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Spirit Incentives / Worst service imaginable and a hoax!

1 2455 E. Sunrise BlvdFort Lauderdale, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 954-315-8714

And it goes like this... I was presented with a Vacation Package from Spirit Incentives after reviewing a timeshare for Silverleaf Resorts. For attending the timeshare in the middle of nowhere, you are given a 'free' gift of a vacation package to the destination of your choice- Orlando, Aruba, Hawaii, Jamaica, Puerto Rico. The Vacation Package provides for two adults 5 days/4 nights hotel accommodations at those destinations. The hotels are specifically mentioned on a sheet that is given to all participants. You would be obligated to pay for airfare and all other extras, but the benefit of having a hotel paid-off as a gift is still a good thing.

Thereafter, you are to fill out a registration coupon which gets sent to Spirit Incentives with your personal info, where you wish to travel. Once Spirit Inc. receives this, they then mail back to you a Reservation Request form. Upon receipt, you are to select 3 valid dates of travel, with criteria which is reasonable. You would have to pay for hotel taxes only, which is fine as well. No big deal. The company advises that they will give you 45 days notice prior to your departure date if your dates were accepted. Of course, Spirit reserves the right on everything in their 'Terms and Conditions'.

That is where the catch is, and where there horrible service shines through. First off, they do not send back their notification to you that they cannot fulfill your request within 45 days of the departure date you request. Two, when you call their customer service, they refuse to give you any information about your request. Simply, they tell you that you should receive something in the mail. This is a huge flaw of this company. They have people who are not personable on their phone, hence providing poor customer service. They also refuse to respond and answer any questions you have except for saying that you will receive notification in the mail. In addition, their reps were extremely rude and didn't allow me to finish the questions I wanted to ask. I called back multiple times so I could see if speaking with someone different would help resolve the matter, but to no avail. RUDENESS ABOUND!

So after my first two dates were denied, I had to provide another departure date. Mind you, all dates I provided were at least a month apart and not within holidays, etc. Two weeks after I mailed in the third request, I decided to call up again to find out what was happening. At that point it was within 25 days of when I was to depart on my journey if it were going to be accepted. Once again, I received a rude rep at Spirit Incentives. They claimed that again they could not accept my dates (on their terms and conditions, they say to select 3 dates). So, I said how will you accommodate me? They responded by giving me another set of dates a month forward. So I said ok sure why not? Then, I heard their next catch. The hotel accommodations listed on their Vacation Package sheet (I was planning on Aruba, staying at Wyndham Aruba Beach Casino Resort) were not available.

So I asked are they not available at all, or for those dates in particular?
Client rep: They are not available.

Again I ask, is that hotel not available at all, or just for those dates?
Client rep: They are not available.

Then I explain to the rep that she is not answering my question, and that Im wondering if the hotel itself is not available at all or just for those dates. All I was looking was for an answer. She couldn't give me one. At that point, I asked for her manager. She put me gets worse!!!

The manager gets on the line, and I pose the same question.
I say that I am willing to accept the travel dates they advised, but if they are providing me with those dates, why are they providing me with different hotels than what is on their specified getaway package? Manager says: We cannot offer that hotel as its unavailable to us for those dates we provided you. We can only provide you 'XXXX' hotel.

So I requested to change the dates they were trying to pawn on me for dates later in the year at the hotel that was specified on the package.
Manager says: We cannot do that. We can give you these particular dates, and this particular hotel, or offer you a refund. That's all.

So neither would they accept my request for 3 different sets of dates, but they would only provide THEIR dates and THEIR hotel of their choosing (not the one listed on the getaway package). And what makes it most irritating is the fact that even their manager gave me an ULTIMATUM!!! What kind of customer service is that? 'Take it or leave it'?

Upon hearing that, I was shocked, annoyed, and most of all perplexed that a company would do this. It was clear to me that everything would be on their terms and they never had any intention of fulfilling the requests their clients brought to them. They must not really have deals with the hotels, it seemed quite clear.

In addition to all of this, part of the package is you get 4 $10 gas rebate coupons which you can redeem once a month and send in the mail to Spirit Incentives. It says to allow 4-6 weeks for a response and a rebate . To this day, over 3 months after I sent my first rebate coupon and receipt, I have not received a single rebate!

I'm going to report this company to the Better Business Bureau and all message boards possible. NO ONE SHOULD USE THEIR SERVICE and "INCENTIVES". They are all a bunch of nonsense, their service is pitiful, and they do not fulfill their clients requests.

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  • Mb
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    Spirit Incentives - Lack of compliance!
    United States

    I, like others, spent time and effort getting what I thought was going to be a "free" cruise. The company did not fill the first two time slots. When it came time to give me the cruise before my date expired, suddenly there were no 5 day cruises. I could have booked a cruise online direct from the company for the same price in "port taxes" that they charged me. I may never get my port tax money back. I am reporting them to the better business bureau. There are lots of complaints against this very dishonest company.

  • Ca
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    These comment were just what I need to trow away (garbage) the certificate i received from Spirit Incentive, Thank you!

  • Bb
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    Spirit incentives is a rip-off!!! They will do everything possible to make you give up on their vacations. They are rude on the phone and evasive. I have talked to upper management & they are in on the scam also.. im turning them in to better buisness bureau.

  • Ka
      6th of Apr, 2008
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    i sent in the $10.00 gas rebate and recieved a check, about to sent in my 3 dates for a vacation, i will read everything and keeps copies of it all

  • Jo
      17th of May, 2008
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    I recieved a 7 night cruise for viewing a time share. I sent in my $300 requested monies and was called about 35 days not the 45 they said but Two of us went on a carnival cruise on their new ship Freedom and had a great time. No trouble with Spirit incentives for the cruise I did not however ever hear from them after sending in $50 for a two night stay. The cruise was great

  • Ly
      27th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just recieved an incentive trip from spirit travel after sitting through a sales pitch for a timeshare I didn't purchase. I'm happy to report I to have gotten nowhere in being able to contact their customer service rep's through the # given 954-525-1777. I went online and found the spirit incentive website which is a menagery of extensions. After finding a couple of people they wanted to refer me back to the 954# that I'd already told them was not picking up. They claimed to have transferred me to their direct customer service department only to find out it was right back to the 954# that has music but no assistance.

    When I tried to call back the sales rep at spirit incentive at 1800 860-5880 ext #234, 236 & 237, the sales rep's put on their IT office messager so they wouldn't have to respond to any additional phone calls. After reviewing several complaints online about spirit travel and getting no assistance from them directly I'm glad to report that I've lost no monies but just disappointed that scams continue to be live and well.


  • Ki
      17th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Every single one of these complaints are very valid. I just wished I had read them prior to getting involved with this company. I cannot possibly say it more clearer than Brenda Schuster. If I could only change the names, this would be my story down to the last detail. I can only hope that anyone who gets involved with this company, Spirit Incentive, would please please read the comments and run as fast as you possibly can in the other direction. I will also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It can't hurt, and probably nothing will happen, but still there will be a record on file.

  • Di
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    Since this is a Florida company, people with complaints should contact a county office of Consumer Affairs, which has enforcement power. This is much more of a threat to companies that are shams than is the BBB, which cannot do anything other than put such companies on a list and write a letter of complaint. Consumer Affairs is particularly the place to go if money is involved.

  • Ro
      19th of Aug, 2008
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  • Ro
      10th of Oct, 2008
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    Dear JoAnn Lund

    I sure hope that your experience is MY experience. We have paid $398 for port fees...sent in 3 dates for our "cruise" to New England next spring...and have NOT gotten the email promised with the Royal Carribian website to schedule our trip... YET. I have sent an email to them today, and am awaiting their answer. BOY do I wish this site was somewhere easier to find...and isn't the BBB nationwide? Mine claims no reports (in PA).
    Maybe Consumer Affairs that Diane (above) mentions is the better place to go?
    I will keep you all posted on my progress.

  • Ki
      25th of Jan, 2009
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    I got a free trip to florida for donating a car through spirit a few years ago and while it was a little touch and go with the dates, they did accomodate one of my requested weeks and I got a free flight and free room for 5 days. Recently we were asked at a concert to attend a sales pitch on their vacation packages which, if you have the money is a deal beyond deals, but for the average person to commit to is pretty steep. Anyway, we got our voucher and plan to cruise to Bermuda with them. All the complaints I have read about this company are people upset that they are not getting class A treatment from a company who is giving them a free trip. I certainly expected a little red tape and hassles to get the deals I got, but have experienced very little. I say.. it's free stop complaining and go on vacation. Whatever terms they offer you got a free trip. If you want no hassles call your travel agent and pay for your trip. If you want a great deal with a little aggrivation.. mind you very little, on my part, be grateful that you are able to take advantage of an offer like this and knock it off. Some people are never happy. We had a ball in Florida and anticipate a great cruise, so far we are registered and everything is going as they said it would. You can not expect to get your first choice of dates or things handled immediately when you are getting the trip for free. Old but true, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Be happy and vacation!!!

  • Pa
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    So far the only complaint I have is with the gas rebates of $10.00 each (got 4 coupons). I do have to admit that I didn't read the fine print, you can only submit one every 30 days. I sent all 4 of mine in, but only will receive 10.00. the others are voided, they

  • Pa
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    I have to say the only complaint that I have with this company so far is with the gas rebate coupons. I did not read the fine print and sent all four of mine in at the same time. They will not send the other three back to me, they are voided. But I did get the one check for $10.
    I have signed up for the free 4 night cruise in the Carribbean, sent them my initial $100 deposit. Haven't gotten any further with that one yet. Maybe it will work out!

  • Di
      23rd of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am doing research on this company since receiving the 5 night cruise vacation from a furniture store as a "thank you gift" for purchasing from their store. I am not liking what I am reading about Spirit Incentives. I would love to hear from others that may have a good or bad opinion to share. Thanks.

  • Qu
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I am a little scared now not knowing what to do...i was supposed to send my initial $100 deposit, but wanted to find their website first and do some digging. Someone said they had to send 398.00( but the print says that the 100 goes towards that???) and what other charges am I looking at?
    Dates are not a problem with us, Money is. And with last minute cruises being as low as 149.00 arent they just as good?
    I have never been on a cruise so i am in the dark here.


  • Je
      1st of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Geesh! I guess I'm another one who got taken by this company after sitting through over an hour of timeshare sales pitch, I also sent it $100 to them and get a phone call confirming they had recieved it, but now I have heard nothing back from and it's been 8 months and my first selected dates were October 09, someone should shut these people down!!!

  • Je
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    I have also sat through a hour long sphel for a time share and was offered a free crusie and airfare for two .. I said Ok .. but did not buy into their timeshare routine.. but that was not suppose to matter. That was in May of 09 ( you have a year to use their voucher ) .. well I did everything that I was suppose to .. even told them my dates would not be until Feb or March of 2010 .. well by about Sept .. they said they absolutely had to have my 100 reservation deposit .. I said wait you wont even talk to me until at least 45 days until my first travel choice .. they said they needed my money .. so I sent it .. they would not even talk to me until Dec 23 said they would not know what they had until then .. even though they said they needed my hundered dollars back in Sept .. so they would know what they could offer. Anyway, bottom line is they had nothing on the dates that I selected .. they offered me a date a whole two weeks before the earliest date that I had selected .. so now we are rushing around trying to take care of small details before we go .. Also, They know our ship leaves Port of Miami .. but they could not fly us into Miami .. they could only fly us into Ft Lauderdale .. almost 40 minutes away .. and transportation to and from Miami is up to us. Also, I gave them three choices of airports ( in Chicagoland area no less ) and they said they had NO flights from there. Luckily my mom lives in Ohio and we were able to get a flight from there .. but mind you ONLY to Ft Lauderdale. They really put us through the ringer on this one .. but we are scheduled to take our vacation .. OH yea and they charged us 180 a peice for "taxes and port fees " .. in addition to the hotel we will have to pay for and the ground transport we will have to pay for ( hotel .. 100 transport 180 total ) .. bottom line is we could almost book this ourselves for not much more

  • M8
      8th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I was given a 7 day vacation for my incentive. Supposed to be "free.". I call today and the only options I have are for $100/person. Although it is an all inclusive resort, this is not a free vacation as pitched. For 4 adults in my party, that's $2800.00!! Let's do the math on the original offer... $0.00 multiplied by $0.00, carry the $0.00 DOES NOT EQUAL $2800.00.

  • Dc
      15th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just found out that Spirit incentives is a Rip Off. After purchasing a time share Vacation Package with Tan, I followed all ther proceedures and sent in my 100 dollars deposit and three dates for the cruise. They were to notify me 45 days before my first date. Due to a death in the family the date got past me and when I called them they said they had E-mailed me. I explained to her that I had not recieved it and was told we sent it you must have deleted it by mistake. When I told her all my deleted mail back to jan 2008 was still in my computer, she still insisted that they had sent it and there were no openings on the ship now for the dates I had selected and my year would be up before any other dates were available. They only good thing was they said they would refund my deposit.

  • Ti
      27th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I wouldn't say rip off, but it isn't worth your time. Yes, they make you jump through hoops to get your rewards. Yes, they will put you on hold for amounts of time in which I can certainly imagine what they are doing-bouncing a ball around, gossiping with their co-workers, eating lunch, browsing the internet, etc. I specified 3 dates as they request. Only one date was available. Of course, during peak season adding an extra $99/person. We don't live near a super huge city like Dallas, LA, or Chicago, so we were going to have to drive 6 hours to get to our 6:30am flight, pay to stay an extra night before and after in a hotel, and get back at an ungodly hour to have to stay in Dallas another night, before we could make the 6 hour drive back home. After all fees and everything it would have cost us at least $1000 ($750 of which was just in their random fees). They do try to talk you into an upgrade because they only have single bunks. Don't buy it! I said that's fine we can deal with it. After specifying a date he said, "Oh, well fortunately the boat you are on (Royal Carribean) has the twin beds on the ground that can be made into a king." Uh...ya! Because only boats from back in the 80's have strictly bunk beds in a room. We weren't really ready to shed $1000 on another trip, so of course we declined. Bonus part-after you jump through all their hoops and decide you don't want it (as you must on the spot I must add) - THEY ARE HAPPY TO GET RID OF YOU! I recieved my deposit back as promised and in a timely manner (aprx. 10 business days). So not a rip off, but definitely a waste of time.

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