Stearns & Foster Royal Pavilionsagging

After purchasing the complete Stearns and foster king size mattress set, I noticed that ist had began to sag on one side. i contacted the store I purchased it from and voiced a complaint. I was told by Ms. Valerie and others at the corporate office, and the warranty office that there will be an additional charge of $99.00 for replacement after they come out and investigate the mattress.

The $99.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Alsip, IL00 fee was not included in the warranty nor was it vergally discussed. Therefore, I believe that the above-mentioned company is in breach of contract. It is my understanding that they are to replace this mattress without additional charges. At this pint, I fee they are not will ing to cooperate or honor their contract. I am therefore, seeking your assistance in resolving this matter. Also, there is an 10 year unconditional guarantee without any fees.

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