
      5th of Apr, 2012

    All the comments on this board are true except those of Shawn Ott (shawnmco). He is a con artist...and a very good one...he will continue to extract money from you as long as he can. It really is unfair to deal with someone that is out to rob you from the very beginning and you are going into it like you would any other transaction...excepting both sides to deal honestly and fairly. That is why he is are not going in expecting to be ripped off, and by the time you do it is too late.
    He will not change since he gets paid and never does the work...why get the same amount of money and actually have to do anything? I can tell you from experience that you are likely initially angry that you got taken...want to pursue civil action to get your money (and pride back). It is not worth cannot get money when there is none. Over time your emotions will give way to logic and you will move on. Like Amy I was fearful that he may do something to my property or intimidate my family...not worth it for a few thousand dollars. Shawn and his type will always be around...I am cool with the fact I learned a life lesson in how do "read" people and it was relatively cheap and painless in the long run. I hope everyone that has been ripped of by Shawn and his wife find their own way to "move on"...

    0 Votes
  • Hu
      15th of Aug, 2012

    mom stop posting ### to cover shawns ###. hes a big ###en boy let him take care of his own ###. you yourself have said hes nothing but a con and scams people constantly... so shut the hell up and quit protecting him.. maybe going to jail for all the ### hes done would do him some good.

    0 Votes
  • Mu
      2nd of Sep, 2012

    Afternoon Folks,

    Seems a lot of people have been burned here. My suggestion is to get together and total the amounts of your receipts/deposits and forward them to Revenue Canada with a brief explaination of your situation.
    My guess is that the drug doing wannabe business guy isn't paying taxes on his ripoffs.

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  • Ja
      5th of Sep, 2012

    Hi everyone who as been scam by these ###!!

    I found these ### on kijiji, and inquired to get my boat repaired, phone them up, and was invited down that same evening, go figure. The problem with the boat was it would run fine in the driveway, but as soon as I put it in the water it would seize up apond acceleration? I was told by Shawn that the boat had a mojor timing problem, and could use a full tune-up. We also discussed buffing the paint because it was sunfaded, he told me he had a guy that was really good and cheap. $200 for the whole boat buffed(perfect that was cheap). This was monday night, told me friday the boat will be ready. I was excited. told me $900.00 for all the work. and $200.for the buffing.$ I gave him $300 down that night...2weeks go by, I keep asking about the boat, and he says oh this problem and that problem.. I need more money, Me being way to kind because thats me, gave him another $300 . I know stupid right... I just wanted my boat fixed.. ...2 more weeks go by ...he calls me up and says friday night we will go to the dock and finish setting up the boat, And you can take the boat home and enjoy it for the weekend. I am relieved even though 3days ended up being a month. After launching the boat, it did the same exact thing, gave it gas and it siezed right up!. So know we are drifting down the river, I got the ### in the motor area doing god knows what!!! I look over at the motor, and he has not done anything, same plugs, same wires, same distributor, same hoses, he did not do a god dam thing that we discussed. So we end up getting the boat to a dock at the local marine. He tells me that I have a timing issue AGAIN and that I need wires and a distibutor. I swear to God if there were not people around, I dont know what I would have done to this guy. Then he tells me to leave the boat for the night at the dock because he had very important customers to go to right away???Where that came from I have no idea... So I told him to leave the trailer at the dock, because it was on his truck.. He tells me NO WAY BECAUSE THERE IS MONEY OWING ON THE BILL... He tells me he will pick it up in the morning it will be safe here.
    One hour later I called him ..WOW he was at home!!! I told him I want the boat out of the water, I am coming to get the trailer to pull out the boat and I will bring back to your house... He tells me ignorntly that the trailer is locked up in a fenced in area with dogs dont try to come get it...
    The next morning I call them and told them to leave the boat at the dock, I am coming to pay you the BILL... and take my trailer.. The crack head wife says I will call you right back with the amount owing.. 1 hour later i get a call saying I owe $1300. and i can take the trailer. At this time I have already gave him a total of $900 of the month that he had my boat. Go figure. I that they where going to say $200 for the buffing, by the way the guy he had that was good and cheap, was his crack head old lady...
    What a mess she made... So i told them I would be out there in a little bit with the money, and went down to the dock desperetly trying to find away to get my boat out of the water, , just asking around the dock and telling my story, I found a large group of guys that Knew all to well of these ###. And help me right away get the boat out and to safe place.. I then thought about what I was going to do about the trailer, After realizing what and who I was dealing with . And the the trailer was only worth about $500. I said the hell with.. I would rather spent $2000 on a trailer then give these dirt bags a penny. So thats what I did I bought a trailer and went on with my life...
    I really hope that they pay dearly some day. Its just a matter of time before they cross the wrong person that has nothing to lose...I CANT WAIT...IDIOTS.

    +3 Votes
  • An
      19th of Nov, 2012

    Shawn Ott and Stephany Steinhoff were arrested on many fraud charges and some weapon charges. Thank you Niagara Regional Police!

    Copy of Media Release:
    Niagara Falls Auto and Marine Repair Shop Owners Charged with Fraud

    During the month of October 2012, members of the Niagara Regional Police Service 2 District Detective Services Unit commenced an investigation of an auto and marine repair business on Ort Rd. in the City of Niagara Falls. The investigation revealed that since January 2010, uniform members of the Niagara Regional Police Service have attended the Niagara Falls property on repeated occasions for disputes involving the operators of the repair business, and customers who had dropped off equipment for repair. Investigators learned that a Niagara Falls male was operating an auto and marine repair business under the name of Stevensville Auto Truck and Marine. A number of customers complained that they had made arrangements with the operators of the business to have mechanical and / or auto body repairs completed on their vessels /automobiles, which were not completed in a professional or satisfactory manner. Some customers were advised that if they did not pay inflated amounts of money requested by the operators, their property would be withheld and would be subject to being sold without their permission. As a result of the information gathered, Detectives applied for and were granted a search warrant for the operator’s property located on Ort Rd. in rural Niagara Falls, seizing a number of evidentiary items corroborating the allegations of customers. On Saturday November 17th, 2012, 43-year-old Shawn OTT and 43-year-old Stephany STEINHOFF were arrested and charged with the following offences; 1) Fraud Under $5000 (4 Counts) Sec 380(1)(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada; 2) Fraud Over $5000 (3 Counts) Sec 380(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada; 3) Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm (2 Counts) Sec 91(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada; 4) Careless Storage of a Firearm (2 Counts) Sec 86(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada; 5) Careless Storage of Ammunition (1 Counts) Sec 86(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada; 6) Theft Under $5000 (1 Count) Sec 334(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada; 7) Theft Over $5000 (1 Count) Sec 334 (a) of the Criminal Code of Canada; Detectives continue to investigate the business practices of the operators of this repair shop. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Niagara Regional Police Service in Niagara Falls at 905-688-4111 Ext. 2200. Information on crimes can be submitted anonymously using Crime Stoppers of Niagara. To leave an anonymous tip, please contact Crime Stoppers via: Telephone: 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) Online: Text: 274637 (CRIMES), keyword 'Niagara', then your tip. Crime Stoppers guarantees that you will remain anonymous through any of the methods offered to provide tips. You may also be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2, 000 if the information leads to an arrest.
    Incident Number: 12-103820

    Prepared By: CATALDO, Carmine
    Rank & File No: Detective Constable, 9495
    Unit: 2 District Detective Offices

    Authorized By: WOODS, Michael
    Rank & File No: Staff Sergeant, 9981
    Unit: 2 District Detective Offices

    Date Submitted: 11/18/2012

    +1 Votes
  • Lu
      19th of Nov, 2012

    They were doing it long before 2010..
    They ripped me off before that.. Took my money, and boat parts. Had to call the NRP to get our boat back.

    +1 Votes
  • Sa
      20th of Nov, 2012

    Thank god for the police!!! We are so happy these two criminals are in jail. Now I am asking for help to find out when their court dates are. Well someone help us find case information. We want to follow the proceedings watch them go to jail and most of all we want to see how long they stay in jail for. These people have hurt and threaten everyone in their paths including us. Please help us. We are sleeping great at night now knowing they are in jail. Again to the police and all the people that made these two go to jail a BIG THANKS FROM US. Now when are they going to court. Is there a web site we can look up the court cases in St. Catherines court. I here the court is setting dates for sometime in January around 15 and 16 right now. So if u can post the web site or the actually here would be great if not contact us at [protected]

    +2 Votes
  • Sa
      20th of Nov, 2012

    The last time I checked they were still in jail Monday night. Does anyone know how much bail was set for. I really don't know how this site works but you can message to one another without posting it on this open public board. So if you want to gave me information and updates on these two I would really appreciate it. Sleeping real good!!!

    +2 Votes
  • Sa
      4th of Jan, 2013

    It's Coming!!! Both of them go to court on January 16 th 9:00 am court room #2 File # 12N4605 Shawn - #01 Stephany -#02 . Show up and watch them get what we have been waiting for all this time. They both need to to JAIL - PRISON for a long, long, long time. They need to serve the same time in prison as they have been ripping people off. 12 to 15 years min. for both of them. Shawn and Stephany are partners in crime. And usually the woman gets off and the man takes the fall. But in this case Shawn isn't a man and will probably take Stephany with him. So him being a crowd and a snitch and a wanta be biker ( even the bikers knew he's a screw up). this actually will be good for us in the fact Stephany is going to be taken down too. YES YES YES Thanks to the police that have done an awesome job. Now its time to show up and watch them go down, down, and down to the bottom where they belong. Bottom feeding criminals. The last laugh belongs to us. For all the money and lives they have screw up we the people are finally going to get our money back in the form of the LAW taking your freedom off of u 2. If the police were to ask me if I would like my money back or have them go to prison I would definitely give up my money and probably pay again to send and keep them in prison. Thank-u to all and lets hope th prosecutor pushes for the max. time in prison. The max. for the crimes they have committed deserves the max. period. or whats the max. time for.As they both have past criminal records. I am going to be there for sure with a smile on my face and my head high.

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  • Jp
      22nd of Jan, 2013

    Anybody know the outcome of the trial?

    0 Votes
  • We
      24th of Jan, 2013

    These people ripped us off for $800.00 in July of 2008.My husband has since passed away but I am sure he was dancing when I saw it in the paper that they had been arrested.I was sick and could not go to court to get some satisfaction but I would really like to know what happened in court.Would someone please let me know what happened so I can put an end to this?

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  • My
      5th of Sep, 2013

    shawn ott and his girlfriend stephany are both scammers, they are crack heads and they got me for almost $2000 when I brought my truck there to be repaired in march of 2009. My truck had always been stored inside a garage to be protected from the snow and rain and after being involved in an accident I took the truck to shawn to be repaired. I was promised that he would start the work right away and it wouldn't take him long to complete. Shawn offered to show me his portfolio of all the vehicles he had done work on and was so convincing that I chose to take his word. It was over a year that my truck sat there and only after I received information that my truck was sitting outside in the rain did I decide to take action to go get my truck back. When I arrived at the house I found my truck sitting in a huge puddle on the lawn that was about 10 inches deep. The passenger door was off and the entire rear quarter was removed and exposed to the rain. It has been a long time and my truck still sits in my garage. I have paid a friend of mine over $1000 to sandblast the rust that was caused from sitting in the rain and complete the installation of a new rear quarter and a new passenger door but it has yet to be completed. It just sits there in my garage and im still pissed about it. I want to know if there is going to be a class action law suit that we can all be part of so we can retrieve our money that was stolen from us all. If so where do I sign up. Im sure that some people will get revenge on him but that wont get us our money back. Where is the justice. Why isn't anyone doing anything about this. I think all involved should meet some day so we can discuss what we are going to do about it if nobody is willing to do something for us. Maybe we should collectively do something about it our selves. I can't wait to see him in the street or a dark ally one day. Who knows what will happen. I encourage anyone involved to get ahold of me so we can talk about a class action law suit against the ###. e-mail me at [protected] we all have a common interest to make there lives miserable at the least.

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  • We
      7th of Sep, 2013

    If anyone knows the outcome of the trial Please post it here, I was sick and coud not make it to court. I would like to put an end to this but must know what happened. Thank You

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  • My
      7th of Sep, 2013

    these ### are going to get away with this, were all going to get nothing back if we don't do something about it. Yes sure they may spend time in jail and the cops lawyers and the judge will all get paid for the time they take to prosecute them. Knowing our legal system that will be a couple years of going back and forth to court just waisting time and getting paid very well off all of our misfourtunes. We all need to meet and go to a lawyer to start a class action law suit against them. I know he owns the house where he lived, that's if the bank hasn't taken it yet. But if not we can all have a piece of that. We all deserve it.

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  • Ma
      15th of Aug, 2014

    For those interested - Shawn Ott & girlfriend Stephany Steinhoff have resurfaced on Oakwood Drive in Niagara Falls - operating a small engine repair shop

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  • Ma
      15th of Aug, 2014

    Shawn Ott & girlfriend Stephany have resurfaced on Oakwood Drive in Niagara Falls operating a small engine repair shop.

    0 Votes
  • Ru
      3rd of Sep, 2014

    Can you provide more detail's please as to where on Oakwood Dr they are located??... I'm sure the Police would like to know...sounds like they are up to their tricks...start off small...Then work your way back up again...

    0 Votes
  • Ma
      23rd of Sep, 2014

    7868 Oakwood Drive... located in a long narrow commercial plaza just past the Kia car dealership. They are in Unit D2. No business sign on the door just the Unit #. Usually a purple pick up truck is parked out front.

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  • Jj
      14th of Jun, 2015

    Hi my name Jordan I work for Shawn unknowing what he been up to screwing ppl over any way he paid me maybe for a week work when I really work2 then when he got put in jail agin he took my welder and pawn it and who know where all my tools went off to any way don't trust this guy may seem nice at first but will screw u hard I'm only 21 and a real small engine mechanic and I'm working at gales cause I have no tools

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  • Sl
      17th of May, 2016

    Just got a Restitution Order from Ontario Court of Justice. It lists 12 names and the amounts that Shawn Ott owes to each person. What a joke, like he is going to pay this money back. It say if he does not pay, we can take him to civil court and get judgement, than seize his assets or part of his pay cheque.
    Just what we all need to do, spend more money trying to get this guy to pay. It shows he owes $76, 000.00 to the 12 victims.
    What a great legal system we have here in Canada. Rip people off and get away with it.
    Even if we all took him to Civil Court and got judgement, he will just file for bankruptcy and we are all beat again.
    Crime does pay ! .

    0 Votes
  • Ju
      17th of Mar, 2017

    @Slap Me These 2 are still up to there scamming was Shawn though was beat up in jail and is getting settlement money if anybody wants to put a claim in against him

    0 Votes
  • Iv
      31st of Mar, 2018

    @Justice54 "These 2" aren't up to anything together. They've been broken up for almost 2 years. Shawn is on his own now doing whatever he does. Stephany is up to different tricks if you get my drift.

    0 Votes
  • Ro
      31st of Mar, 2018

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