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I hired Patrick Harrington, Esq. of Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C. to represent me in a child support modification case in 2008. After initial meetings, he processed the motion papers, however, at the last meeting before the court date, not only did he rushed me out of the meeting just because he has to do something else, and gave me only 6 minutes to prep for the court hearing. Then at the court hearing, he fumbled and mislocate one of my crucial documents to present to the judge, and the judge would not even allow this to be evidence due to his disorganization. I ended up losing the case plus more. So I found another attorney to represent me in the motion for reconsideration before the same judge, and the judge overturned his original decision and eventually I won.

Now Patrick Harrington insisted to collect his undeserved attorney fee from me in full. Upon a fee arbitration hearing, which is another joke, the fee arbitration committee consists of a panel of 3 lawyers, including a prosecutor of Caldwell, NJ, sided with Patrick Harrington, despite the fact that I have the court transcript on cassette tape to prove how Mr. Harrington fumbled in court. Where is the objective jury?

Please think twice before you utilize this law firm in New Jersey. There is no justice but a bunch of money-grubbers who are incompetent to do their work but won't fail to collect money from their clients. Somehow the legal system is so flawed that even when the customer can prove their incompetence, you still have to pay for their mistakes. Unlike other services, there is no law to protect the consumer.


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