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Sky Minor / Clear Sky Lending / Fraud

1 los feliz, CA, United States Review updated:[protected]/ to see the list of investors Carlos Pineiro ripped off ON THIS DEAL ALONE!!!

This is one of many bogus reports posted by "Barlos" Pineiro a.k.a Carlos Pineiro, an individual who Sky Minor invested $125000 with to purchase a bar in West Hollywood in early 2007. Barlos stole the money, along with the money from several different investors in the same venture. When Sky tried to find him to take legal recourse it was discovered that Carlos Pineiro had vanished along with over $600000 of investor's money. Sky Minor began posting reports online about Carlos and his wife Nayda Pineiro as a warning to others which Carlos took great offense at and retaliated with numerous bogus [redacted]s about Sky. Carlos was later flushed out online with some of the many victims he has left in his wake of fraud and deceit. Carlos is currently under investigation from the FBI and if he resurfaces, has many people to answer to.

Sky Minor can be reached at [protected].

Carlos, any time you are ready come get me. I'm in Eagle Rock you little weasel and I still have the same phone number unlike your sketchy midget ###.

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  20th of Oct, 2008
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This is a fake report posted by Carlos Pinero who ripped Sky Minor off for $125000.

  29th of May, 2009
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Sky minor...aka...###...Gets you a loan you cant afford...I think he worked for AIG...need i say more, When the loan goes bad he blames it on the client, investor...A real ###, who says he is a tycoon (###) nice person...

I heard that one of his clients went to the IRS

  14th of Jun, 2009
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This report is posted by a con man named Carlos Pineiro who ripped off Sky Minor and numerous other investors at least twice. For any verification of any of these facts, Sky Minor is available at 310-709-8283

Carlos Pineiro and Nayda Pineiro stole over $600000 from a group of investors involving a bar in West Hollywood called Numbers in 2007. Sky Minor was among that group and had the courage to call out the theft online to try and spread the word. Sky had warned the general public about the fraudulent ways of Carlos Pineiro on /link removed/ Soon after, Carlos reported that Sky was the only investor who had lost money.

A list of victims of Carlos Pineiro's fraud on this investment is viewable at this link

In addition to 6 investors chasing this Mini-Madoff, both the IRS and the FTB are investigating Carlos Pinero, who has since dropped off the face of the earth and cannot be found. Since publishing his name and number online, Sky Minor has received numerous inquiries from State of California government enforcement agencies and fleeced investors from as far off as France who have also been victimized by 'Barlos' Pineiro.

It is revolting that someone would have the audaciousness to slander someone they ripped off for $125000 as if he was wrong for giving you money.

Beware Carlos Pineiro.

-Sky Minor

Los Angeles, CA

  26th of Oct, 2009
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Sky yre such a ### ...Anything for Biz...Carlos is very Happy And Having fun you idiot ????Hiding from you ?
We se him all the time...I guess you stay home alot ????

  26th of Oct, 2009
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I agree Also Sky>>>>>> Carlos is having a good Time on Yre Money !!! hahahahah

  26th of Nov, 2009
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Hello...I am Carlos Pineiro...323-240-9384 im Here...Running from whom ????? posts are all a joke ( Sky Minor).

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