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This is such a crock... I heard about this on Mike and Mike. You think the actual bid is for $1.00 or a few bucks, and they make you think that when you place a bid it is only 1 cent, but in my situation I purchased 60 bids for $38, which means everytime I placed a bid I threw .63 cents out there and they make it seem like it is 1 penny. It is absulute highway robbery... I couldn 't even win a $25 gift card when I purchased $38 worth of bids. WATCH OUT FOR SKORE IT! This company will go out of business before too long!

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  • Ge
      Feb 08, 2011

    I did the same thing a ffew days ago. I Spent $38.oo dollars for what ended up being "60 auction cents". I played it and thought it looked fairly simple and quickly lost all $38.00. Then, I sat there pissed off and really studied it and watch people (you can tell) and the "bots" competing. The bots won them all. ONly after being a sucker did I realize how much of a BS scam this is. I hope that someone smarter than me takes the time to check on a search engine first. Advice: Do the math on the sold for $1.38 but count what that means in 63cents per bid and you'll reach the same conclusion. Conclusion: save your money and time.

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  • Sk
      Jun 21, 2011
    Skoreit - ripoff
    United States

    This site is a rip. Be aware that they can watch everything you click on. I called customer service and they know everything you click on. This applies to everything on their site. I have noticed if you look at the upcoming auctions several time they will mysteriously not be there when scheduled. I believe they adjust based on what and how many times you look at it. I also believe that there are people working for the company that bid against you when a valuable item comes up. I don't have all day but the site is a rip and I would avoid it completely.

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  •   Jun 21, 2011

    Hi skorrip,

    My name is Emilee, and I am in the Executive Customer Care team at I apologize for any inconveniences you have faced while using our site.

    Our website does store buyer purchase path information to ensure that if you were to receive an error within the website this can be addressed immediately and efficiently.
    I want to assure you that StubHub does not make any adjustments to the availability and price of the tickets based on the volume of visitors to the event. Unlike eBay, StubHub does not allow for bidding of tickets. As prices are set by our sellers, our fans looking to purchase these tickets will buy them for the price set. is a completely open marketplace for fans to both buy, and sell tickets. When our fans decide to sell tickets with us, they choose the price of their tickets based on fair market value, and only the owner of the tickets has the ability to modify or edit their listing. This can be done at any time, so as the demand for tickets changes, so will the prices of the tickets based on the choices of the seller. Our events will stay listed on the website generally until the event starts. If we do not have enough time to deliver the tickets to our buyers, we may also remove the event early to ensure that our customers are not confused about the availability of tickets on our site.

    We have customer service representatives available to assist you every day. Please give us a call at 866.STUB.HUB with any questions or concerns you may have and any representative will be happy to assist you. I hope this information has helped clarify the workings of StubHub and we hope to see you back soon!

    Emilee D.
    Executive Customer Care

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  • Md
      Jun 24, 2011

    According to the BBB they have 25 total closed complaints.

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  • Md
      Jun 24, 2011

    within the last 12 months

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  •   Jul 09, 2011

    Hi Skorrip,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with StubHub. Like you, I too had a negative experience with them and they refused to resolve the situation. I launched a website - to expose their shady business practices and dealings.

    Please visit the website for more information on how you can fight back.


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  • Fk
      Sep 25, 2011

    This is a legal way to take ur money ! So I went to skoreit cuz I kept seeing the commercials on tv so before I just went on spending any money I read all the fine print then watched an auction. I soon realized that it cost u money just to place a bid every time u bid and even if u don't win the auction u don't get that money back. Also each bid cost u about $.60 plus the price the item sells for plus shipping. The problem is that every bid only raises by one penny so for example it takes about 300-2000 bids @$.60 to win plus the cost of the item. So if u by a iPad for $50.00 that would be 5000 bids, and say half the bids came from you (2500) @$.60 per bid u just paid $1500 +$50.00+ shipping!!! That's not what skoreit made off of that iPad tho because whoever you where bidding against had to pay $.60 per bid also even tho they didn't win the iPad! That means that skoreit made $3050.00 for a $600 iPad!!! Stay away from this company and others like it!! If it seams too good to be true, it probably is.

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  • Ni
      Jan 12, 2012
    Skoreit - Don't trust this scammers!
    United States

    Don't believe this website, you won't win something good on penny auctions. They use auto bidder so every time you make bid this soft will put higher bid. Don't trust this scammers!

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  • Ha
      May 16, 2012

    Speaking from personal experience, Skoreit is DEFINITELY a scam. Do not waste your money or time on this website. I can tell you first-off that many of the items they auction on their website is either worthless or close to it. I won an auction for a portable burner they listed for a retail price of $80 only to find it worth around $20 on I spent over 50 bids to win it, then they tell me it will cost at MINIMUM 17.95 to ship (UPS Ground 5-7 days). If you want to receive it faster, then it will cost even more to ship. I am certain they jack up the shipping costs to make more money off such items. 95% of the items on their site are like this, i.e. $10-$25 gift cards, small miscellaneous items, toys, odds and ends items that are worth WAY LESS than they advertise. In the end, after all the time, bids, and shipping costs, you end up spending probably twice what you would have paid normally for the item. You may ask how they make money? 1. Auctioning cheap items 2. Steep discounts on already worthless items 3.They make money off every bid, so the more competition the more money they make 3. There is ONLY 1 Item up for sale, so for every auction they only lose a single item 4. If you opt to buy an item if you lose the auction, they still make money because they take the difference from the "retail price" (remember completely bogus) and the # bids you spent 5. Do the math:1 bid costs ~ 30-50 cents, every bid you place INCREASES the price of the auction item by 1 or 3 cents.

    None of this really makes Skoreit necessarily a scam as it is an example of saavy/shady business strategies. What DOES make skoreit a scam is the fact that bidding on their site is completely unregulated and (can be) anonymous. It is not difficult to see how crooked this can be, as the company can place fake accounts to bid against real customers to jack up prices. Not only do they increase the price of the auction item, it causes you to spend more bids, and potentially even lose the auction. It costs them nothing to place bids while you have everything to lose. If you lose the auction, they have made money off of you, and kept the item as well, which can go into recirculation at a later time. If you opt to buy, they still make money because of the false retail prices. Long story short, I doubt they have really sold very many items at all. They win a majority of the auctions "in house" using their fake accounts, and let a few items go out every once in a while. They make money without having to sell anything at all! Despite what some may believe, Skoreit has COMPLETE control over what items are sold and at what price. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

    Just for example, I bid on an Invicta watch which was listed at a retail price of $595.00. Of course, on Amazon it was more like $80-90, but I just wanted to spend the rest of my bids that I bought. After 250 bids, I realized the person bidding against me was anonymous, had not won any auctions, and just joined as a member the day before. The account seemed completely shady, and although I cannot confirm, that is precisely what bothers me about Skoreit. Of course there are very rare instances where one can get lucky and win a very expensive item (i.e. Ipad, Sony 1080p TV) by using minimal bids, but that is very, very rare. Know that Skoreit does not just let the auctions "go"; they keep a close eye on each auction and control the prices at which items are sold, if sold at all. Be careful if you want to be a customer, 99.9% of the time you will get scammed!

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