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The Sonic restaurant on Prince Street in Conway, AR is the worst Sonic known to man. It has the rudest carhops of any Sonic I have ever been to. I went there last week and waited 35 minutes for a coffee drink and finally left after a carhop told me that she would "get to me eventually...she was busy." I have had this experience many times there. It is convenient, so I continue to go there, but I must admist, I am thinking of boycotting this particular restaurant. Many of the waitresses have an attitude problem. If they think you don't tip them enough they treat you terribly and I hate to think what they do to your food. Be safe and don't use this Sonic.

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      Sep 30, 2009

    The sonic In Cleveland ms has the rudest carhops and I always have a bad experience. I placed my order on one experience and the carhop in the drive through started to hand me the multiple drinks that I had ordered. I was getting drinks for my co workers so I asked her for a drink carrier and so she looked at me like I was stupid for asking her for it. When she gave it to me I basicly had to catch it!!! Then she gave me what she thought was it until I told her she forgot a drink, so told me NO! That is it. I showed her the receipt to let her see the drink that I had not recieved. When she realized she was wrong she rolled her eyes at me. When she gave it to me finally I told her I needed a gift card and she said I had to pull up and I would take them 15 to 20 min and someone would bring it to me. I clearly asked her again and asking her why I had to pull when I was at the window. She told me the were other people that were behind me and she was busy I would have to wait. I told her I was at the window and I was the customer and that is what I needed and she told me again "I am busy and don't have time". That is the rudest thing to tell a customer and made me so mad. I love sonic and I don't understand why the have to hire such rude carhops cause if they are rude to me I don't want to know what they are to the other 100 customers they have.

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  • D
      Jan 05, 2011

    i love the sonic i have worked for the sonic off and for 5 yrs yes there is bad people working at the sonics but thats in in job i work with the public every day we all have bad days hope that sonic changes hands soon something will happen soon i promise u . Debra Hann [Paige]

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      Feb 05, 2013

    i went to oroville sonic on feb 3rd and ordered 2 sweetheart shakes and the chunkes of chocolate were so big the straw could not suck them up

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      Jul 03, 2013

    My wife and I live in Selma CA. We go to the Sonic in Kingsburg CA. Since they have been running a 1/2 price milkshakes after 8 PM. we go to sonic to eat and have a shake about 3 times a week. We just came back from Sonic 5 minutes ago. I notice when ever we go after 10 PM our order is sloppy and I was handed a shake that was sticky and wet on the outside of the cup. This was at the drive through. I went to drink my shake and it was runny with lumps. I ordered caramel and there was no caramel in it. My wife's was chocolate and there was hardly any in it. This has happened numerous times. It's like they want us out so they can close. I never have this problem at any other Sonic. I like their food, but I guess they won't get my business in Kingsburg any more.

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  • G
      Oct 12, 2014

    We went to the Sonic today in Bastrop, Texas to get a few hamburgers and try the BBQ Wings. We ordered from the parking place...and kept waiting and waiting, but nobody ever brought out our order. Finally after about 30 minutes I called them back on the speaker and asked them what the problem was with our order. The girl told me our order was on the way out. So...we waited for about 15 more minutes and my mom went inside to see where our order was. She comes back out and the guy is following her with a pen/pad and comes to my window of the truck and asks me what we had ordered. I asked him..."what happened to our order"? He said well the waitress brought it out and thought you had left so we have to remake it. I said no thank you, I am not waiting another hour here, I'll just go somewhere else (which we did). This is no way to run a business and I was very disappointed in the whole thing from the service to the time I lost and never got what I ordered. Obviously they had no responsible manager there when we went or they would have come outside themselves and talked to us. No more sonic stops for us!!

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      Dec 09, 2015

    I just went to Sonic in Houma, Louisiana. I ordered a cheddar pepper, fries and a coke. This cost almost 10.00. The fries were cold. I was shocked st the price and the car hop told me they just went up on their prices ariund thanksgiving. I will never go there again. I would rather eat chinese than a cold fry and cheddat peppers.

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  • S
      May 24, 2016

    sonic is deceiving its custamers, corn dog day, 50 cents, what a joke its not a beef wiener, its all meat, turkey pork, whatever. yu can buy these cheep wieners (all meat) for about $1, a pound, 10 pack.. cheeper than a can of dog food. maybe my dog would eat them, I wont.

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