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I started to fill out a form to receive a tv converter box. When it came time to fill in my credit card information, I decided not to purchase and left the web site. I had already given them the coupon number.

I e-mailed them and told them that I tried to use the coupon at another store but that it was already remeeded. Solid Signal told me they would never redeem the coupon if I has not completed by form.

I contacted the tv converter box program people and was told that my coupon was already redeemed. This coupon was stolen by Solid Signal and be advised not to buy anything from Solid Signal.

It is a shame that thieves can operate with impunity on the internet. I hope te government can put an end to these people and companies who prey on people.

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  • So
      Feb 27, 2009

    We want to help you solve your disappearing coupon.
    Let’s see if we got this right: You started to place an order on the Solid Signal website, you entered the coupon number but did not enter your credit card information and, therefore did not place the order with Solid Signal.

    Then the agent at Solid Signal was right. There is no way we could possibly have gotten your coupon number via the internet if you did not enter your credit card information and did not press the “Press Here” button necessary to send the information to us.

    You also state that you emailed Solid Signal and tried to use the coupon elsewhere but that the store said it was already redeemed. And that the tv converter box program people also said it was redeemed. From this information you are SURE Solid Signal stole your coupon.

    Perhaps the 2nd store you went to erroneously put the coupon through twice and therefore it showed “redeemed”
    Perhaps you “almost” used your coupon another time with another store besides the two you mentioned and that store redeemed your coupon.
    Could someone in your house or visiting your house have used the coupon number?
    When you emailed Solid Signal – did you put in your coupon number to check?
    Perhaps you should go back to the government program people and find out WHO actually redeemed your coupon.
    You can call me at Solid Signal to find out who redeemed your coupon I would be glad to help you.

    Please contact me. I truly want to help.
    1-866-3SIGNAL (374-4625)

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  • Zu
      Mar 09, 2009

    The customer service 'skills' demonstrated above by [protected] reflect the abrasive attitude of other solid signal employees I spoke with. My impression of Solid Signal in any contact after they have your money: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG.

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  • Jo
      Aug 11, 2012

    I ordered an antenna from them and half the parts were missing from the box. Simple remedy right, call the company and they ship out the missing parts, not with these people.
    After contacting "Solid Signal" over a dozen times with no response I decided to check out this company, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND !
    "Solid Signal" is under investigation by the Michigan State Attorney Generals Office for mail order fraud and running a scam business specifically intended to defraud the public.
    How does Amazon allow them to advertise on their site knowing this ??????

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  • Oc
      May 19, 2015

    Worst ordering experience ever. I placed an order after hours at night and then did not need the item. I requested a cancellation less than 1 hour after the initial order was placed. 4 days later I get an email from the "cancellation" team stating they cannot cancel the order that it had already been shipped. I replied the order should have never made it out of the door and should have been cancelled. They stated to refuse the order and have it sent back and I would be credited. I refused the package and a couple days later I received my refund minus a $21 return fee.
    I contacted their customer support today and have never been so disappointed in a company with the way they treated me. I have been a return customer and have recommended them many times but not after this. The pretty much told be that I am out the money and that they never refund tax. How can that be legit? From now on they will never be recommended or shopped from again. Very bad customer service

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