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1 1153 West Holt Blvd.Ontario, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 909-984-6595

1st - we were told we had 2 months no payments - dealer lied -
payments started immediately.

2nd - we had to smog the car - this should have been done before
purchase so dealer could mail registration - we didn't even find
out till WE asked about our license plates not being received.

3rd - We canceled GAP coverage in the first 2 days well within
the 30 day period in which a full refund should be given, to
finance company thus lowering our monthly car payment.
What St George Auto did: never submitted any paperwork
for GAP to the insurance company, yet did not notify the
finance company resulting in them(st george auto) receiving
money(GAP insurance premium).
Now we have been advised that we must get the money from
St george auto, it has been months, waiting, hearing
excuse after excuse and still we have yet to see a dime!!

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  • Ye
      19th of Mar, 2008
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  • Ma
      24th of Jun, 2008
    -1 Votes

    you should try dmv investigation. they helped my husband get back a car he had given as down payment. they couldnt finance him with a new one so they let him drive it around. and then decided to charge him the mileage plus didnt want to give back his old car. a friend told him about dmv investigations and sure enough he told them what happened and in a week dmv called my husband back. told him where the car was at go pick it up and sign a paper stating he wouldnt do business with that dealer. no words were spoken just sign heres your keys, go get your car from the back. they were red in the face. dmv investigations slaped them in the face.

  • La
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Due to the theft of a vehicle I bought from them, I had to cancel my extended warranty in order for the payoff to be less.
    well, because they didn't due their part on time, I had to pay an extra installment on my auto finance and I have been waiting for a reimbursment check for the cancellation of my extended warranty for months. Not only did their finance department not cancel it when I asked them to but, keeps giving me the run around about when I'm going to be receving my portion of the cancellation. They have bad service, bad everything.

  • Da
      19th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I purchased a vehicle from St. George Auto Sales in 2007. I found out that after I signed the contract they rewrote the deal at a higher interest rate and submitted it to the finance co without my PERMISSION( someone forged my signature) . I took my original contract to DMV Investigations and filed a complaint, To this date nothing has been done to file crimal charges for forgery... DONT TRUST THEM!!! Also the vehicle I traded in was involved in a accident and I was sued by the other persons insurance co. St.George sold the vehicle on a street corner . They told me not to put it on the contract because it would complicate things for the fin co. So I had no proof I traded it to them, Now I'm stuck paying for the accident. This dealer is the a nightmare!! I HAVE SPENT SO MUCH TIME TRYING TO FIX THIS MESS... SO BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Jo
      9th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    St george is the best dealership i have even been too, all the staff members are very especial my salesman nabeel and juan garcia were very helpful especially juan who was kind enough to drop the car to my house very sweet guy calls me every day n every body is very nice they lowered my payments without hassling way to go ST George Auto...

  • Bi
      14th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Jose either you are still high from your purchase and either you are too stupid to know you got ripped off. Ryan and his brothers are the biggest liars and theives around!!!

  • Go
      11th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    hellow my name is isack u guys are a bunch of pussys nobody forced u to buy a car from there if u guys had some better credit or should i say take care of youre credit u will have more choices but hey next time take youre mom or dad w/u guys car shoping?

  • Mr
      28th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just want to say St George have helped and still help Customers drive the car of theyre dreams. I know I used to work there. They go the extra mile to get deals bought from banks. Enjoy your ride and make sure you make your payments on time and you should be ok. Nothing ever feels fare in life thats just the way it is...

  • Ms
      1st of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    ok let me clear this up.. Rick Vance.. you mean to tell us you NEVER received your money?? Because from what i recall.. i remember that check being handed to you.

    just saying..

  • Su
      11th of May, 2009
    -2 Votes

    The owner of this dealership..He goes by "George" . I'm sure not his real name. Died about 2 weeks ago.. I'm sure he's going to HELL!!! *** ALL I CAN SAY IS KARMA'S A ###******

  • La
      21st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I recently had an experience at St. George Auto that I'd like to share with anyone who's interested.

    I've gotta give them a mixed review. There were a lot of things I really liked about this dealership-- the salesperson that I worked with, Henry, was extremely low pressure. He immediately approached me and asked me if I needed help, and when I told him which car I wanted to take for a test drive, it was no hassle; he was back in a flash with the keys, and he didn't even invite himself along for the test drive. I was able to leave after the first visit after 2 test drives without having to give them any of my information, fill out any paperwork, or meet with finance. It was really very low-pressure, very hands-off, which kind of surprised me (in the good way).

    However, here's where the downside comes-- a week later, I decided I wanted to go back and make an offer on one of the cars I test drove. St. George Auto had put these god-awful after-market clown car rims on the car I wanted to buy, and the rims scraped really bad. They weren't even close to being a fit. I was told that the stock tires would be put back on immediately, so it's a good thing I called before I went back the second time, because they had never changed out the clown rims. (This is one of the ways that they try to upsell you, but if you're upfront about not wanting after-market rims, they are happy to put the originals back just have to bug them a lot.)

    After another brief test drive, I'd zeroed in on the car that I wanted to buy, and I was ready to make a deal. The negotiation process began with Henry asking me what price the car was. (That can't be a good sign.) I should have lied about it, but I didn't; I told him the price I saw listed on the website. He later explained to me that the website lists cars at a lower price, and since I saw the "lower" price, then I was entitled to it and he "wouldn't make much" on the deal. Alright, whatever.

    I made an extremely lowball offer on the car thinking we'd bounce back and forth for a while until we met somewhere in the middle and agreed on a price that worked well for both of us. This wasn't the case. St. George Auto wasn't very willing to negotiate. I eventually ended up meeting with the owner (I can't remember if his name was "George" or not, but if he was the one who died, that's really sad), who produced bill-of-sale auction paperwork showing me that the price they purchased it for was about $500 under what they listed it for on the website.

    OK. Assuming this is true (which, with used car dealers, is ALWAYS an assumption), this can't be good business for them. How are they going to turn a profit if they list cars at $500 over cost and put themselves in a position where they can't negotiate with the buyer?

    Long story short, I did not buy the car. I want to clarify-- I don't think St. George Auto was trying to sell the car for an unfair price; I'm just disappointed they weren't more willing to negotiate. Since we couldn't even agree on a price, we never even got into financing, so I can't comment on that. However, I do want to say to some people who have previously posted-- use your brains, people. If someone tells you that you get 2 months of payments free or whatever, you're the idiot for believing that. If you're going to buy a car, you need to be prepared to pay for it-- no matter what. If you're not 100% prepared, you shouldn't buy the car. Again, common sense. Use your brain.

    SUMMARY: The selection process is really low-pressure and hands-off, but once you've found one you like, you better be prepared to pay sticker. They won't negotiate with you.

  • Jo
      13th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I dont know why miss susan is saying such thing about somebody who passed is so sad that ppl act un educated n say burn in hell while they r waitin in line for themselves how can u judge anyone...if karma is a[censored] than whatever u say goes for u...may God give u wisdom newayz i have bought a car from them a week ago and our salesman mr garcia was very good to us, he took good care of our finances and get our payments lowered than what we were expecting he even throw life time warranty, these ppl are good but if you guyz have credit issues thats on you, take care of your self and ask your self why r u posting a comment, u r old enough to make certain decisions its not a rehab its a car dealership no body put gun on your head u make your own decisions if u still far for it ...get a check up, try to get ur act together n dont talk smack about anybody's family if u yorself have one...coz karma is a ### as u said..thank you n God bless

  • Ch
      1st of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Read Your Contracts- "Beware".
    Do yourself a favor.. READ ALL
    I almost cant put this whole situation into words...

    My wife and I went to purchase a car from this dealer approx a year ago. These guys appear to be good guys, yet they seem to have questionalble business practices.

    Side note:
    We purchased a black Mercedes E500 w/ a extended powertrain warranty. No trade in (we also have a 06 tahoe). We went to st. George's to pruchase the Mercedes outright.

    We purchased the car late one evening. so we signed a loan doc for the purchase w/ wells fargo (bank st. george used). My wife and I have good credit, so when they ran the numbers they said it would be no problem to get us qualified. They were even able to tell us what our APR was going to be... (they probably had some room on the commision points). I was told that they give us a conformation once the trasaction was complete/approved but had us to drive the car home that night.

    It took them approx two days to get back with us, but when they did they said there was a veriation in the APR so we would have to sign again for a "point" more. I was at work when they called so I had to come in the next day... That same night while driving home on the freeway... the motor mount broke. When I told the owner Ryan he was more than happy to fix the problem. While I was there they gave me a couple loan docs my wife and I needed to sign for the new rate which I was going to have to take home because my wife was not present.

    I took them home where she and I signed the contracts unsuspecting (these guys are really charming). We didn't even bother to read the contracts in great length (very unlike me). I was set to return the revised contracts at witch time I would be able to pick us the Mercedes from being fixed.

    In light of the damage to the motor mount the day or two prior I was curious if that repair would have been covered on my extended warranty. What I found on the Extended warranty was that the car had to be service with a oil change every 2500 miles in order to be valid/ honored. For all those who dont know... Mercedes oil changes are only to be performed every 5k miles... This detail drove me to also review the contents of the contract/ Purchase agreement as well...

    What I found is that St. George's wrote up two contracts on the same car.. 1) as we had agreed and the other claiming I had signed over my Tahoe as a trade in which would be submitted to Wells fargo.

    I ended up taking a visit to a Mercedes Dealer.. Not only is the contract they sent over to be signed HIGHLY ILLEGAL (there should never be more than one contract for the same car). But they informed me that should I follow the direction of the Extended Warranty... it would damage the car - "too much of a good thing can be bad". In addition, the parts that would be damaged as a result of following the warranty would not be covered... The dealer shared with me the cost to fix the car would exceed my coverage ($). - Moral of this part of the story is "you better off taking your chances" in regard to there "Warranties" And one last detail.. the warranty is claimed to be honored at the Benz dealership... Confirmed otherwise per Mercedes! In fact, they were unfamiliar with the alleged company all together.

    No back to the Purchase Agreement..
    Beyond the fact that the fabrication of alternate/multiple contracts for the same car is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. But "St. George" also placed my 06 Tahoe on one of the contract as a "TRADE IN" WITHOUT MY CONSENT! = FRAUD!!! I dont know about you.. but I would like to know when I am trading in my NEARLY PAID OFF TRUCK!!!

    When I returned to St. George's and confronted them about the contracts they weren't red in the Face... They turned ghost white... I could have easily ended there relationship with well fargo and probably canceled there license via the DMV inspector for Fraud which is the reason they agreed to canceled the purchase all together.

    If it had not been for the fact that I signed that first contract so late that evening and there was a variation in the APR the next day I would have been stuck!

    There is "dishonest & shady" and then there is "Fraudulent and St. George". Buyers Please beware!!!

  • Hs
      6th of Aug, 2009
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  • Sm
      31st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    buyers beware. i purchased a car in march of 2009. the dealar forgot to inform me of one major detail and that was that it had been in an accident. oops. i had been there for a good 3 hours and remembered asking juan for a car fax. i was so tired by the time i left i forgot about the carfax report. its amazing how people can get away with running a business like this. i wouldnt recommend this dealar to my worst enemy. now the dmv is investigating it. i hope they get shut down. im not through with them yet.

  • Ir
      26th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I for one can understand where all of these complaints are coming from. I used to work at St George Auto for sometime, and had to finally leave because i could not take the guilt. None of these stories surprise me, and the fact is they started to become more and more common. Lucky for ST George, not all their customers have posted their experience on these sites, because there are many more that are much worse.

    The employees/owners know exactly what they can and cant get away with. They've been in the business for so many years, they know exactly what they are doing. ie, When they promise someone they can skip 2 months of payments, how is that person going to prove it after the fact? Their goal is not to be successful from repeat business, since no one refers after their experience with them, but to completely maximize on the one customer that does wounder in the show room.

    but hey i guess i'm not an angel either, i was also a part of it before my departure. I guess it was mainly the greed that kept me going. The fact that I shouldn't stray from the group. But eventually I grew a conscience and I finally decided to leave.

    My recommendation, buy your car from another company. No matter what your credit score, your wisdom, your street smarts, ect; you will be taken advantage of and loose at the end with these guys. Dont risk it.

  • Ko
      1st of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I bought a car at their so called public auction which I know they have guys working for them bidding up the prices which is totally illegal. The only reason I agreed to purchase the vehicle is because one of the sales person told me the car has never been in an accident. I signed the purchase agreement and left $5k down payment but didn't take delivery of the car. I got home and carfaxed the car just to make sure and long and behold the car has been in an accident. I called them to cancel my purchase since I am within my rights since I havn't taken delivery of the car yet. They refused to cancel it and even insinuated that I did take delivery of the car. How can I take delivery if I havn't even paid for it yet? This dealership is completely shady. I'm in the process of getting my down payment back and thinking of filing a complaint with the dmv as well. Do not do business with this dealership

  • Ff
      8th of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    im still wating for my money for the extended warranty that I returned the next day after I purchased the car. the car had only one key they lost the other key and they will get me the 2nd key after the run around for four months forget it. they are bunch of crooks. I will go to DMV to compalin about them. there is no key for the lug nuts, there is no auto manual for the car. the sales person denied everything after our signature. please beware these are wolfs. they dont have any dignity for anything. oh the last one the warranty money? called the company in arizona and money was sent back to the dealrship in full, but the nancy in the finance is still given me run around for not receiving it. they are real crooks.

  • Ga
      15th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    im happy that you have this site
    but the only thing is that in Oct 12 2007 i purchase a 2006 BMW 330i from the owner at St George and in Nov23 2007 i purchase a 2006 BMW X5 and got a great deal and if i have a problem with my car he takes care of it for me
    i have never had a problem with them and now my wife is ready to buy car number 3 for my son and as long as they treat me and my wife good i will keep going back to them

  • Ro
      6th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I used to work for the used car dealer down the street. I have never seen such big kids in my life. I used to hear them bashing St george on a daily basis. I did too, I mean come on I had to keep my job in these hard times. Other sales people I know for a fact got paid to bash st george on here. I mean come on read on and you can see all of them just talk trash about the owner and things that go on at every dealership - trust me i used to work for one. theres a gal SUSAN who noted when the owner died? How do regular consumers know stuff like that - unless she was a stalker or as usual a competetive dealer sales chump down the street. I left that place and now work for wells fargo - much better. The bank I work at i deal with business accounts. I got to see the faces of the dealership owners now. Even the owner of St george. immediately i didn't like him because all the trash I heard. The more I saw him the more he grew on me. anyways I thought he was a nice guy. with my big mouth I told him most dearler on the street dont like him he said he knew that along time ago. He said I really dont care because they dont hate me they hate my God. I didnt understand what he meant. One friday night came i went out with old buddies from that dealership and i told them what st george owner said and they laughed and told me ya hes a dumb christian. i was like whats wrong with being a christian- I am middle eastern but i have no religion - I basically think if u do good yout go to a nice place. well i come to find out they hated st george because he was not muslim. Whats this world coming to. Personally the dealership I used to work for lost alot of coistumers to st george because of better deals. I actually went there myself one time because i dove by and saw a black matt colored mustang. They were nice to me and didnt candy coat anything. i didnt get the car because i couldnt afford payments. An the price they gave me was reall low. I though even if i bought it and resold it i can easily put 2 grand in my pocket. honestly after i save more money i will go there If the company I worked for lost business to them and st george is still up and running I highly doubt they are deceitful. Deceitful places get shut down or run out. I drive by on my way to work and I see they always have a high turnover rate because they have new cars weekly. so they must b selling good legit [censor]. Dont believe everything u read here trust me i know most are not true.

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