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This "company" offers a client tracking suite that is geared toward non-profits, which is why I sought them out. I run a large rescue mission and needed a product that would do what Spero said they could do.
After promising me the world and answering "yes" to all of my questions (even when it was clear she didn't understand them) Laurie Kronyak presented me with a product that resembled nothing of the screenshots and "demos" I saw during our short client romance leading up to the sale. Basically she sold me one thing and delivered a completely different product.
After doing some research, I find out that Laurie actually IS SperoSoftware. She is the ONLY employee! All of the software is created by college interns or people in another country. (I specifically asked about 24/7 support as we are a rescue mission and she said "absolutely"). Not only Laurie Kronyak a bad business woman, she's a bad liar!
Steer WIDE clear of SperoSoftware unless you like wasting loads of time AND money!

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      Mar 27, 2013

    This is a false complaint. Spero Software is a reputable company with a well designed & successful product. Contact Spero Software and they will be happy to provide you with client referrals.

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