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Filed on : February 1 2010
Filed by :
Anna Wylie
13010 E 27th Ave
Spokane Valley WA 99216
Filed against :
Spokane Plastic Surgeons, PS
235 E Rowan Ave # 206
Spokane WA [protected]
Complaint Description:
I had a breast augmentation 6-23-09 by Dr. Lynn Derby, her nurse Judy, and few other staff in the office. During my aftercare, I had several phone conversations
with nurse Judy who is rude, unprofessional and uncaring. I has issues with my pain medication and she was very insensitive about it. I had my first appointment
with Dr. Derby at around 2-3 weeks with concerns of my implants not dropping and not looking right. Dr. Derby didn't take my concerns seriously and said herself
that it looked like my breast tissue was falling off the implant. She suggested that it was still early and that I needed to start massage and eventually they would
drop into a more natural position. Then after 5 - 6 weeks post op, I contacted the office again by e-mail indicating concerns with problems related to my surgery. I
requested that Dr. Derby call me but I was contacted by her nurse Judy. Because of previous unprofessional treatment by Judy, I wasn't comfortable talking with
her. She was short on the phone and suggested it was still early and they should eventually drop. I e-mailed again approximately a week later and talked again
with the nurse who reluctantly made an appointment for me and put me out about 6-8 weeks from my call. When I went into the appointment at approximately 12-
14 weeks post op, Dr. Derby said to take over the counter vitamin D. The nurse could have told me that 6-8 weeks prior. So when I started taking it at 12- 14
weeks it was to late. she had me take it for 4-6 weeks and had me come back in, saw me for maybe 5 minutes, prescribed me Singular and sent me on my way.
She indicated that I would probably have to have a re-do surgery, specifically on my right side due to the capsular contracture. She then gave me a quote of
2200.00 to re-operate on just the right side. I had another appointment scheduled around 4 weeks after that one and didn't go simply because talking with her was
a waste of time. My initial surgery cost 6500.00. Since then, I now have horrible pain in my right breast from the complication and the other side has a double
bubble look which is also not correct. I sent an email 12-5-09 to Mr. Frank Walchak, president of Spokane Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Lynn Derby and Staff. I requested
an immediate response to my concerns, a copy of my medical records and a reasonable proposal to correct the problem. If the solution wasn't satisfactory, I
would report to the BBB, and a couple other agencies. I received a response on 12 -7-09 indicating in sum that I needed to make an appointment and come in to
see her for an inspection. I had been contacting several other Surgeons in the area because I didn't want Dr. Derby to re-operate because I had lost confidence in
her abilities and the aftercare I would receive. There must be some surgeon code of honor but no one would see me. It was very discouraging and a terribly sad
and frustrating issue. I went to a surgeon in Idaho who did give me a quote to repair but I didn't feel that I should have to pay again due to improper care. Since I
didn't want to pay again, I sent another e-mail on 12-23-09 indicating that I unless I wanted to go out of state, basically I was stuck with dr. derby and wanted to
make an appointment based on expectations of fair treatment. I received a response on 12-29-09 that dr. derby was out until the 5th of January and they would
contact me at that time to arrange an appointment. Due to my schedule at work, I wasn't able to get into her office until January 26, 2010. At that time, her nurse
brought me into the check up room, dr derby came in and yes, as we knew I needed a re surgery. Her nurse was with the both of us the entire time. We sized
implants for the re operation. She took photos and wanted me to sign a release to show a double bubble and Capsular contracture in one photo. I didn't sign. She
had me come into her office where she explained that her nurses didn't want to work with me so I would have to pay more to have surgery in the hospital.
Your Desired Resolution:
I want my surgery redone by a different surgeon who can correct my problem and I don't feel that I should have to pay extra because her nurses don't want to
work with me simply for making a complaint. Dr. Derby owes me an apology as well as Judy for all their derogatory comments. Dr. Derby mentioned that I wasn't
a stripper so isn't really noticeable. She also indicated that most surgeons would have fired me and not done a re operation at all and that she was going to make
me have a psychological evaluation before she would re operate if I acted inappropriately at the visit on January 26th. But she felt that I just fine and my previous
correspondence must have just been a bad day. Well of course I'm going to be upset my goodness. I told her it wasn't like I was making a complaint about a
broken computer or something. I'm not a thing, I'm a human being and I would think that she would have empathy in the work she does. I wouldn't have gotten
surgery if I was fine with the way my breast looked in clothes. I am a mother of 3 and wanted my breasts to look good without clothes, for myself and my husband.
I'm done having children and I don't think that the treatment I received was appropriate, fair or even ethical for that matter. I have been very upset due to this and
have been very depressed and anxious because of it. I am seeking medical treatment and counseling with this problem being a huge contributor. I would also like
her to have her license suspended and Judy to have hers as well. People who go into the medical field are supposed to actually care for people, not just to make
money. I'm certain if it was a family member of theirs, they wouldn't approve of that kind of treatment for them. Or themselves for that matter. I have copies of all
the documents if need be. I would like to have my breast corrected soon, the right is getting very painful. It wakes me up in the night often. Dr. Derby knows that
there is a potential that the capsular contracture could be due to rupture and I would think she would want me to have that repaired just as soon as possible. I
don't have another 6000.00 to give her to correct the problem and I don't feel that I should have to pay that much. I feel it is retaliation for making a complaint and
she is trying to "punish" me and "make me pay" for making a complaint. This is unfair business practices and definitely unethical. PLEASE HELP!!!
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  • Je
      14th of Sep, 2010

    I have had 3 surgeries by Dr. Derby and my results were phenominal! I had a breast augmention and a large liposuction procedure and am extremely happy with my results. Plastic surgery in no guarrantee for perfection.
    Every single person heals differently. I work in surgery and see how every persons body is different and heals differently.
    My augmentation turned out wonderful and I would definately recommend her to everybody. Her bedside manner and compassion speaks volumes.
    My liposuction also turned out better than I could have ever imagined! I followed her post-op instructions to a tee and had great results! I throughly enjoyed all of her staff, the office atmosphere and most importantly my results!

    +1 Votes
  • Dr
      13th of Jul, 2011

    This so called doctor is nothing but a leach ... doctor dont choose platic to be compassionat they choos it for money!!! higher an attorney it is a way to make your pain go a way especialy after your trust in this so called doctor is Long gone!

    0 Votes
  • Pr
      30th of Jun, 2015

    Being an employer of a patient of Dr. Derby for an L&I claim - I can attest to her office staff being some of the most unprofessional, clueless, flippant medical staff I have ever had to speak with. We have an employee who needs to be released to light duty and her office will not take the time or effort to get the forms completed. The employee has a family to support, but the L&I wages are not enough to pay their rent and feed his family.. . . . . . . . . Dr Derby should record her staff talking with the public.

    0 Votes

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