Steve Trustrum Is A Liar & A Fraud / liar hired by the augusta chronicle

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"Augusta Chronicle Staff & The Richmond County Board of Education Has Been Lying About & Impersonating Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles" *(All the racial slurs from "Terrorism against all who disagree are all documented, along with every crap McManus & Trustrum has posted to be used against them- for proof)!!!
Racist lunatics like Tracey McManus "WestCoastLover" & Steven Trustrum, aka "Steven T" (also using many other stupid phony names online) are professional liars who work for the Augusta Chronicle; and make a hobby from slandering, Cyber-bullying, lying about good people, impersonating them, and attacking REAL civil rights leaders, who are actually doing the job of the Augusta NAACP!!! She is an insane woman who has gone as far as impersonate people that she has publicly slandered, just to feed her sick fantasies (such as constantly pretend to be "Dr. Frank Beckles", or some internet nut-job from Toronto Canada). She is failed newspaper reporter for the sleezy Augusta Chronicle, the desperate lady needs psychiatric help, and has lost a complete grip on reality, and hates any black man who exposes her- for the racist crackpot THAT SHE IS!!!
The Augusta NAACP members are incompetent in their duties and needs to be fired (he and his members should be helping African-Americans fight discrimination, expose racist staff writers @ The Chronicle, protect innocent kids who are victimized by the Richmond County Board of Education, fight wrongful arrests by corrupt Richmond County Police Deputies; like Jack Rackliff, & stop racial injustice in Richmond County/Augusta. GA.), instead he takes bribes and works with the main people in this City, who are mistreating minority kids, advocating for dishonest city officials/government agencies, and helping racist criminals to slander & unfairly attack "true" community leaders and modern civil rights heroes, are the ONLY ones who STAND up to fight racism in Augusta Schools or speak out against the false arrests of our civil rights advocates!!!

Feb 20, 2014
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      24th of Feb, 2014

    Mr Trustrum isn't coming to his own defense for some reason so I'll just say this for the people reading this thread and wondering what's going on. The poster is a guy named Frank Beckles out to slander myself (including by saying I'm someone I'm not: Ms McManus) and others because he's throwing a tantrum that he's been outted as a conman and fraud by Mr. Trustrum who he is now slandering. See this video about the sort of lies Frank Beckles has been caught in, along with his criminal history. You'll find it entertaining it's so ridiculous: http://www.

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      4th of Mar, 2014

    Augusta Chronicle Staff Continue To Print Lies, Slander, Impersonate people, and obsessively attack anyone who exposes them for the degenerate ### that they truely are!! Racist Staff Writers like Susan McCord, Steve Crawford & Tracey McManus are psychopaths and habitual liars, who are consistently pathetic & desperate to protect and cover up for scandalous & dishonest city officials in Augusta, Georgia...
    "PeterAmthor", "Steven T", "Joe", "joe the truth seeker", and "Steve Trustrum"- aka Steve Crawford, is another racist liar and ###, like Tracey McManus, and his phony website (like him) sucks! Inspired by McManus to publish more lies, and help to cover up corruption by Richmond County Public Schools, and attack anyone who exposes them for the degenerates that they are! All of their bogus statements against Dr. Frank Beckles, are McManus's fantasy and racist tactics to discredit & discourage him, and other modern civil rights activists from continuing to advocate for mistreated minority students, who are consistently victimized by immoral school administrators like Frank Roberson, Kimberly Davis, Joretta Akpo-Sanni, Monique Braswell, and Tim Spivey!!!
    Returning to the same old lies, "WestCoastLover"?? Tracey McManus (a.k.a.: "bellame", "Don Tarr", "Jellie", "WestCoastLover", "Franks Supporters"- and many other stupid aliases)- is a champion of LIES. Tracey McManus lies about anyone who is a better person than her!!!
    And the article you altered is actually makes the upcoming slander lawsuit against you, into a solid case. You don't even have the imagination to alter it in a way that doesn't read as fake and awkward when read. Keep on lying Ms. McManus. And your would-be lover and fellow psych: Steve Crawford are just embarrassing yourselves!!
    Corrupt leaders are manipulating The Board of Elections to cheat or sabotage the election process JUST TO KEEP THEIR PUPPETS in office!! Lynn Bailey, the director of the board of elections allowed Monique Braswell (well-known for PTA embezzlement) to run for District 2, when she doesn't even qualify to be a candidate! And leak this information to The Augusta Chronicle, who printed another lie in their article (3/3/14). Written by Susan McCord, the public ought to know the truth. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, widespread corruption, feminism, & racism is hurting America! We need more male role models and men of God, to take a stand, work together, and continue to expose these racist ### women & men, uncle toms, and evil people for who they REALLY are, these dishonest government employees conspire & hide behind phony names (cyberbullies- like Tracey McManus & Steve Crawford/"Steve Trustrum"), they way the K.K.K. hide behind sheets- when they ARE BOTH THE SAME!! The Chronicle & Board of Education's campaign of lies and corruption are NOT hurting the good men who advocate for children's rights, THEY ARE HURTING THE INNOCENT KIDS they should be fighting for!!

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      4th of Mar, 2014

    Frank, are you returning to the KKK fantasy? Of course, it plays nicely into your persecution complex, but that doesn't mean you have yet provided ANY proof of what you say. None. Not regarding your accusations of racism, misrepresentation, or people using multiple online names against you. There is however a LOT of proof that you do this sort of thing:

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      11th of Apr, 2014

    Proof that my research into Frank Beckles' lies are working. Since Frank announced his running for a school board position in District 2 in his hometown, I've been in contact with a number of people in the region, filling them in on his many online identities, lies, and misogynistic activities, including websites where he denounces womens' rights and equality and posts pornographic photos -- hardly the sort of "Reverend" whose church you'd want to attend, or the sort of person you want involved with your kids' education. These people have let me know that my research has been very helpful in learning the truth about this man, including his attempts to commercialize false claims to being a Navy Seal (sic) during his (falsely extended) time in the Navy -- a crime of Stolen Valor.

    This is why Frank Beckles and his fake identities are saying slanderous and false things like I'm racist, a member of the KKK, etc. It's just a new attempt to discredit me and my research -- his previous line of attack was to try claiming I wasn't actually a real person at all, but a fake identity created by various reporters (but I guess it's hard to maintain that argument if you want to say I'm a member of the KKK because fake people cannot join racist organizations.) The fact that he's shifting tactics just shows he's feeling blowback on the facts contained in my research.

    And what research do I have about Frank Beckles? See for yourself:

    Verificaiton Code: izG5fRPE

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