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Savannah, GA, United States

This complaint is about Chamunda Swamiji. I called their office to seek spiritual advice. A lady asked me to pay $450 to read the horoscope and she promised me that Swamiji will definitely help find solution for my problem. I paid using my credit card. She scheduled an appointment for me to talk to the Swamiji. Swamiji spoke to me and and told me that he has to get few havan done from special priests and he told me the expenses would come up to $9500. I told him that I had lost the job and I cannot pay that huge amount. He told me that he couldn't help me. I told him that I was promised help and so he said if that's the case the lady will call you and give you a mantra to chant. I called the lady and asked her to refund my money back. She said once an appointment is fixed with swamiji and he talks to us the money cannot be refunded. I never got back my money nor any help from that fake swamiji. I see that they have a program on the television where the swamiji converses about spiritual awareness. It really scares me that many innocent people rather many innocent ladies will be duped. Can people become aware of this fraud and put an end to it. The moment I see his face, I offer prayers to God saying that he cheated me. In the name of God, may Chamunda Swamiji realize the value of every dollar that he is receiving from innocent people and may he put an end to this fraud in the future.

Aug 05, 2016

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