SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / I really think I'll never get paid

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Mr. Marc Withnall, Development Manager at SMSF Property Pty Ltd., Australia, contracted me for the transcription of minutes from meetings.
The audio files quality was not that good, to say the least, so the work was harder and more time-consuming than usual. Besides, he is a client very hard to communicate with: he answers emails from time to time with one line messages.

Because of poor audio quality - low volume, background noises, phones ringing, and so on - and people speaking all at the same time, I wasn’t able to discern a few words, names, and/or acronyms (on more than 12, 000 words in about one hour recording), so I sent him a draft to review. He was supposed to check it and send it back, for me to complete the work. Instead, he took the draft and disappeared.

Now, after more than two months, he keeps not answering my emails and I really think I’ll never get paid.


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