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I too have been "scammed" by Spirit Incentives and their timeshare program. I went to list to the timeshare lecture/sale pitch in Canyon Country, Texas. I knew I wasn't going to buy from the start but I had to sit through close to 2 1/2 hours of sales pitches after they had advertised it would only take 90 minutes. I have given up even trying to get my cruise or Hawaii trip out of this company but I kept the gas voucher because that was more easy to do. You get 10 "coupons" for gas and you can only claim $10.00 for each coupon. So, I saved up my receipts over a couple of months and in October, 2008, I mailed in the 10 coupons for a total of $100.00 gas voucher. Well, I received a check from Spirit Incentives today and it was only for $10.00... Needless to say I called the customer service number and asked if I would be receiving more $10.00 checks to add up too $100.00. The customer service representative said if I had read the voucher terms I could only mail in one coupon for $10.00 every 30 days. I looked at the copy of the voucher to see if I had missed it but those terms (of course) weren't on the gas voucher. They were hidden away in the terms and conditions paper for the trips, which I did take because it was too difficult to get dates out of this company. So, I am out $90.00 because the rep did not even want to hear that I had mailed in all the coupons at one time... she said that the other gas receipts were null and void so Spirit Incentives got away with not paying $90.00 worth of gas vouchers.
I can not tell enough people to stay away from this company. They are all scams... who would remember to send in $10.00 coupons every 30 days... come on... it would take close to a YEAR to get your $100.00 worth of gas vouchers. I have definitely learned my lesson and I want to warn people to stay away from this company. They will get out of every "gift" and "trip" they promise you for listening to the timeshare sale pitch and all you get are lies and 2 1/2 hours of waste time that I can't get back.

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  • Sa
      Jan 23, 2008

    We bought this travel voucher for 50.00 along with a time share demo. We have yet to schedule our vacation. They keep sending the certificate back saying that the dates are not available. Their intent is to discourage you enough that you will cut your losses and give up. Do not deal with them. I talked with someone named Grace at this company. She said to call her if I had any more problems. Well guess what? She is never available!

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  • Sa
      Apr 12, 2008
    Spirit Incentives - Scam and fraud!
    Spirit Incentives
    2455 E Sunrise Blvd
    Ft Lauderdale
    United States

    I don't really have anything new to add to this board if you have already done a search for Spirit Incentives. I have followed all of their instructions to a tee and in a timely manner and "surprisingly" never get my requested dates. I will never get my vacation promised. These guys should be shut down, they are shysters and lying to people. I hope the BBB does something about this.

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  • Ni
      Sep 20, 2008

    You are lucky you didn't get it... we got ours and got stranded in a foriegn country with no place to stay... and of coarse you can't turn around and come home because the airline tickets are not changeable so you have to pay to go home or pay to stay there... so I wouldn't go unless you have alot of money just incase...

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  • Pe
      Oct 04, 2008

    Spirit incentives is a HOAX!!!
    I attended a 5 hour presentation at Silver leaf Resorts in Houston Texas only to be scammed into thinking a cruise and a hotel vacation package awaitied me! I did exactly what was requested by sending the e-mail with registration number within 48 hours and although I received an acknowledgement of the e-mail advising that I would receive a package mailed to my address within 10 business days I am 4 months later and three follow up e-mails without a vacation package! This is CRAZY because they also tell you that you have 45 days to book and you must give them your choice of 3 dates, well as you can see since I have no official package (since I haven't received it in the mail) I have missed the "boat"! THIS IS A SCAM!!! Oh and don;t bother calling you will be put on hold, given a lot of vague answers and rudely and unprofessionally handled. GOOD LUCK! Not sure if Silver Leaf is aware of this (I'm sure they have been notified) but this is very POOR business and highly unethical! I was intending to purchase a unit from Silver Lake I am so VERY glad I didn't! They aren't that impressive anyway the only benefits are the trades for other countries through the incentive program. You can get this by purchasing from ANYONE!

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  • Ch
      Nov 11, 2008

    We are in the early stages of recognizing the possible shaming by Spirit Travelto afford us the vacation to Puerto Rico and possibly a cruise in 2009. Monies were sent two months ago to insure our cruise. Upon further checking into this situation I intend to contact the originator of these promotions in the Bershires of Massachusetts. I also plan to contact the Attorney General office of Massachustts and Florida in addition to the Better Business Office of Fla. Time will tell.
    There is also a gas rebate program that has not been honored from September 2008.

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  • Bi
      Feb 27, 2009

    I had to deal with a rude, condescending, snippy person named Leslie while trying to set up my dates. She told me " don't have to raise your voice to me!" after telling me to speak louder. She continued with little verbal jabs after I mentioned that the connection wasn't too clear and I was having trouble understanding her. I asked to speak with another representative and Lovely Leslie informed me that everyone was busy and that I'd have to deal with her. Then, I asked for a supervisor and she said, "I AM the supervisor!"

    I knew I was in trouble then.

    Finally, I told her to just send the deposit back and that I was tired of dealing with someone so rude and ill-mannered. She said, "You know this will terminate this transaction and your certificate will be void, right?"

    I said, "It can't happen fast enough..."

    Amazingly, I received the refund check earlier this week.

    Now, if I could get bacfk that portion of my life that I wasted in dealing with these frauds, I'd live a lot longer...

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  • Ho
      Jun 28, 2009

    I signed up for the Free trail and I got some call about gas vouchers. What is the Cancelaiztion number so they wont charge me.

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  • Ni
      Jul 23, 2009

    Trust me, it is a scam. I worked for the resort in Georgia until they fired me after a couple of years (and only minimum wage pay) for having my husband come with visitor's pass and all to bring me my cancer medication. The notice they gave me was for "DANGEROUS UNAUTHORIZED VISITOR, " come on, it was my Husband. He worked there as a teenager, we used to come and use the facilities daily.

    The rules changed every week and the ### you're expected to deal with from the ever changing hospitality staff. The customers are wonderful.

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  • La
      Sep 17, 2009
    Spirit Incentives - Cruise voucher
    Spirit Incentives
    Fort Lauderdale
    United States

    Sent travel voucherfor free cruis and air fare to the
    bahamas. Sent them $100.00 to secure dates. They never responded with the date and reservation for the cruise. They never refunded my $100.00

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  • 02
      Sep 28, 2009

    Have you gotten a respond yet?

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  • Te
      Jul 16, 2013

    I got my gas vouchers and it stated on the instructions that you mail in one gas voucher every 30 days.

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