SootheMassage Service

I was booked for an 6:30 PM, she showed up at 6:45 and by the time she was "set-up" it was 7pm. I'd asked for deep-tissue service and for the first 30 or so minutes of the session all I got was "light" shoulder rub ( nothing close to what a deep tissue should be ). And all this after asking a few times to put her back into the problem area. She was nice, but I did not pay $139 to get nice... I called the next they to Soothe's customer svc, and they offered a $30 credit on my account. I told them that it was a complete waste of my time, and the right thing would be to re-issue a new session on them, but they would not even consider my input, when it should have been them not me offering to correct this the right way. Pretty disappointed with the whole thing. It was my 3rd time using them. It's truly a shame. They could have made it right, but did not. Too bad, now the whole world knows about it.

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