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1 Cancun, Mexico

We recently returned from a vacation to Mexico. While there, we attended a presentation given by Club Melia. As incentive for attending this presentation, we were told we would get a 3 night / 4 day pass for a future visit at their hotel. Of course you do not get the certificate for the "free" stay until after the presentation - this is fine. During the presentation we were informed we would have to pay for food when we use our certificate. We were then told food would cost 85.00 per day per person. We were not happy about this because we feel we should have been told this upfront when given the incentive. We decided to stay anyway. Aft6er 5 hours there we walked away new members of Club Melia and collected our free certificate.
Now that we are home and want to use our certificate...I called and the food for the same resort we were given the certificate for is 120.00 per day per person, not 85.00 AND 49.00 activation fee. We feel Club Melia lied to us about our incentive and should have been honest up front. When I complained, I was told that all the conditions of the certificate are on the back of the certificate. When I told them we didn't get the certificate to read until after the presentation I was just told it was our choice to use it or not.
We then began to read the contract thoroughly and saw we had 5 days to rescind - once we added up the cost of the food (again not included in our membership), the airfare, the yearly maintenance fees, the processing fees - we realized we could book our own trips ourselves with less hassle so we notified the club on the 3rd (of 5) days that we wanted to cancel. We got a rude call back from the sales and marketing dept telling us we could not cancel. We then had to dispute the down payment with our credit card company and sent in documents to the sales club that we can cancel. They are still saying we can't. Don't do this and don't believe the sales pitches about what a great deal you are getting and beware of "FREE" incentives

May 20, 2015

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