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Smart Step Insurance / Monthly fee deducted from Bank of America checking account

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I have no phone or contact information for Smart Step Insurance and I want them to stop deducting money from my Bank of America checking account every month - from what I've read on this website they are a scam, fraud

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  • Ma
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    I need to know how to take care of this problem myself as this same company, if it it indeed a company, has taken for several months money from my Bank Of America account. I have dealt with the bank now how do I deal with them. Any help on where to turn will be appreciated.
    Marjorie Brennan

  • Le
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    Hi Marjorie, you can call them, I'm not sure how responsive they will be since all I've seen is negative reviews and complaints. I think it is a horrible company and not very nice people, but I hope you will be able to get through to them.
    Their number is 1 866 879 0179. I just called them but they were not very helpful and I had to call BOA to do a stop payment. Good luck to you.


  • Di
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    We are having the same problem with this company. My husband asked our local Bank of America, they told him they couldn't do anything about it, but gave us a phone number. I called and reported we don't remember accepting to buy this insurance and never received a policy for this insurance. The second payment was taken out of our checking account today. Will making a stop payment be enougth or do we need to change our checking account?

    Diane Mackler

  • Sa
      21st of Mar, 2009
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    My bank of america checking account has been charged 16 times.Since from 6 months i am complaining to bank of america they told me at the begginning they are nice people they credit your account three months later i checked my account and i has charged again then i called them they said we will credit your account and i called to bank of america to stop them.five days later they charged my account again i called to bank of america they said we can dispute this charge but we are not responsible for other charges then i called to smart step and they told me you are not in our record we can do anything. I am going to see a lowyer this week i will spent times more what they charged me but i will get my money back.They should rob the banks but stop harassing us. they understand if they rob banks they can not make that much money to charge millions peoples accounts. sayed

  • Je
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    I always check my bank statements to make sure that our charges match our purchases, like everyone should. One day I noticed a $40 charge from "Smart Step Insurance" taken from our Bank of America account under my husband's name (with whom I share the account) and the charge had been made using our checking account routing number, not a debit card. This caught my attention, because if it were a check written by one of us, it would show a copy of the deposited check. I called my husband and at first he didn't recognize the name of the vendor, so I called Bank of America to dispute the charge. They could not find a phone number with the vendor, so they googled it while they were on the phone with me...and pulled up [redacted]s!! I put a dispute on the charge, got off the phone, and then googled it myself and this it what I found.

    Smart Step Insurance is an accidental death insurance policy that is solicited by Intersections Insurance Services Inc., a company in Illinois (underneath Bank of America), so people with Bank of America accounts are the most common victims. They phone solicit and "get approval" for a 2 month free trial membership that you must cancel or they begin debiting your account automatically. The supposedly then mail you information that says all this, but I never received it. The charge per person is $20, but commonly if you are married, they will say they have "approved coverage for you and spouse", so you will see a $40 charge, like we did.

    I called my husband, explained what I had discovered, and he said he did remember them calling about two months earlier and he had agreed to read some information on their offer if they would mail him some. He NEVER agreed for the free trial or coverage, and never gave them any of our billing information. THEY GOT THAT ON THEIR OWN (probably through Bank of America) and began billing us without authorization! After finally tracking down a number for them, I called and demanded a refund and cancelation. They told me that they must speak to my husband, since they originally talked to him. He called and finally got a promise of a refund and cancelation, after being solicited for about 10 minutes to keep the policy that he never signed up for in the first place!! This all happened yesterday, so we will see if it happens in a timely manner.

    Stick to your guns and fight for your refund. They probably did call you and speak to someone or they wouldn't be charging your account, so make them mail you a copy of their recorded conversation or show you proof!

  • Br
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    this company is really getting on my nerves, they send me letters with bank of americas name on it, they call me sometime twice a day, and wont take no for an answer. i told them no dont send me one thing i dont want this policy but they refuse to let it go. I ve been getting calls almost everyday and everytime i say no. what can I do to stop this solicitation?

  • Sh
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    I've been billed for several months as well. Well today I called to cancel and demanded to see a copy of the policy and signature card. They are going to send this to me in the mail (which will ironically will take 5-10 business days). I need to see who's signature is on this policy before taking any legal action.

  • Sa
      28th of Aug, 2010
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    We received a check for $15.00 in the mail from Intersections Insurance Services Inc. with no explanatory letter, nothing else. I did a quick google search because I don't trust money for nothing. Glad I did! We have not received any telemarketing calls that I or my husband recall. We are, however, BoA customers. We will be watching our account closely, but I suspect their "process" for enrolling people in this bogus insurance plan has evolved.

    I suspect they sent us mail under separate cover offering some supplemental insurance plan. Somewhere in the fine print it probably said something to the effect ... "we'll even discount your first premium and pay it for you." Then they send the check later, and if you cash it... BINGO, they have your account info and you supposedly AGREED to this insurance by accepting the check.

    DO NOT CASH ANY CHECK RECEIVED FROM INTERSECTIONS INSURANCE SERVICES unless you want to enroll in some semi-legitimate supplemental insurance and pay $20-$40 bucks a month directly withdrawn from your checking! I hate businesses like this that skirt the edges of the law to bilk people!

  • As
      3rd of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The law firm of Salehi & Associates was recently retained by a client who, upon opening a Bank of America account, received a letter from Smart-Step Protector Insurance claiming that he had enrolled in one of Smart-Step's insurance policies. Salehi & Associates is investigating allegations that Bank of America improperly divulged personal information to third parties and/or that Smart-Step improperly obtained said information. We are currently looking into this matter, and are interested in any information or assistance that other Bank of America account holders would be able to provide. Please visit our site at for further details on how to contact us. Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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