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I have been trying to deal with this company since june 2014 when my mortgage was sold to them from one west bank. I am still waiting for the re-payment plan. I have submitted so many forms and documents and still have no results. They keep saying they are "reviewing the documents". I do not believe it takes close to two years to "review documents". I worry everyday about whether or not they are going to try and foreclose on the property. I have since submitted all my paperwork to the attorneys at tycko & zavareei, llp in washington d. C. They specialize in class action lawsuits. Hopefully they will be able to help me and others who are having the same problem with the specialized servicing company.

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  • Pe
      May 02, 2016

    Totally agree... so where is a class action to join ? how do you find them to join ???

    how do they keep getting away with this ?

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  • At
      Jul 26, 2016

    Agree, I've been trying to get away from them for some years now. My tax guy caught some of the inaccuracies. I was just told that now Bank of America will be taking back my mortgage loan. It's funny, because that's who received it after the Countrywide scandals.

    If anyone finds out how to join this class action, please email me at [protected] My principal has been going up instead of down for the last 20 years and I am about to retire but can't afford to thanks to these thieves.. Strange???

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