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Every year the power goes out in the same area. This typically affects several hundred homes. My complaint isn't that the power goes out and it certainly isnt agains the hard working crews attempting to fix the problem. My complaint is against the company for failing to properly clear the right of way of trees. Last year the power was out hear for 6 days before it was fixed. And today is the second day this year. I have lived here for 36 years, every storm its the same problem. I do not understand why its always the same spot. It only seems like common sense to me that if there is a continued problem in one area that they would make that area a priority to fix, but I guess that would asking to much of a company that apparently doesn't have any sense much less the type that is common. The power on this entire road comes from a line that is near my home. South Central fixes the power on the line and then pulls the breaker on this line. That breaker is 200 hundred yards from my home and there isn't a tree around for a mile.

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      15th of Jun, 2010

    I am so SICK of our power going out.
    I've never lived ANYWHERE where the power has gone out so much and I've lived around Perry County in different area's.
    It's almost like a third world country's power supply.
    What is wrong here? They can't handle the load or what?
    If not, they shouldn't be serving the public.
    It seems like we lose power more in the summer than in the winter. And I've lost power in the winter time for almost a week at a time.
    I'm disabled. I live on a farm. When the power goes out, I have nothing. No water, no toilet, no heat, no refrigeration, no I'm screwed. I would have to haul water in order to have something to drink, wash and flush, meaning...I have to leave my home and go somewhere else until the power comes back. I am on med's that cause me to overheat easier than most people.
    We have animals also. So, it's a big deal for us.

    Our neighbor, just yards away is on AEP. I'd love to switch, even if it cost a little more each month.

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  • Ce
      28th of Feb, 2011

    can't you put on the computer where the power is out and what the basic problem is, my power has been out sence 6:45 am it is 10;15 don;t tell me you don't know where and what the problem is, I worked electrical power fo 40 years, so i have understanding about what is going on. I hope to see a change in your home page telling about problems and what ares are effected. thank you . c. r. entler 600 mossbarger detty rd. piketon, ohio 45661

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