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South Suburban Hospital / Universal precautions at a hospital

1 Hazel Crest, IL, United States

My son was a victim of a gun shot in his left upper arm and his right middle finger. He was rushed to South Suburban Hospital by paramedics. My complaint is when the nurse named Mona came into the emergency room to take care of him, she was about to give my son a shot, spilled all the medicine from the needle all over his arm and did not have on any gloves. So, I asked her if she would wash her hands and put on some gloves (she was obviously not happy that I asked her to do so). But, she did so anyway. I feel that is something I should not have had to ask her to do. Then an aide came in to dress his finger because it was soaked with blood. I had to ask her had she ever heard of Universal Precautions. She held her hands up and said I just washed my hands before I came into the room. So, I asked her to wash her hands again and put on some gloves and she did. Then the custodian came in to dump the garbage which was full of bloody gauze and who knows what else. He poured the contents of the garbage into a larger garbage and left the same garbage bag in the trash can.

This floor look like it had not been mopped in months, trash outlined the side of the walls and gauze and paper on the floor.
This is very unacceptable and I am very disappointed with this hospital. They didn't know who I was or what I did for a living. To let you know I have worked for the medical field for 8 years and know all about universal precautions and how MRSA IS SPREADED.

Please look into this situation and let me know if something is being done to prevent this from happening in the future. Its bad enough I was there because my son was shot, this is not something I should have had to deal with. Thank you.


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