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This company perpetrates fraud. DO NOT purchase anything from them!!! I foolishly agreed to a "free trial" of their Smile Whites Pro tooth whitening product and found that, according to them, I had agreed to an $80 per month purchase. I followed their return procedures, which were very laborious, and was charged anyway. After calling them repeatedly, and becoming incredibly irate, I was able to obtain a credit. However, i have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Miami-Dade County Consumer Protection Division.

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  • An
      17th of Dec, 2009
    Smile Whites Pro - Deceptive Advertising
    United States

    I am embarrassed I fell for this "trial" offer. I did not receive the product in the mail until only 6 days were left on the 14 day "trial". I thought it was going to be a sample and had not even opened the product until I noticed the charge on my credit card.

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  • Ke
      12th of Jan, 2010
    Smile Whites Pro - Scam
    Smile Whites Pro
    United States

    I applied to a few jobs through craigslist, and got an email from a Andrew Beard saying he was contacting me about a job. He said the position had been filled and there would be another opening in 2 weeks if I was interested, making $19 an hour at Miller Dental. The website had no contact information. When I replied to "Andrew" I got an email back saying that he would contact me with times and dates I could come for an interview, and that they practice what they preach, telling me I should try the tooth whitener they've been giving to customers. Smilewhitespro. I wrote him back thank you, and have gotten the same emails from him over and over again, since then. They all say the exact same thing...beware!

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  • Oc
      29th of Jan, 2010

    Same thing happened to me! SAME exact email... the only difference is that instead Andrew Beard, it was Andrew Jenkins from Harper Dental. This "Andrew Jenkins" is scamming the Tampa area (where I live) and according to a google search of him... Detroit area as well.

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  • Mi
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    I received the same letter from "Jason Bailey, Office Manager" under the practice name of Harper Dental. Luckily, as soon as I saw a sales pitch in his letter offering me the opportunity of employment, I didn't move further. Countless scams on Craigslist...

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  • Re
      4th of Feb, 2010

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  • Sc
      10th of Feb, 2010

    SCAM! I too have been scammed by the website: Its about a mother who found a way not to break the bank while whitening her teeth. There’s 2 companies which you have to order from (One was Celebrity White Teeth and the other is Smile Whites Pro. They keep changing their names to scam customers like us). Apparently by purchasing the two $.99 trials you give consent to them to bill you for a 3-month supply for 74.95. After days of trying to get a hold on one of the representatives, I was finally able to cancel my account for Celebrity White Teeth and was given a confirmation number. However, different story w/ Smile Whites Pro. They are now telling me that in order to cancel my account that I must ship the product back to the warehouse within 14 days of my cancelation date. Nowhere under the terms and conditions did it say that I must return the product to cancel my account. So either way I gotta fetch up $15 for first class delivery to ensure that the trial kit gets back so that I can cancel my account.
    1. DON’T ORDER THIS CRAP!!! You are better off using baking soda and drinking plenty of water (from personal experience).
    2. Cancel your credit card account ASAP as you will eventually receive bills from other 3rd party companies which SMILE WHITES and CELEBRITY WHITE has provided your personal info to. The two original companies WILL still have access to your account but other 3rd party companies won’t. Be safe and cancel it.
    3. NEVER EVER USE A DEBIT CARD FOR ONLINE TRANSACTIONS as they are nearly impossible to remove fraudulent charges like these. Luckily I used credit but I have read about horror stories of people not getting their money back w/ debit
    4. Contact the company and demand a cancellation of your shipment AND account. People who fail to close their account are often billed regardless of whether they cancelled their order or not. DON’T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!! Keep record of ALL the dates and times you called in order to contact the company(s) and get all of the representatives’ names. Save all emails and confirmation numbers from the company as this is evidence of your actions (the customer) in case you have to file a fraud report to your bank. Make sure you do this within 30 days of the appearance of the charge. After that the bank can’t do much.
    5. Send back the product ASAP like as soon as you get it. These scammers make the 14 day trial into a 10 day trial and use this as their excuse to bill you. Don’t even open the product. Write down the return number that they give you and send it back WITH A TRCKING NUMBER. A tracking number will be the only evidence you have that you sent back the product. You have to pay like $20 tops for S/H but honestly its much better than paying $200 in the end right?
    6. If you do get billed a fraud charge, send in a credit card fraud report. Often time if a company is known for scamming people, the credit card company will fight back in order to get back your credit and most times they are successful
    7. File a complaint to BBB and contact your nearest Attorney General’s Office. By doing this you are helping a movement to help track down these ###. You do want these rats in jail right? I certainly do!
    8. Learn a lesson and never order online again without a second or even a third thought. Only trust sites that use Paypal and avoid any sort of free trial. If it’s a free trial, then why do they need our Credit number? Sadly I must admit that I failed to think this until AFTER I ordered this crap.
    That’s just my 2 cents (or $200…hopefully not) and its been 2 days since I cancelled both accounts (well really only 1 because the other depends on whether I return the order or not). Hopefully I get a refund and don’t have to pay for these suckers. Best of luck to all of you and let us know if any of you have gotten your $$$ back.

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  • Lo
      4th of Mar, 2010

    I got scamed to mine was 149.95. and so far there 877 407 6342 # has me on hold andthe 877 292 6892 # says they are having technical dificulty

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