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Stevens Henager College


International Office Ripp off and Mismanagent

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Indeed our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter, I have decided to voice my complaints in order to protect prospective, young, and novice International students who aspire studying in United States of America.

The main complaint is that this culprit campus offers expensive and substandard masters degrees (you tend to wonder if they are in the business of education or are opportunistic exploiters of international students from dire circumstances like high unemployment rates in their home countries). This is like professionally instituted modern day slavery, from the student quest for a better living and education.
The school is taking advantage of the International students, mainly from developing countries with high unemployment rates e.g. India, Kenya and Morrroco. These students desire quality American education, and job opportunity instead Stevens Henagar offers low quality, no text books, under qualified, none committal and less motivated lecturers, easy grades, honestly it’s a joke been a masters student and the lecturers are not serious. No wonder they choose theoretical curriculum and will not offer specialization in practical and lucrative fields like Accounting or epidemiology, instead their curriculum has general business/healthcare class room based courses with limited on job skills, practical courses are limited to local students.
This specific college maybe accredited, but the school either masquerade to maintain its accreditation and remain in business Other accredited campuses offer quality best in class International standard Masters Degrees that as a student you can defend yourself in this ever competitive job market. If a campus is going to be allowed to go International it must meet diverse standard, not just a next door college. Its serious business when campuses decide to go global, we have smart, diverse students who demand education for their moneys worth and others come for the need of jobs, bottom line if we pay the money then we require quality service, anything short of that is considered a ripp off.

In addition, as a student the fee structure require you to pay high monthly fees installments (between 1200usd -1800usd) depending on your admission date. If dropped from school due to delinquent account or vacation break you get a fee hike and sign a new contract. Delinquent accounts are handled by constant threats/ blackmails and compelling mails from the international office. The international students office is headed by Brodie Smith who doubles as a debt collector, he writes threatening, compelling and black mailing emails to students In an attempt to collect school fees arrears, this act is against the federal debt Collector act, does this act protect immigrants, I bet it does, but not many student will complain due to fear of deportation and been out of status so they find themselves with deep seated anger on their rights

Moreover, there are no summer breaks and you are required to sign a 2year binding contract on arrival from your home country. If you don’t sign the contract you don’t get a new I-20 and thus hinders students from acquiring a social security number to work. Generally, most students sign as they are unknowledgeable on business dealings in USA and they bind themselves in this outrageous and expensive contract without taking note of the fine prints. The campus credits cannot be transferred to other universities, which is very suspicious (we wonder if they be recognized by other Universities why are they been allowed to go international?).

International students are marginalized, excluded, and isolated from some campus benefits, for instance the campus advertises that students get free laptops and upon graduation they keep them the only problem is that it only applies to local students, we are treated like second hand students and are discriminated upon.
The International office is disorganized with inexperienced staff that offers weak orientation it’s a raw deal. Several angry students have complained but most of them are afraid of been deported and therefore, complain secretly.

Undeniably, this deep seated anger, compromise, lack of expression is by far not a weakness but a circumstance disguised with genuine desire from students that needed education, and jobs to better their life. The only question is do we have rights as non alien immigrants or are we left at the mercies of shrewd opportunistic businesses that exploit us due to our circumstances?

In order to protect students, I would suggest we investigate the agency in home countrues that markets these schools, ban the Stevens Henagar campus from further marketing in our beautiful country.
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A  25th of Nov, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Although I am not an international student, I am a local Stevens-Henager student and I have been on the phone with other schools to see if I could transfer my credits. A woman on the other end of the line at a community college, tried to be very nice about why they will not transfer credits from Stevens-Henager, after some beating around the bush about why, I said"It's OK you can just say it", She said "well, I am just trying to find the right way to put it." She told me, they(Stevens-Henager), are not at the same accreditation level as we are. They(students) are not getting the required teachings and class time. Here are some of the other red flags. When I first signed up I asked them why they were so expensive, she told me it was because they included our books in that price. Ummm, we only get to borrow the books from the library, we have to give them back at the end of each course. So they aren't actually giving us our books. Next she said that we also give you a laptop. HA HA HA, that's a joke, it is a refurbished computer that they have total access to once you enter the college campus. They read your instant messages and lower your firewalls so they can get in there and do what they want. If you block them out with your own firewall and security system, you can not access the Internet from the school. Hmmm I don't think I want someone I don't know having total access to my computer. Then they let you know that if your laptop is stolen or destroyed they will charge you $2000.00 even with a police report, and they will not give you another one. I don't know about you but I am not paying $2000 for a $400 refurbished laptop. Then she told me that the expense is also for the privilege of using the Stevens-Henager name. What a joke! I was recently at an ICU unit at the hospital about 4 blocks from Stevens Henager and I asked the nurse if they ever hire anyone that has graduated from Stevens-henager, she rolled her eyes and laughed noooooooooo, this is a hospital that needs people who know what they are doing. Great so after all this money and time and I am going to have a worthless $40, 000.00 (That's right, that's how much I'm paying.)piece of paper that says I graduated from a scamming college with a worthless(not to mention laughable) degree.

If you aren't convinced yet that they are a scam here is another thing that happened. In my 'Into to computers' mod(course), the teacher was awful, when I asked him questions about something in Excel, he said he didn't know, and walked away. Hello!! You are the teacher! I got so frustrated that I had everything wrong and I gave up and sent it in not even halfway done! Guess what grade I got. No come on just guess! I got an A, What the? How is that possible, at that moment is when I knew, this is a scam! They claim to have been in business for over 100 years. They are so disorganized, I find that hard to believe.

I am expecting to come to school one day and find the place locked up tight with nothing but papers flying in the wind, and a big note on the door saying, "SEE YA SUCKERS"
A  7th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
my friend is having issues with the same college.did you file a complaint with the us government??there trying to tell her she cant get any money until a year is up! please tell me what youve done about this.1975.amy@live.com email any information concerning these matters.thank you im going online to Ramenson college there accredited.
D  8th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I am a current student of Stevens Henager and as I read through these complaints, through the many grammar and spelling errors, it's no wonder you all were not satisfied with your education with Stevens Henager. One of you didn't even spell the name of the college correctly and another has the nerve to complain about not getting refunds.

Stevens Henager is a college, not a bank and I find it amazing how so many people will waste thousands of dollars on a degree they will not now, or in the future utilize for the ability to get a “refund check.” Let me explain something from experience. When I was in my Associates and Bachelors degree, I was one of those ignorant people that got all excited about getting a refund. It was all great until six months after I graduated my student loans went into repayment. Instead of $43k in student loans, I spent my refunds on unrelated items (which I now have noting to show for) instead of using it for educational purposes, and I ended up with $57k owed in student loan debt. I was not so happy when I received a $600 month bill.

The reason Stevens Henager has a policy to not release refunds is to prevent this from happening! They will take your “excess funds” from grants, and pay the tuition with the grants FIRST, then use financial aid as a last resort. This prevents your financial aid balance from getting too excessive because believe me when I say… especially for those in an Associates program… you aren’t going to magically start making $100k annually because you have that piece of paper reflecting you are one step more qualified then someone with a GED.

If the school was not accredited and registered with the Department of Education, then you wouldn’t even have the ability to apply for financial aid through them because… wait for it.. Financial aid is a government loan! It is monitored closer then you would believe.

While I agree there has definitely been some disorganization in certain processes I have endured while attending Stevens Henager, I have gained a tremendous amount of experience while in their program and value my education with them overall.

So… I will wrap this up now because in the time it took me to write this, those of you who still have doubts, could have just as easily found the same information.
D  8th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Me again... SHC brakes into your computer to see what you are doing?!! HaHaHa That is so ridiculous it’s funny. I am so sure they have nothing else better to do with their time then pay attention to who you are instant messaging…

And one final comment… someone mentioned transfer credits. Can you please tell me what school you are attending now that accepted all your credit hours? You can research ANY school with ANY accreditation and I want you to find just ONE… that accepts 100% of transfer credits. I will agree with all your comments, and transfer school’s if you can, but I would put money on it that not one person will be able to find one.

That is all…
A  8th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Ok check it out everyone... I understand where everyone is coming from but other then Jessie4469... you are all wrong..!!! Jessie I don't know if you've been a financial aid counselor in the past or in a past life but you are right on with what you said about schools being accredited... THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON EARTH THAT ACCEPTS 100% OF TRANSFER CREDITS... I have 3 Associate Degrees from a "Nationally" Accredited community college and when I transferred to Cal Poly another "Nationally" Accredited university to get my Bachelors, out of the 164 credits I had only 80 of them transferred in and I did NOT take anything that didn't have to do with my major other then General Ed required classes!!!

What people don't understand is the difference between a "NATIONALLY ACCREDITED" college and a "REGIONALLY ACCREDITED" college... so here's a lesson for all of you!!!

The only way you can have ALL credits transfer is if the course content is EXACTLY the same... for instance... a English 101 class at a college like Colorado State ( just stating for example purposes) must have the EXACT same course content and the EXACT same syllabus as the college you want to transfer too and that never happens... that is the rule set by the Department of Education (Federally) and 95% of the time you will not find a college that has the exact same anything... hence not ALL credits transfer. It does have something to do with being "nationally or regionally" accredited as well.

Now for the MAIN difference between a college like Stevens-Henager and Colorado State or any Brick and Mortor College... Stevens-Henager is a "Career College" and "regionally accredited" where Colorado State is a Brick and Mortor college and "nationally accredited" the difference is:

At a school like CSU you have to take at least 60 credits that have absolutely nothing to do with your major.. like english, science, math, social studies, etc.. basically your General Ed courses... where a "Career College" your focus is on classes that are strickly towards your major... you have to take a english and math because the Feds say so but that's it!!! other then that ALL the classes you take at a college like Stevens-Henager are focused on your major... so yes there is a difference.. but what I can say is that if there were colleges like Stevens-Henager when I started going to college.. I wouldn't have wasted 10 yrs of my life going to school only to not be in a career that my degrees are in!!!

So before you talk trash everyone... DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!
N  4th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have to say, I have no problem with this school. In reference to credits well lets see. When I fisrt started I started wit UNiversity of Phoenix and I had 100 credits already. UOP only accepted 20 credit a jokes becuase it used elective and one general. My money on othe credits from college I attend while in the military were not transfer. I then check several other and they said the same thing. Then after I graduated fro UOP I am now with Stevens Henager and they accepted all my credits to start on my Master of Science /MBA. About books well some classes gives you a hard book and others gives you a Electronic book. The electronic book is a FLash with Adobe but you can save the chapters and even print them. All you need is to download a converter and say print in the chapter and Walla! you have your book.

In addition about money many school in the USA are not into refund, when I was in UOP it took me 6 weeks for a refund from my student AID loan and still 7 days for arrival and some times even longer.

I have to agree with the student that said soemone didn't do enought research. The college is not only acreditaded by the USA but also by the US forces. Air FOrce trust them and so does Veterans Affairs.

Degrees are valid and you can add accounting if you want, perhaps this was years ago but they have many good things. Professors are degree Doctor ed so they are qualified because if they don't have a PHd they are not allow to teach Masters and then it won't be valid.

I want to let know I don't work for the school but I am a student and happy and they have been nothing but good to me not like UOP. Many other online colleges just lay to me and this is why after making my investigation I enrolled on Stevens and everyone has been nice and when I leave a message they call me or email me right away.
Sorry for your bad experience, maybe you need to contact Jeffrey or Jesicka Pruett she is a great individualand know her stuff whenit comes down to financial Aid. Another thing their is no contract everything boils down to student aid when you have a student loan the compan y pay the school and you enroll and is very difficult to refund to student loan company's so they prefered you finish what ever class you are on and then do an exit and you wont have any problems. In reference to international, just because you take a degree in health does not mean you will get a green card. The individual need 's still to ask for a student visa and is up to their embassy to let that happen, once approve then you have to get a school to attend in person online college helps you in you country but if you are trying to use it for inmigration don't because the law change since 911 and you most have a student visa to come to US for school and unless you are a profetional in your country then you wont get a permission to work . School you can easily applied when in your country and once approve then the scool has to submitt a certificate of acceptence and Stevens Henager also have this form if you are going to attend one of their Campus like lake City, Murray UTA and, Idaho. not online. Research is the key word.
N  2nd of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
You people who are all for Stevens-Henagar are extremely naive! How is it in lala land? Maybe I thought it would have been a fluke if I would have received an A+ in a class that I know I did not do A+ work, but 3 classes, come on!!! I think you need to take an IQ test because you are not as smart as you think you are! And by the way Jessie4469, I was sitting in the computer repair area having my computer fixed because I could not log on, the tech told me it was because it was an outside firewall as I sat there waiting for it to be fixed I was watching peoples conversations scrolling on a computer next to him! So don't tell me its ridiculous, I saw it first hand. I also need to say that I want to learn, I do not want my grades handed to me. If you were an intelligent and Honest person you would feel the same and not patting yourself on the back for grades you and everyone else didn't really earn. They have to make sure that you get good grades or they wont get there money from the Gov. By the way the Dean himself explained to me that they are a for-profit college and unfortunetly it is more about the money for the college and not the interest of the student.
N  31st of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I'm so confused to join Stevens-Henagar College. I just recently visit Steven's website and send "contact me" request. But now I'm thinking about the your feedback. Who is right and who is wrong.
N  4th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I was a student at Steven Henegar's sister college; College America in Phoenix, AZ. I am sick to my stomach after reading the familiar complaints and about the education or lack there of that I received from College America. I will write more later, kind of in a hurry but, to put into prospective, my daughter attended SH's online graphic design course for 4 weeks until she could no longer attend because she was failing class due to the inavailability of study materials. The assistant Dean of Students was always hitting on her so he had no problem telling her that she could drop the course and attend a different college in light of the fact that Steven Henegar had never actually launched the course. In other words, the course my daughter signed up for did not exist but, they were quick to suck her money up and just recently had the balls to send my daughter a letter from a collection agency asking her to remit $2, 000 for a course she was never able to attend. College America and Steven Henegar (and I don't care how it is spelled) are a joke! I agree and have been a witness to many events; or shall we say; "many unfortunate mishaps" at the hands of College America and Steven Henegar institutions, and would like to say with confidence, "I can account for every complaint on this forum by method of personal experience. People, do yourselves a favor, and steer clear of Steven Henegar's college and all other learning institutions associated with them in any way. I'm going after them, they messed with the wrong women and a very smart and stubborn one at that. LOL! Also; I cannot count the number of times I would drive through rush hour in order to arrive for class in time, just to sent home by our instructor whom was eager to tell us that he had no homework for us, nor did he plan to lecture that night. I maybe spent one and 1/2 hours per week in class, the remainder of my education was achieved by the instructor sending midterm and final exams via email to our personal email addresses, and often times providing us with all of the answers. Needless to say, I was on the Dean's list every module and never had to study. Goodnight folks.

N  4th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I would like to apologize for my entry previous to this one, because I marked my attitude towards the complaints regarding; Steven Henegar College as Neutral. To all people reading my posts, I AGREE with every complaint and as for anyone downright stupid enough that they have failed to see what is right in front of them, stating Steven Henegar College is a great learning institution, I feel sorry for each and every one of you. WAKE UP! They're screwing you out of your education and your money while you sleep. Wake upppppp!
A  4th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
For the record, I agree with all of your complaints and feel we should initiate a class action suit against them for robbing us of our education. Screw the money! I want my education back!.
A  10th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Can somebody please tell me how to get out of this school. I just started took the 1st class psych 101. Now I'm in Apps 101. Now I'm young so I didn't know much about how much school is supposed 2 cost. Then I found out they are charging me $35k just to graduate in 20 mths. Now $35k is what u would typically hear you would pay for a 4 year school. Y am I paying $35k for such a small amount of time in school???? I asked if it was so high because the laptops are included in the costs they said, "No this does not include your laptop.. It is a free gift to you when you graduate"... Then I asked so are our books included in the cost they said "Yes and you can buy the book for $2 if you want to keep it." Y do i have to pay $2 for a book that is included in the cost???? Yeah right after psyche 101 we had 2 turn our books back in. Then my brother whose fiance attended here then transferred told me I wouldn't be able to use my Degree. I want to go back home to Michigan and do my business there. He told me a woman he knows was crying because the day after graduation she got a letter in the mail saying she owed the school 40 something thousand dollars. She is a single mom fresh out of college with no job. So when she finally got a job, they started garnishing her checks. I don't think that this is the school for me. Honestly I have had about 12 people tell me this school isn't right. But no I had to find out for myself. B.S. I hate this school. It was funny because I thought the woman who did my enrollment was so nice.. All the office staff were really nice to me. But if was all just a front College America my butt. It should be called College for Denver studies only or College for people who have no hope for them.
N  6th of Jul, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Okay, I've been reading through the comments here and I would honestly have to say that anyone thinking about going to Stevens-Henager College really needs to investigate other options FIRST. Make sure you don't have anything going on in your life so you can dedicate all of your time to SHC. Of course, it may differ from campus to campus but the campus I went to seemed to be pretty heartless and all about the money. My dad lives out of state and has cancer so I asked what my options were so I could continue going to school while caring for my dad. The dean of my program said he could "give me a day or two for a funeral", the main finance person told me I should "plan more strategically because my life would have to go on after my dad was gone." and the dean of students told me that I should just keep going to SHC and take online classes. When I told him that I only had 2-3 online classes left and I didn't want to keep going if I'd have to stop after those classes he said "Well, I took care of BOTH of my parents while I was working AND going to school..."

That school is out to take your money, that's all there is to it. They make you take their Medical Specialties Program before you can go into the RN program there which is a complete waste of time. If you want to go there strictly for the RN program just make sure you have your C.N.A. certification (you can get it from a different program and it will be about $2000 cheaper than SHC), 6 months of C.N.A experience, a G.P.A from some other school that is above 3.0, and be ready to take the TEAS exam. DO NOT TAKE THE MEDICAL SPECIALTIES PROGRAM IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE R.N. PROGRAM.

I agree that they hand out A's like candy...don't think that because your instructor gave you an extra week to complete some meaningless assignment and gave you an overall grade of an A, that you're prepared to take any certification tests. I worked very hard to be a 4.0 student at that school, I did the work, studied my butt off and pushed myself to do the best I could do. SHC doesn't care about your grades or how much you know, they want your money. If you don't plan on teaching yourself the material, don't waste your time or money. You'll spend anywhere from 30-90K on your "education" and be out on your butt with nothing if you don't work hard.

What they said about the books is true, they lend you the books IF they have them...if not, you go through 3 of your 4 week program with scanned copies that were entered into the computer upside down and sideways. Most of the books are written in and torn up, which is totally great and well worth $38, 000...don't you think? They take on more students than they can hold so they jerk your schedule around all the time! I will say I had 4 instructors that were great and I met a lot of great people there, but everything else is a joke. Their finance department is pathetic, it took 3 weeks to get me information that should have taken 5 minutes to pull up.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're considering SHC, consider your other options first. There are cheaper, better ways to get your education. Either way expect to work hard to get where you want to go.
A  7th of Jul, 2010 by    +1 Votes
All I can say is just do some research on this place. I didnt and i fully regret it. they lie to you, they have crappy teachers, I mean one of my teachers didnt show up for class because she was asleep in her car in the parking lot. If you do a search online and look at reviews majority of the reviews you will find are negative and the ones that are positive, well thoughs people are in their own world. I can ask anyone in my class that just graduated in the RT program and they will have all the same negative comments. One of my classmates had her student loan check lost, most likely given to another student and the school told her she had to figure it out herself. Spend the extra time and try your hardest to go to a normal college, you will be happier in the long run, save some money, and you will actually have a degree that means something. If you are looking into RT or nursing go somewhere else. If you think I am lieing just got to some hospitals and ask people what they think of SHC and you will get laughed at and they will tell you not to go there.
N  22nd of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
JAMR3624 and Jessie4469, I can tell that you are both students of Stevens Henager. You both used the word then out of context. The word your feeble minds should have chose is than. I am not, nor will I ever be a student of Stevens Henager. I just like to read the posts about scam colleges throughout the United States of America, of which she is replete.
A  22nd of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
N  26th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
WOW this is crazy you know aht I can say one thing I attend college america and it is a wonderful school I mean I have been to a communtity college and I hated it! College Ameria give thoes who dont have any other alternative a chance I graduated last year with the medical program and transfred to Michigan!!! with no problem Now te boards for each state are diffrent so you do need to get certified through the state you live in! but any ways I was just reading this and wanted to say that just because some of the schools are doing bad does not mean all of SHC are I do admit corrprate needs to get involved into the school but for me it is the staff and directors that need to be cut out The teachers I have are wonderfull and They have never given me a grade I did not deserve. I have had some problems with the directior and administrations they dont not care about you but the teachers they do and I really do not care how my spelling is I typing off my phone any whoozers everyone have a wonderfull day
N  20th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I've been reading several of theses complaints and realize that I'm definately not the only one who is unhappy with Stevens Henager! I went to the Surgical Technology program and now that I want to go get my Nursing Degree I find that none of my credits will transfer! I'm ont the only one in my area either... there are at least 3 other people that I work with who went to the same school and can't get their credits to transfer! Some have had to file backruptcy and have student loan payments garnished form their paychecks because none of us can afford to pay off the $30, ooo or $40, 000.

I also know that Steven Henager now offers a nursing program... well, In speaking with my manager and co-workers I found that Hospitals don't like to hire nurses sfrom accelerated courses like those that Stevens Henager offer. Plus, I don't wanna go back there so they can rack up my student loan to $50 or $60k!! Now I'm looking to start nursing school at a community college and I don't even have any generals under my belt! I'm starting from scratch and completely overwhelmed! Every time I hear of someone enrolling there I just want to scream or cry for them. I wish I had the means to look into a class action law suit... if it would even do any good.
A  27th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I attended this college, thought it was great at first but soon realized that the financial aid advisors where looking for information regarding personal information that they needed nothing with. (red flag) then they "lost" my paperwork not once, not twice but three times - when asked what happened to it the FA rep told me that the mistakenly shredded it. When I spoke up and said that becuase you lost my file and don't know for sure that you shredded it - we have an issue. SHC stated no issue head to class. Then my husband was transferred to swing shift (I have two small boys) - explained to my Deans that I needed to be moved to the online portion. Was simply told that could not happen, started as a in person student had to stay as an "in person" student. A Different dean talked to me and said let me know what he could do. One week later I was an online studend. Weird part was that they gave me a $28K transfer credit, I have $27K in student loans. Continued with schooling everything is going smoothly when I get told I have to sign additional paperwork to make the switch - went to the school, spoke with a Brett Webster, who have me this wonderful paper that states they transfered the monies paid and paid a portion of my schooling (yeah for me), all is good again until 2 months from graduation. Got a call you need to come into the Ogden Campus we have additonal paperwork that needs signing. Funny I already have signed all this papwerwork. This paperwork says they can raise my tuition - WRONG not signing this paperwork and then they tell me that I have to pay for all my books, funny that was part of my enrollment agreement SHC provides them for you. Stated to the FA personnel that I wouldn't sign it and to have some one call me. The 20 minutes it took me to get home and log into my system the College had shut me down, right after my log in attempt I got a phone call from the "Head of the Online Division" he stated the college had talke d to their attorney's (please tell me what attorney works that fast) and they told them to shut my account down until I signed the paperwork - when asked who the attorney's were (Name) I was told it was none of my business. The Head Dean told me that I just had two months of school left and it would be in my best interest to sign the forms, either way I would still be indepted for the full $30K. I signed the paperwork but all over it I wrote that I was signing it under duress. THIS COLLEGE IS A BUNCH OF BULLIES WHO INSTEAD OF WANTED TO HELP YOU, JUST WANT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND THEN DEMAND MORE. I AGREE WE SHOULD BANK TOGETHER AND FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT TO AT LEAST GET SOME OF OUR DEBTS RELEASED OR RETRACTED.

N  8th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
No matter what do not attend that school, it is not worth it!!!

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