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I received a bill 11/2010 from Smilecare dating back to 8/2008. Their response was “We got audited and it was found that you needed to pay because your insurance carrier didn’t cover this procedure. The statute of limitation is four years for us to collect. Next time check the list of services your provider covers.” Two years ago is when I needed to know, before they offered my family the service. If you walk into a dental office and you're told that a procedure is required for your health, you tend not to argue. Turns out that the procedure was not required and it was not covered by the family insurance. So two years down the road we're paying Smilecare for services that we really didn't need. This is BAD BUSINESS.

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      Aug 20, 2011

    yes! omg! im going through the same thing! i had health insurance with blueshield. i lost it due to being fired from my job while i was in the middle of my dental treatment with smilecare. after i lost my insurance with blueshield, i was getting statments from smilecare saying that the insurance company was to pay $956.67. i told smilecare in the beginning that i lost my insurance after my hours were cut back in '09. and everytime i got a statment in that same price, i told smilecare i have no insurance, and they said "the insurance company has to pay this no matter what and you have nuthing to worry about". well just recently i got a call from the orthodontic department and said that they filed a claim for that money, and it was denied because i no longer have that insurance. I TOLD THEM THAT 2 YEARS AGO!!! and all they said is that they been sending claims to blueshield for 2 years with no responce until now! and now i have to pay that $956.67! i cant believe they told me not to worry and that the insurance company was to pay that money, and now they are telling me the reason i shouldnt worry about the money because they havent heard back from the insurance company. all they told me was that i need to call their corprate office to get some information for blueshield from payments made by them to any written agreement to pay that money no matter what. well the worst part is that i cant get ahold of the corprate office. when i call them, it rings once and then an auto voice comes on and says "mailbox...please enter the mail box number following the number sign..." and then if you dont, you get disconnected. i called smilecare about that, and they said that that was the number to the corprate office. so now im hella mad and i feel decieved and cheated, cause i was garenteed that the insurance company was to pay this money and not me. and now they want that money from me!

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