Steve and Barry'sPoor Merchandise Quality

Got a backpack as a gift from this store only to have it fall apart within a week of normal use (most backpacks last at least one year). Usually backpacks just break at the zipper or on the plastic buckle, but this backpack was tearing in the middle of the fabric. Not at the seams, the MIDDLE of the fabric. This happened on more than one back pack!

I brought this back and exchanged it three times before giving up and asking for a store credit or something. However, they offer no such thing. Not even a gift card. I was stuck in a cycle of returning the same crummy back pack every three days of it falling apart. I gave up and just took a backpack, but bought another one from the store across the mall "T.J. Maxx" it lasted me 2 more years before a clip broke.

Also, a few months later, I got a jacket from this store as a gift, and it ripped at the seams within a day.



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