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Sonam Choden Retty is being exposed as a liar, cheat and manipulative woman who has completely rigged the national beauty pageant of Bhutan over a cup of coffee with Karma Tshering.

Sonam Choden Retty is the new Miss Bhutan. And, her winning the title of Miss Bhutan has exposed one of the biggest scams in Bhutan.

The Indian trainer hired to train the Miss Bhutan 2010 contestants has revealed that the beauty pageant has been fixed by Karma Tshering.

Karma Tshering is the organizer of the Miss Bhutan 2010 pageant.

The Indian trainer was well aware that Sonam Choden Retty was already fixed as the winner of Miss Bhutan and did not like it at all.

"She does not deserve it. She does not even know who Magic Johnson is, nor can she answer simple knowledge questions on pop culture. I had to do something. So, I openly stated 5 other contestants who I felt had the best chance at the title."

"She always poses in such a way that her disfigured body parts cannot be seen on Camera. She was given too much camera exposure and time with the media from day 1."

He added "I tried to inform the remaining contestants about this cheating but Karma Thsering and Sonam Choden Retty started to realize what I was doing so I had to play it safe."

We asked the Indian trainer to reveal the names of the 5 contestants already selected as likely finalists of the Miss Bhutan 2010.

He told us that the 5 names are Sonam Choden Retty, Dechen Tshomo, Karma Loday Lhamo, Tenzin Norden and Sangay Dema.

There is a complaint letter posted to us on August 30th and a complaint filed online on this website on September 19th of 2010.

The Indian trainer had specifically mentioned Sonam Choden Retty as winner to us in a complaint letter written by him on August 30th, 2010.

The Indian trainer felt that there were other contestants more deserving but when he voiced his opinion during one of his lectures he was openly insulted and ridiculed by these 5 contestants.

The finals of the 2010 pageant were held earlier today and Sonam Choden Retty was given the title on a platter. On close study of her performance we discovered that the answers to her questions and statements made on stage were made by heart.

The Indian trainer feels sad for the remaining 15 contestants who were already sidelined, and just there to fill the numbers.

The organizers Karma Tshering and Pema Choden have been blacklisted on several websites already for insulting the Indian trainer and treating him extremely badly during his training sessions in Bhutan.

Mumbai, the city of residence of the Indian trainer has openly supported the trainer for revealing crucial facts about the scams and lies behind Miss Bhutan 2010.

It's indeed a shame to see that a national beauty pageant can be openly fixed.

Shame on you Sonam Choden Retty...

You are a real disgrace to the real beauty in Bhutan. Strip yourself of your title and do not bring insult and embarrassment to your country.

sonam choden retty

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  • Il
      Sep 27, 2010

    Hey!!! U BULL ###... how dare u write abt the miss bhutan 2010 like that.. do you have any prove that it is totally correct.. did u see it with your eyes... were you there to witness that she was already fixed by karma tshering???? i know you are jealous that she got the winner... if you thinks he is not deserving than whom do yo think is more deserving???? do u think that the girls with beautiful hair and fair face are more deserving than a girl with pure hear and claer mind lik sonam choden retty?? if you really think that bhutan people are corrupted why didnt u come to the pageant and become the judge for a FAIR selection huh???? and how dare to calll miss bhutan 2010 a cheater??? u are jus indeed not happy that she is the winner... you expected some one else and that person didnt get it so you are now jealous of it and are cooking up stories like that... u are the real LIAR not sonam choden... HOW DARE YOU POST HER PICS LIKE THAT... WITHOUT KNOWING THE TRUTH YOU DISGRACEFUL PEOPLE ARE UPTO INSULTING OTHER PEOPLE... SHAME ON YOU GUYS... !!!

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  • Po
      Sep 28, 2010

    hey [censored] preeti. i believe you were compelled to write this ### because they found you to be incompetent to groom them. You were insulting the diginity of bhutanese women and they challenged you. Why did you run away via Phuntsholing when MPC had the Air tickets for you. You were afriad of your lies. Yes. you made formal complain to RBP against K.Tshering. when K Tshering came with lawyer to talk to you, you ran away. You insulted our Beloved King and Hon'ble Prime Minister. You think you can ### your way out?. Two of the Judges are from outside who haven't met any of the contestant. How can K. Tshering Buy them and what benefit will he have ?. Who is M johnson? what has he got to do with Miss Bhutan career? if you had asked who is Mahatma Gandhi and if they were ignorant i would second you on their GK.
    i ask you who is the father of the first king of Bhutan? my dear A... hole you don't have to know the answer cos he is nothing to you but for us he is an icon to be remembered.
    Your attitude clearly demonstrates how low you are. both of you seen on the the TV looks like a Pig fed for the way local black pig not the white one..

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  • Pr
      Sep 28, 2010

    My guess is that your English is a bit weak so it was a bit difficult to understand what the complaint is about.

    Also, this is a complaint site. The fact is that the complaint is true.

    Comment only on the validity of the complaint and not on your own feelings for the people mentioned in the same.

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  • Pr
      Sep 28, 2010

    The great things about complaint sites is that it reveals the true identity and character of the comment posters to members.

    So, thankfully our sources and research is proving to be correct about everything.

    The language used by the posters reflects their poor upbringing and sorry cultural education.

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  • Se
      Feb 22, 2011

    hey u don't dissolve.only luck favored u.u were already fixed by many boys.i know every thing about u from school days itself.don't feel proud OK?dnt show Ur fake love towards innocent people.

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  • Se
      Feb 22, 2011

    hey azhim!you r so beutiful and very talented.just want to be like u.i realy love you n adore ur personality.just want to see you in reality.would u mind to give me your phone no.i asure u i will not disturb u.plz if u hapen 2 c this coment do contact only wish is to meet u only once.plz dont ignore me.m waiting 4 ur respond.dnt disapoint me ok.

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  • Ya
      Feb 22, 2011

    @Selchen.. Hey selchen.. i know sonam choden rety very well..she is my contact me and i will tel u abt her and her number.. do respond me.. :D

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