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Smoochees / Terrible experience!

1 3333 Katy FreewayHouston, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 713-8696600

I've been shopping with Smooches for at least a couple of years now and this is the first time I've encountered such a problem! I purchased an item in their physical store thinking it was what I was looking for since it's almost identical to what I was looking for only to discover when I got home it was not the same product! I immediately drove back to the store to explain my mistake and ask to exchange it, since the product was unopened. I was told the employee that helped me would have to do the return and to come back the next morning. I was assured by the employee that they would gladly do an exchange since the item was unopened. Late that night I went to their website and noticed the item I purchased was 50 % discounted from what I'd just payed in their store so I printed it out and the next morning when I drove back to the store I asked if they would honor the price. I was greeted by an unfriendly employee who explained that they did not accept returns or exchanges which I failed to notice before I purchased the night before. I told her the young man who I had spoken to the night before told me I would have no problems doing an exchange since the item was unopened. She gave me the run around and after looking herself online realized they had my item posted online for half the price. She called her store manager and explained the situation and he told her to wait for him to arrive before doing anything. So after waiting 15 minutes he promptly comes in and tells me right away he cannot help me and that they do not honor online prices. At this point I was inpatient and did not want things to escalate so I kindly left the store unsatisfied before I lost my temper. I called later that afternoon to get information on the owner or someone above the store manager I had dealt with so I could speak with someone more willing to help me. I was told they knew nothing about the store owner, they would not give me his name and they were reluctant to give me their full names!!! So I went back to the website and filled out the contact form on their website asking for contact information for the owner. The website states they will respond to all inquiries no later than 24 hours after submission. I've been waiting all week for a reply to no avail!! I am so upset that Smoochees is not more willing to help me be satisfied with their business! I was told by the employees that they've taken much larger returns before and also that they may be unwilling to help me because 'Smoochees doesn't like giving money back to the customer!' If nothing else, I would just like the employees to handle problems in a professional manner and apologize for my dissatisfaction! I will no longer be giving Smoochees my business, and I discourage anyone reading this to shop there. You would be a much more satisfied customer shopping elsewhere and getting better service!

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  • Ho
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    I question the objectivity of this review. I have shopped at Smoochee's and found employees there to be friendly and helpful. This review was also posted by someone using a different name at /URL removed/ As to the complaint that in store and online prices differ...while I personally don't like that, that is the prerogative of the merchant. The cost of keeping a store open are much greater than those of running an online business. I think that the retail store could not operate on the margins that the online business does. I personally do not want to see the store close up...if I want something today instead of waiting for it to be shipped, I may be willing to pay the premium. Regarding the return policy, I don't know what there's is, but they have the right to set it. I don't think that I would want to buy a sex toy that had been returned, even if it has not been opened.

  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    i work in retail and just wanted to say that the person complaining should step back and think for one moment, do you really want to shop at a sex store that accepts returns on toys? i understand that you say it wasn't opened, but if you didn't open it how did you know it was the wrong product? and how can a store know for sure? they don't. how would this product be cleaned? so many heath issues to think about. i would think you would be grateful for this policy. i am a little concerned that this policy wasn't explained at purchase. i sell adult products at my store and i always explain this. as for the online price differing from in store, this happens everywhere, and that is usually stated online. so it seems some mistakes were made by everyone involved. you just need to be a little more attentive when you shop.

  • Je
      1st of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    My husband and myself have been shopping there since around the Summer of 2009... and I have always found their employees to be very friendly and attentive to your needs... Ok honestly who is going to give you their full name that's very stupid if you ask me, think about it .. its an ADULT store... I am not for sure if anyone will tell you this but sweetheart it says on their website that they dont honor the prices at the store and it also says on the reciept... No offense youre probably one of them dumb ### that just tried out a toy and didnt want it ... get over yourself... the only problem I ever have their is whenever they run out of something that I want.. and even if that I can wait... This is the only adult place I shop at because of their service... I have shopped at others and not that many people know what they are selling as far as Stimulating gels, Mico Bullets.. etc...

    And in reading the second post I did my research and I found that other website... whoever made this damn thing honestly needs to get a life... you have too much time on your hands...

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