SRT Service Response Teampsychotically violent drivers

Do not do business with this company!!!
Do not give them any reason to put their murderously psychotic "drivers" on the roads!!!

I was driving down enterprise road and this murderous psycho driver was at the stop sign on pebble vale road. This lunatic driver was stopped there and had plenty of chances to go before I got there, but no! This violently deranged lunatic driver had to wait until I literally started passing that intersection then pulled out across my front bumper and hitting their brakes, causing me to have to slam on my brakes and jerk into the opposing lane where I almost hit another vehicle head on!!! And this psychologically deranged, vicious, murderous lunatic driver just f*king kept on going!!!

If I hadn't have had my hands crossed on my steering wheel, I would have busted my nose on my steering wheel!!

Then this murderous psychopathic driver turned onto park road and then turned right from the middle lane on park into that business center on park and enterprise!!!

And on top of that, it is dark out and this psycho-murderous driver was driving with no headlights on!!!

Company vehicle belonging to -
Srt service response team

License plate ca6 9899

Do not do business with this company!!! Do not give them any reasons to be putting their psychologically, murderously deranged drivers on the roads to kill, maim, and destroy!!!

SRT Service Response Team
SRT Service Response Team

Nov 30, 2018

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