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Would you trust this man? He is now "allegedly" contemplating suicide!!. What an excuse for a "former" Chairman now bankrupt. Some get what they deserve.
"I was Chairman / CEO of several public companies, WAS married, and have three children, friends and others that google my name and former company International Innovations Limited.
I can't do anything in business now when I give my CV and they see the lies on Complaint Board! I have lost everything and now a bankrupt living in Australia contemplating suicide! "

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    are all these people wrong about Hargreaves ? Judge for yourself...
    I am a journalist covering a story on the activities of Stephen Hargreaves. If you have been involved with him and wish to assist, please contact me at: [protected] . I can assure you anonymity if you wish.
    Who gives a damn when it was posted. You stole from so many of us at the Grand Golf Club and you just shot through without even giving us all a kiss goodbye. And we are but a few of the people you have shafted.
    Your day of judgement is coming Steve!
    OMG so you want to serve papers on a detective... WOW watch out Steve. This detective might want to have a closer look at you.
    For 12 years you have been scamming people out of millions.
    Thats the only reason he joined (he never played golf).
    STAY AWAY! You will never see a return on investment. Please stay away from a rogue Gold Coast businessman called Steve or Stephen Hargreaves who runs a company called International innovations and select design technologies.
    Cant believe hes still alive and scamming! ha ha ha ha Stev Hargreaves has an IQ of 2.5 and is obviously totally illiterate.
    It appears the only thing he is good at is stealing other peoples money. When he does he disappears until the money runs out and then appears once more to steal from more people. Have a close look at his so called "inventions". Cut and paste from the net jobs. 
    Low Scamster. Hargreaves companies dont even have a real office.
    I was talking with people on the weekend about Hargreaves.
    Steve Hargreaves now lives at Ephraim Island in a multi million dollar waterfront villa, and drives a Maroon Mercedes Benz with gold number plates. 
    I am told that every day he blows our and everyone's money on expensive lunches and wine at a restaurant called Mano's on the esplanade at Paradise Point. The GREAT NEWS for Hargreaves is that the word is spreading to other investors and this post will grow 10 fold by the end of the week. Hargreaves will never be able to silence disgruntled people, this is the tip off the ice berg...

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    Good gracious me. I just had a peek at this guy's web page.
    He should have got a 3yo to write the text. I have never witnessed such illiteracy from a grown man pretending he has a business proposition.
    Say goodnight you grub Hargreaves. 
    If we can prevent you scamming one more innocent person we will be happy.
    Try scamming your way out of jail now, you low life.
    Please take a look @ this website… All of these pictures are published without our permission by Steve Hargraves of the company:
    You will find, what I mean… He has no legal right to publish our photos, taken in RENDSBURG (Germany)…
    Too late Steve!
    Just try getting through the airport now.
    AFP is waiting for you to turn up.
    Do you know what a PACE Alert is?
    If you want to hide somewhere now, your only alternataive is that aborigionl settlement near Cunnamulla. 
    You should be able to get your grubby fingers on their dole cheques.
    Tell them you've invented a f...g boomerang... they'll love you, Steve!
    i want to do a class action against this con man...i am just about to lodge a formal comlpaint to ASIC...anyone interested in joining me alex.[protected]

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    Hargreaves stated he was contemplating suicide on May 19 2017. He was still alive a couple of days ago (December 12 2018). Seems like he failed at that (like he failed with all his other "alleged" legitimate Companies leaving investors without a penny). I see he has returned to Australia now that the heat has died down! If anyonje has recent information on him scamming or defrauding people in the last 5 years I would be genuinely interested to hear from you. He is certainly an individual who Interpol might be interested in. contact me at... [protected]

May 19, 2017

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