Starlight Bulldogs/Daysha Blocker Broadway / Refuses to provide limited registration or pedigree for French Bulldog purchased

1 Illinois, Gulcon, United States Review updated:

On 11/17/2013 I bought a "registered" French
Bulldog ("Teddy Bear", delivered by ground 12/2/2013) from the
breeder Daysha (Blocker) Broadway operating under the business name of
"Starlight Bulldogs", Gulcon, IL.
The breeder is refusing to give me the "limited registration"
paperwork and "pedigree" with orange border as verbally contracted
stating "I didn't have them ready for shipper when she picked up with it
being so short notice." She has since
blocked communication with me. What can
I do? Any way I can obtain the
registration paperwork? Do you have a
"shoddy", "scamming" breeder list to prevent this from
happening to others by this breeder? I
fell for the scam and paid a registered price for the puppy. The puppy was delivered by ground from Illinois without the registration papers. Breeder stated on 12/24/2013 “Sorry I have
not gotten the paperwork to you. I will
try to get it mailed this week.” On
1/6/2014 communication was “Blocked at Destination”.

Any guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you...

Mar 21, 2014
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  • Ra
      21st of Mar, 2014

    Spent tons of money on a dog you never saw in person? From a breeder/kennel you never saw in person? It was shipped? So, like did you buy this animal from your armchair? If so, you got what you deserved. A mutt that you paid oodles of money for. Sucker.

    Selling so-called purebred dogs to a ###ic public for lots of money is the new big industry these days. Just go through this site and others and you'll soon get the gist of it. Got a few coins jingling in your pocket, and need to impress everybody even though you know nothing about dog breeds or breeding and boom...there goes your money. Now you are stuck with a mutt that may in fact eventually cost you tons of money just to keep that thing alive.

    Never ever buy a "purebred" dog for "purebred" price unless you know that breeder in person, like the back of your hand! This business has become so corrupt, this highly knowledgeable about dog breeds person who has been to many dog shows over decades has... guess what...decided not to buy one! Too many phonies, and not enough ways to pare through them - not to mention, dog breeds that have been screwed up by people who have no business breeding dogs (let alone selling that junk as purebred, etc).

    You've learned your lesson. Hopefully someone else will read this post and learn theirs ahead of time.

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  • Ma
      25th of Nov, 2014

    Is there any way of contacting this person that made this complaint?? I also bought a dog off of this woman!!

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  • El
      13th of Oct, 2017

    I got a dog from her with terrible genetic problems. He lived a year. She's a backyard breeder. She's bred so many breeds and I saw the conditions her dogs were living in. It was horrible. They had small fenced pits of mud for homes.

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