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- I went to a speed dating event. didn't like it. Wrote them an honest and bad review.
- Tina called me (three times) and i let her vent (and insult me over the phone). Over the phone she said she knew who I was "You are an international writer, we know who you are!" and threatened to hurt me and my online image if I didn't take down my review.
- Tina then went on Yelp and wrote a response to my review that was filled with accusations and lies.
- Tina then decided to start stalking me. I received emails from her and her team "Oxford Productions" they just wouldn't let it go.
- After i ignored these messages, threats and phone calls, Tina (and friends) stalked me online. I had hour long visits from IP addresses linked to SpeedLA! Creepy!
- If the online stalking wasn't enough, her and her team purchased all three of my books online. Within less than 12 hours from their purchase, they were already harassing me that i was running a SCAM business because i hadn't sent them their merchandise.
- In less than 16 hours from their purchase, all three of them were fully refunded by paypal.
- I am still receiving threatening emails from these people saying that my "business" is a SCAM and that they received no such refund. I spoke to Paypal and refund was issued. SpeedLA Dating is a business of liars and juvenile scam artists that want to create havoc and drama for no reason for unsatisfied customers.
- I contacted Paypal to be clear on my rights as a seller! Was able to block these crazies.
. Paypal clarified my seller rights and blocked Tina and SpeedLA members from making any future purchases. I filed a restraining order against Tina. Spammed all emails from Anoush Stevenson, and am in the process of blocking their IP addresses from accessing my website. Anoush Stevenson emailed me saying she wanted to help and requesting "evidence" but her "nice" attitude quickly turned insulting, accusatory and unprofesisonal i asked her to STOP. She continued to message me and CC me in threads of messages.
- - I have been receiving messages from fake accounts created by SpeedLADating retaliating to alleged comments i "supposedly" made.
- They create the drama and then they pursue it and then they turn it around and say you are the bully and the harasser!
More than 1/2 of their reviewer have claimed harassment from SpeedLA. Please see:
- and make sure to read the regular reviews as well as the ones SpeedLA filtered out, a large percentage of which also claim harassment.
Steer clear and away from these people, they do not give you a service, they infringe on your legal rights and just give you a headache instead!

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  • Sp
      5th of Apr, 2012

    Comment by SpeedLA Dating;
    This person posted a review on Yelp insulting, among other things, the daters in attendance. The company responded via Yelp under Business Comments. The following was our comment which has seemed to upset this dater substantially.

    Hi Gabriela,

    We're sorry you didn't enjoy yourself at our latest event at the fabulous Beso in Hollywood.

    Let me address a few points; Our events always begin at 8pm - 8:15pm. Our Make-up artist always arrive a half hour before the event. This is listed on the website in detail.

    In regards to appetizers - I'm sorry you didn't find them to your liking. Beso provides us with 8 lovely dishes ranging Eva's fabulous guacamole to the Lobster Quesadilla. They are culinary perfection :-)

    I appreciate you didn't fancy the guys and we note none of the guys wrote you down - so perhaps it wasn't a match on both ends. :-( Many of the ladies did fancy the gentleman and we had loads of matches - so while they may not be for you and you not for them - it's not fun to insult people. Stating that men were 'painful to look at' is upsetting to daters.

    I also noticed you also said some less than nice things about the ladies in attendance. I'm not sure I understand the relevance of stating in the review that 15 of the 20 ladies were overweight. That's very unfortunate. What you may consider to be an overweight woman another might find to be perfection. Beauty comes from the inside out - some of the most beautiful people i have ever met have been a few pounds overweight but I found it to be more loveliness to enjoy. We don't like to see daters insult daters - you can see the original review at:

    We are proud to be entering our 5th year in Los Angeles with over 500 events in the LA area alone since 2007. We're also in 10 other cities in the US which is also a lovely bit of fun. Proud to be BBB Accredited with an A+ rating. We are the only speed dating company to have events in such venues as Beso, the only company to offer complimentary make-over's and the only to offer such personable - lovely hosts. We don't offer 'games' or 'free drinks' but do offer a laid back - sophisticated approach to speed dating without bells, whistles or name-tags. We're sorry it wasn't your cup of tea.



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  • Ba
      1st of Jan, 2013

    Sounds like this person just wanted to be awful to a company.

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  • Rs
      28th of Aug, 2013

    As a UK based company not licensed to do business in the US, they can get away with pretty much anything they want to. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way. They will take your money, not provide the services you paid for, harass you and then claim you are harassing them. Very fraudulent and ethical business practices. STAY AWAY!

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  • Sf
      12th of May, 2016

    Totally agree with it! I worked like a host for them in SF, never got paid, I also know more then 20 people at the same situation. Tina Allman, not sure, if it's her real name, sending harassment emails, which are not making any sense, after they start to ask i9, which by the law, u can ask if payment is 600$ and up and do everything just to skip payment. It's very dishonest and nasty company, pls, be aware and never work for them. I'm filling bba report and hope police will get those nasty scammers one day. They should be in a jail!

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  • Sf
      12th of May, 2016

    I bet both of them using fake names: "Tina" cell phone number belongs to Elisio Galindo :)

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