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Sonic Cash Net / Fraud

1 8219 E 133rd TerraceKansas City, MO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 816-382-8489

I got a call today from this same Max Cotter with a very heavy accent saying that I had taken out a payday loan and refused to pay it back. He kept trying to get me to verify my social security number. I kept telling him that I was not verifying any information until he told me who he was, what he wanted and who he represented. All he kept saying was that he represented "The law firm", but couldn't tell me the law firm's name. Then he proceeds to tell me my address, my email and my employer's name. He told me that I was going to be picked up on Monday by a law offical and taken to the court house to be arrested. I was going to be charged with check fraud, theft by deceit and some other bogus mess. And that my job was going to be notified of "what I had done". When I told him that I wasn't talking to him any further until he could provide me with some type of documentation and proof that I had ever done business with this company, he hung up. I tried to call the number back and I got a recording saying the Verizon wireless number I dialed has either been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service. Please be very careful when people call claiming to be debt collectors. I think he was trying to get the rest of my personal information for some kind of indentity theft scheme. BE AWARE OF WHO YOU GIVE YOUR INFO TO!!!

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  • Pr
      14th of May, 2009
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    I too, received several calls yesterday from a guy with a heavy accent named Alex who indicated that I had taken out a payday loan and had the funds deposited into a bank account that I didn't even have during the time they claim I took out this loan. They had quite a bit of my personal information, however, much of it has changed due to a recent relocation so they were caught off guard by that. They kept saying they had my SSN so they could track me down. I then asked to speak to a manager or supervisor because Alex refused to provide me with a number for Sonic Cash or for the specific date that I took out this alleged loan. He then puts his supervisor Jacob on the phone and I inform him that if they don't provide me with any details then I refuse to speak with them any further. He claimed he would call me back in 30 minutes and hung up in my face. He didn't call back in 30 minutes. I got a phone call from them early this morning but the phone only rang once. I'm glad I woke up and decided to Google this because these people are out here trying to clearly steal innocent people's information.

  • La
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    A gentleman with the same accent called me last evening leaving a voice message stating that he was trying to help me but if I did not call their lawyer back at 818-338-5046 then I would have problems. Since I did not understand the nature of the call and it was late I ignored it. I figured that if it was important they would call again. The following day I received a call on my cell phone at work from the same gentleman asking me my name and the last four of my social. He rambled of some stuff and that is when I let him have it. I am so glad that when they called me I went off on them. The guy kept saying he was representing a law firm for a pay day loan company called Cash Net Express and Sonic Cash Net. I asked them a lot of questions in regards to the case#, file number, company's contact number, and site that I supposedly took the loan out. They told me that it was against the law for them to give me this. Then we got into a screaming match. He went on by telling me that my boss would receive a call tomorrow and the police would serve me at my job. Then he went on by sayin I would be arrested, sentenced, and would have to fight my case with the judge. I told him until they sent me the documentation of where I signed for this loan then they can kiss any thoughts of me sending them money goodbye! I told him that he was not making any sense. Why would they come to arrest me for something I am not aware of. He was like we don't want any money we just want to teach you a lesson. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor told me I took the loan out in 2008 but just before that another gentleman told me it was in October of 2007. Go figure! I tried to get as much info from them as possible. So I proceeded with telling them I was willing to work with them and pay off the debt. His whole demeanor changed. LOL! He kept apologizing and asking for my forgivness. He kept putting me on hold so he could tranfer my call to his financial department. He went on by saying to fax him a notarized document with my account information stating that I give them promission to withdrawl money. In these days and time people can get your information and call you with all kinds of scams. I worked to DAMN hard for mine and I don't plan on giving it to someone over the phone with some bogus information.

  • Js
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    Today I received a call from a Daniel and a Ralph who both calimed to be working for some law firm that represents a place called Cash Net Express or some crap. appearently I never paid back some internet loan. They had a lot of my info but were calling for my attorney's info so they could send him documents regarding this case. i told them I knew nothing of any case and therefore had no attorney. These guys told me they would be sending "legal officers" to serve me documents regarding this case (including court dates, ect...).
    I asked for the number for this loan place and they gave me a number which was answered by another foriegn guy with an American name. He said he could'nt talk to me about the loan because it was being handeled by their attorney. I told these people I have never signed any paperwork for any kind of direct deposit loan and waqs never contacted by any such company. They hung up on me.
    How can you get in trouble for not repaying a loan you never got or that you never signed for? Even online, dont you have to send proof of income and fax paperwork with you signature to get a loan? If not< anyone with my info could take out a loan in my name. Besides, would'nt my bank contact me about non-sufficient funds in regards to such an event?
    The whole thing is just strange. If its a scam, why did'nt they ask for money right then. Perhaps I will learn more if they send or serve me with these "documents".

  • Nu
      3rd of Dec, 2010
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    What brought me to this site is that, I received this same call today 12/02/2010 my callers name was Shaun Richards, with a heavy accent as well, he had all my information and last 4 digits of my SS# work address, home address, and my amount that I so called needed to pay wa 9741.00 dollars but it could be settled out of court 1492.83 with 3 payments with a visa or mastercard. I was given 2 hours to pay the 1st 500.00 dollars or the Sheriff will show up at my work by 9am Friday morning 12/03/2010. I was told to send per fax 925 848 3541 a letter allowing them to take out from a visa or mastercard 500.00 for 3 months. I said I do not have the monies, and we went into a yelling stage and I hung up. I called Cashnet because there is no such business called Sonic cashnet and I showed a Zero balance from 2007 to current. I only had a 250.00 payday loan from them back in 2007. Cashnet had warned me regarding this fraudulant scam and not to send any monies over the phone etc. I was given a toll free number CashNet fraud department 866 254 3581 to place a report and I did a number change as well, free of charge per my wireless carrier. This is scary because they say that you will be arrested at your place of work or home, if I did not pay up the owed amount, oh ! yes and the caller said that "I will not be able to enjoy my Santa Claus day" I feel if a so call name Shawn Richards was his name he would of said "My Christmas Day", but please I am a added story and hopefully many read all of these reports because we do not want anyone else tormented by this fradulant Attorney service.

  • Su
      25th of May, 2011
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    sonic cash net called and said we owed money on a payday loan we did not have. they are scammers. they went as far as to call my husband place of work. i spent the day calling every number i could find on them and harassed them. they don't like it. they block my number, so i guess i would be hearing from them any more. they are not in the us, so i really don't think it does any good to report it to the police. fight back you will feel better and maybe they will stop calling.

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