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Due to Sovereign being unable to meet our expectations and failing to provide quality treatment for my wife we are requesting a full refund of the $xxxx we paid, and they have skillfully and negligently avoided us so far.

Since admitting my wife to the San Clemente facility on 3/17 (the 3 days she was there), Sovereign displayed the following:

Unprofessional and Unorganized Staff & Process:
The staff has displayed a less than courteous manner, even before we paid for this "treatment." There has been no proactive communication to myself or my wife in the past 72hrs. Upon arrival at approximately (12:30pm on 3/17) My wife was left alone in a room for 5+ hours, with no indication when she would be getting transportation to her house. She had to ask repeatedly and sternly how she was getting out of that area while the staff ignored her presence and almost left her there, and instead talked about celebrating "St Patricks day at a bar" instead of doing their job; working to find their client/patient necessary and timely transport to her house.

Lack of Proper Facilities:
When she did arrive to her house at approximately 8:30pm it was overall an unclean environment with: dirty bathrooms, dirty kitchen (rotting food, cans & containers left open and out, and several dirty dishes not put away).

The living area had food on the floor, mattresses out in the open without sheets on them and clothes thrown on the floor.

The bedrooms had other patients belongings in disarray, there were no sheets on her bad (and when she did get them they were dirty/soiled with appeared to be dry blood on them and thrown together haphazardly).

Unsupportive and Unaccommodating Dr to Patient Therapy:
My wife spoke to a Dr Flores the 3rd day she was there, after a Judy (House Manager) set the call up. Judy told my wife that it would benefit the house if Dr Flores knew the unsatisfactory conditions there. What Judy did knowingly or unknowingly was use/leverage a new patient to communicate staff and organizational gripes. This is unacceptable and it's her job as house manager to escalate issues, not my wife's.

At the end of the conversation with Dr. Flores, after my wife walked him through what has been happening with her, when indicated that she wanted to leave Sovereign, he told her that she was going to be immediately discharged and had to leave the property...he did this all with a rude and threatening tone.

This behavior does not exemplify expert and/or empathetic handling of an unhappy client/patient by Judy or Dr. Flores.

The group therapy sessions were poorly run, with patients pervasively; sleeping, lying on the floor, on their cell phones and talking off topic.
Additionally, after 3 + days there were no trips or mention of access to Yoga, a Gym, Equine therapy, Guided Mediation, etc.

We are steadfast in our belief that this location did not provide an "idyllic, comforting nor a safe environment, " (far from it) and thus did not meet our expectations or what we were promised.

This place needs to be investigated and shut down. It's a scam and it's robbing the people who need the best care.

Sovereign Health of California
Sovereign Health of California
Sovereign Health of California

Mar 24, 2016

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