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Well, I have been using step2love for 5 months and I communicate with 3 girls on this site but not all of them are ready to meet with me in real life and I do not know why. She turn on the camera and I see her, so I can check that she is real BUT she disagree to meet with me. As you know that ticket form USA to Ukraine is not the cheapest one that is why I wanted to come to Ukraine and meet with all three girl there. That is why I can't wait to see when she will be ready for the meeting.

Sep 05, 2018
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      Mar 20, 2019

    We appreciate everyone who posted their feedback about our company. But before we reply, we want to draw your attention that we can only answer the questions based on the true situation and occurrence, but not generalized statements or fears which can be a part of anyone’s experience if they choose to believe others rather than start a journey of their own.

    Firstly, nobody has to meet with every single person who wants to meet with you. This is true for both men and women. The ladies have their right to choose whom to meet. We would never want it to be any other way.

    If you think your credits have been withdrawn erroneously, contact the customer service and request the your credit spending report. If you do not like the way the site feels or operates, leave the site and find another site to your liking.

    What do you mean if the company exists? We have an office in the UK and a few dozen offices in Ukraine. Our clients come to visit us when they travel to the Ukraine. We are a fully registered company and we do not represent any networks. We have no idea what are you implying and which company you are confusing us with.

    All the profiles on the site belong to the real ladies who submitted their passports, questionnaires and attestation videos before they have been registered on the site. Each lady has been interviewed and went through tedious approval process. If any lady asked for the gifts or money she should be reported to the Customer Service representative. Such behavior is not tolerated or condoned. As far as buying gifts and gifting them to the lady of your choice is the prerogative of the gentleman himself.

    The ladies do not pay for their membership. This is true. It is like you invite the lady to the restaurant and you are paying for the lady. Very rarely we hear from men who oppose this.

    It appears that you signed up for the monthly membership and you are talking about the recurrent payments. If this is not what you want, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time at

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