SOS Maintenance / non payment of multiple bills

78-8 80th Street, Glendale, NY 11385, Glendale, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 347-308-7957

We put up multiple signs for SOS Maintenance in multiple locations. Much of the work was done in a snow storm on an emergency basis. We itemized the bills multiple times. Since the winter, we have been asking for payment for the work that we did for this company. Our workers had to buy extra supplies, and show up at a moment's notice. We priced the labor and materials appropriately, and answered any questions that were asked. We were told that we would be getting a call, an entire season later with an "offer" on the bills. We received no call, and no offer. We called and left a message, no return call. Beware of doing business with a company that does not pay it's bills, on time or late!

SOS Maintenance

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