SolarTek International / Scammed me out of $6150 for junk

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My wife and I purchased an energy efficient home package from SolarTEK international based out of Evansville, Indiana. I was told that these products would reduce my electricity and gas consumption by 45% which sounded like a great idea. When I saw the price of the package I was reluctant to sign up at that moment but we were told if we didn't the price would be much higher and he gave us a number of reasons for that. Anyway, long story short I bought for over $6000.00 and they insisted to install it that day. My wife as I weren't doing anything that day sp we agreed. I shouldve slept on it because I made a regretful decision. My son called the next evening and I told him of our purchase. He did some research and called me back with bad news that this company is a scam and to get my money back. So I called and because it was installed they refused to cancel the deal. First of all, these products can be bought without installation for a nickel per square foot and they sell it installed for two dollars per. That's a ripoff. The other product, an electricity box can be bought for $150 and I paid nearly $2000 for it. They won't return my calls and have basically stolen my money. Pass on doing businesss with this crew of scammers and save yourself the problems. They are bad bad people.

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