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This is about e-cigarettes. There are more and more of these companies popping up because this product is becoming more and more popular. Beware the pretenders! I went to an e-cigarette rating site to investigate this product because my cardiologist recommended it. I didn't know there are quite a few so called 'rating' sites, just my luck I went to the wrong one. South beach smoke was rated number two, I picked them over number one because their prices were cheaper. South beach smoke lies to you and tells you nothing is ever out of stock, but all my orders have been put on back order. A person isn't just gonna sit around and wait for their nicotine to arrive whenever the company gets around to it. Are these people kidding? If I had known there are a lot of 'rating' sites for e-cigarettes, I wouldn't have had to buy two systems. E-cigarette is a wonderful product, but be very careful what company you start with because that can make all the difference. An e-cigarette has none of the tobacco poisons, just the nicotine. It also won't burn holes in anything and there is no ash or smelly butts to be disposed of. The best part of all is the monetary savings because i've gone from eight dollars a pack to two dollars a pack. If you are interested in this product there is an e-cigarette called smoketip that you should check out. I found them purely by accident, but it was a very happy accident because they have a good product (just like most of the others), but the big difference is the terrific service they provide. I don't know about you, but service is everything, especially when you have to do it online.

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      1st of Jan, 2013

    Unfortunately most of those so called rating / review sites are nothing more than paid advertising. I have sent e mails to most of them wanting them to review one of the brands that I sell and the responses are all the same. The first line in the response e mail is How much commission do you pay ? or How does your affiliate pay out ? All that I am trying to say is Find out if you know anyone that has tried them or Google E cigarette forum, I am sorry that they got you and I hope that they did not ruin the e cigarette experience for you. Remember there is no such thing as a free e cigarette or a free trial

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      1st of Jan, 2013 this is a very good one, been using them for over a year now

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      1st of Jan, 2013

    I just wanted to give all those e-cigarette users out there an update on both SmokeTip and South Beach Smoke. SmokeTip is only an average product, but the company does do things to compensate for that. First, they give free batteries when you order a certain number of carts; second, they have more flavors (nineteen and counting) than any other company I know about; and, third, no matter how small your order may be, they send every package 'one to three day priority' from USPS at no cost to the customer.

    South Beach Smoke has, in my view, a much superior product, but when I started with them last April their service was beyond horrible in so many ways--no email confirmations, product on backorder without notification and unless you order over a hundred bucks worth of product, shipping charges even for the longest wait times. I have to say I've made myself heard at this company, because I like the product so much I want to use it. South Beach has worked very hard to improve their service so I want to let everyone know that. I haven't had any product of any kind put on backorder in the last six months and if you don't get emails you can go to their website to find out the status of your order (their site is pretty easy to navigate too). They still have shipping charges, but if you use their autoship program that will offset the charges some. I know a lot of you don't like those programs and I'm with you, but South Beach lets you tweek the time factor so you can have your shipment sooner or later, just give them a call. So, in the end, I think anyone out there will now have a much better experience than I did the first time.

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