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SOS Protect / Bad service

1 Zambia Review updated:

I met a consultant outside a absa bank in February and she insisted on talking to me, and she started asking me about my personal details and then I informed her that there is no way I'm giving my details and she ask me to sign so that she can show her supervisors that she talk to me. I only gave her my name and mobile number and she also assured me that should I decide to take the policy a call centre agent will contact me and will explain everything to me as she and others on the street are only trained on the basic stuff. Their call centre phone me only at the beginning of this month after debiting my account for the 7th times, is then that i realise that they debited my money. Then i phoned their office, they said i must made police affidavit to cancel and to get my money back, I sent those affidavit and now they said they can cancel their frundulent activity, but they can't refund me. Please help.

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  • Sc
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    Re - SOS Protect - I want to advise everyone who has had any problem with this company to PLEASE LODGE A COMPLAINT with the FAIS Ombud - they are there for this very thing. Put your story in writing and address it to FAIS Ombud, PO Box 74571 Lynwood Ridge 0040. Their fax number is 0866 117 579. What this company are doing is absolutely fraudulent and they must be Stopped!!!

  • Td
      14th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    There is nothing wrong with the company the only wrong thing is their consultant who wants to make a quick sale.we call it a mispitch.i've got sosprotect policy and they helped me several the public out there, the company is legitimate so i advice you to take it because you get 4 in 1 services for only R99.99 a covers you and your family for accidental and death benifit.

    Tdee Mmako

  • Mi
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    Tdee Mmako, how do we know that you are one of them, the are many companies which runs policies but they dont do this, even their consultants, everthing is done professionally, how can you debit money in somebodies account without their permission, thats not mispitch as you say, but it is fraud caues no permission was givin.
    Why so many thousands of people complaining, but only you who is happy, something is not right here.


  • To
      8th of Apr, 2009
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    @ forth horde, i don't understand how they could debit your account without your banking details. so you say you gave the lady only your name and mobile numbers only? if so it means they are scams! but i doubt your statement is complete here, no banking details, no ID, no Address n postal code, no work numbers, no name of your employer?

    @magwaza, (mispitch- misinforming prospects). SOS Protect is legitimate believe it or not, the only problem here is some of the consultants who lie to customer. you asked "why so many thousands of people complaining about?" it's a pity some if not most people find it appropriate to make public complaints, but not public praises. but i think the reason for this is because of desperate and unethical consultants not the product or the company!

  • Be
      4th of May, 2009
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    Forthe Horde: I was cought out in exactly the same way:

    First off: (a description of what exactly happened.. no details was left out!)
    I work in construction as a foreman of a company in south Africa...
    One afternoon before we knocked-off a group of consultants... about 4 or 5 of them came onto the construction site i'm working on in Boksburg, South Africa..

    They started talking to some of my workers on site, but I gave little notice since it was past knock off time...
    As i got into my Bakkie, one of the men approached me and started throwing a pitch at me about SOS Protect and their services... Having my own broker and managing my Policies through him I really didn't have time to talk to this guy, but as i was trying to be polite, and thus I let him finish his pitch, I then said to him I do not want another policy as I am happy with the way my broker manages all these affairs for me... he then asked me to please just sign on one of his forms... I asked him why? he said it's just to allow his callcenter to phone me... and also said that it would help him personally as it would me that he got a referral from me...
    What i didn't know was that the signature would give him permission to sell me the policy right then and there... the rest is history

    Info he took from me in my own stupidity: Id number.
    Cell number
    Signature, name and surname...

    I did not give him any account details other than the fact that i told Him I am a ABSA client...

    I have no legal say in the matter as i signed the contract.. so getting a refund is impossible ( I won't be this stupid again)

    One thing I have to mention is that i phoned that very same consultant the next day and asked him if he was sure i would be called and that as of that time that there would be no deductions made from my Bank account..

    HIS REPLY WAS: Don't worry sir, We will not deduct any monies from your account without your permission, the call center will phone you first... I said: I hope not!

    Up until now they still deduct money from my account every month...

    I will not sue them or ask for a refund... i wont even phone them... i'll play it like they played me...

    I will find out where their head office is and go there in person to talk to who ever is in charge...



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