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Skoda India / Laura / Terrible service!

1 India Review updated:

I had purchased a new Skoda Laura in March '07. After 2 days I had to tow away the car to the Skoda JMD workshop, Mumbai. They said that the spare part "Gateway" had to replace because of my mishandling and water logging in it and I had to pay for the Gateway. But when I gave my car the second time for repair works, the gateway was again changed because of the same reason but this time they changed my gateway without any charge because water logging happened due to their fault and hence they replaced it under warranty. The cars A/C is also not effectively cooling the cabin.

Whenever A/C is started in the car, the windscreen gets condensed as the airflow is towards the windscreen and not on the passenger and has no control to it.

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  • Sr
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    i Agree totally with you.its one of the worst experience for me.I am the owner of Audi,Nissan.But to be honest i have never had any problems with other cars .But with skoda the problem started from the first week itself.Its just been 7 months since i have owned this worst car(skoda laura ) and i had turbo failure,AC failure(same cooling problem), and what not.Most of the time i have seen it shwoing me TAKE IT TO THE WORKSHOP.We all need to get together and put a case in the court against these people who are cheating us.

  • Sw
      9th of Nov, 2007
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    Yes, skoda reliability is hopeless. I spend 3 weeks on reviewing various comments on internet and dropped the plan for buying Laura Ambiente.

  • Sa
      17th of Nov, 2007
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    Yes, the AC problem is pathetic, you have to keep changing the controls to avoid the screen getting condensed. Most people do not know there are three major flaws with all Laura's:

    1. The hose pipe touches the fan near the bonnet, causing a harsh sound. This causes both the fan and the hose pipe to wear out prematurely. If you notice the problem the service engineers wil put two wiring harnesses from the local market that are used to tie computer cables. They will charge you Rs.500 for service and Rs.150/- for each harness (they cost Rs.2 in the market). However the problem will not be sorted until you go to a good garage and ask them toe tie thin ropes (suthli's). This is a manufacturing defect in all Laura's.
    2. The headlight cleaner that pop's out after five windscreen washes, has a body colored cover which falls off on the driver side. The replacement cover costs Rs.500 and and extra Rs.300 for the paint since it only comes in black.
    3. The ac control has to be directed to the feet to avoid the screen from getting condensed. This causes the passengers in the rear to become very uncomfortable.

    Apart from the above standard problems the fuel lock release switch is also problematic, with most cars facing that problem. After about a years usage the lid refuses to open, Skoda engineers will surely replace something and give you a huge bill, but the problem never completely goes away.

    Our company has 20 Skoda octavias and 9 Lauras, including one of the original imported Lauras with 8 airbags. The quality of Skoda has really suffered, with even the Octavias giving a ton of problems. I spoke to 5 people in Skoda Ahmednagar and they didnt even bother to reply to our directors. This after buying 29 cars, I can imagine what an individual owner goes through.

    If you have to go for a diesel go for a Optra Magnum. Chevrolet is trying hard to please its customers and the price is low too. Our company scrapped the idea of buying a superb after seeing the host of problems. We are not even buying the Passat which has been offered to us in a loyalty scheme, since it is the same family and shares the same parts and manufacturing facility.

    Moral of the story... Old Octy's rock, new ones suck. Laura is a defective car, not meant for keeps. Our company has already sold 7 of the 9 Lauras.

    S A Singh.


  • Sa
      17th of Nov, 2007
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    There is also a bubble which appears on all original Laura car tires. You have to shell out another Rs.29000, to replace these tires.

    S A Singh


  • Vv
      1st of Jan, 2008
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    well.. my first bad experience with a great company..
    Its starts something like this..
    I bought new Skoda Laura in April,2007 from Krishna Autos Ludhiana. I never thought i was making a mistake.. after a month with just a usage of 3000Km.. i faced the problem with Airbags.
    after two mounts in july i was in chandigarh & i faced problem with a/c my car showing near 8500km run
    krishna auto took a weak to repair my car. After some days i faced the problem with the rear door window. Problems were coming from everywhere... then got problems with the car speakers. AND THEN!! a huge problem with clutch start, it was doing slipping. Finally my clutched changed on near 18500 and i paid half payment for it as company refused to pay it..
    I got clutch start replaced with a new one.. can you believe i just drove it almost 1500km after the replacement and clutch stopped working.. its completely failed to work..

    Its simply unacceptable, that clutch failed after using it for 1500km... i don't know its a negative point of Skoda Laura or bad servicing and repair.. of Skoda workshop.

    Now skoda is simply refusing that its not their fault.. and they are tending to move backward.. not accepting input from my side. I got call from Krishna Autos today evening they said that I have to pay all the repair amount. This is something which is pinching me a lot after all i faced with this car..

  • Dr
      2nd of Jan, 2008
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    Hi pals, asa u all I too one of the worst sufferers of this idiotic company and stupid Laura. My problem is with both the car as well as the service. Bangalore Tafe access is no less . They dont even bother to see the complaint even after u tell them 100 times. My problems started in the first week itself with AC pipe broken, then 40 days waiting for a small part, next goes the loose contacts in the so called sophisticated allay of indicators and every now and then it beeps for no reason, then as usual the tyres and wind screen for which those great technicians advised to keep a towel . Next to make it worse the USB , braking system gets switched off by itself on a highway drive. I ve given it for checking and they banged my car into a bus while going for a trial . I really dont know wat to do with this car. If we can collectively raise our voice and fight back on this royal loot , atleast many others will be saved and they also learn some lessons . Somebody please take the initiativeand I hope lots more people are ready to join with us for this noble cause.

  • Ma
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    Dear All,

    Thanks for your postings here - I was planning to buy the new Laura Ambiente - but now have dropped the idea after reading all your experiences.

    I also support the idea that the people who suffered should collectively do take this matter up and should definitely be compensated by the car maker.

  • Ch
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    hi guys,

    thank you very much for giving me a right advise. actually i m planning to buy laura ambient, but i have changed my mind by reading all these complaints.

    after purchasing such a costly car, we should get a perfect car without any complaint and here laura is totally fail to fulfill a defination of perfect car.

    my advice to all diesel car buyers to have a look on optra magnum diesel. its very good in all way and in lower price.

  • Pa
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Hi ... everybody, I bought my laura l&k in the month of sept 2007 . during this 6 months i have sent my car to workshop for 3 times for the leckage of A C gas . even now my horn is totally gone . now i am waiting for my compressor and horn to get change . for me JMD Mumbai people are great. they have helped me in all possible way. till now they have never refused to attained any of my complaints. i am really thankfull to people of JMD MUMBAI. now i am planeing to buy laura ambient ...... for that i need ur suggetions .... that should i buy that or no ...................

  • Jo
      14th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    hello guys,

    tks a ton for all the inputs that have been put u on the board, after having visited the Skoda showroom, i was planning on buying the skoda laura, but after seeing all these complaints, i have dropped that idea, i better buy a car which wont give such headaches after shelling out a abt 15Lacs.
    i have mailed in a query to the skoda group and awaiting their reply. i will post in their reply once i get it.

    Johnson C

  • Ga
      11th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    hi friends,

    all original laura tyres get bubbles on its running ... and the service is also very very bad, they make u for months just for getting a small part replaced giving the same reason everytime, OUT OF STOCK ... i have filed a case against the defective laura tyres in the court ... if anyone is facing similar problems do e mail me which would help me fight against skoda ...

    ganesh bhattar

  • Aj
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    I completely agree with you. looks like they fit a Maruti800 A/c in Skoda Laura. Customer care dogdes queries. Mails to MD and Sales director bounce. Skoda India shying away from problem. Is their any legal action tht can be taken against the company for providing deficient product & design?

  • Sd
      20th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes guys just dont seem to like the Skoda. Its a very good piece of equipment and apart from a few slags at the beginning they have sorted out rest of the issues.
    I have a Skoda Laura Ambient and it runs superbly. I have had a wowow expe. ever since i brought this car.

  • Ta
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hello guys,
    Was really intrested in the Laura, so spoke to people who had one and also had information from a cousin of mine who runs a service center of good repute, for all imported cars in Coimbatore.
    He simply told me stay off, if I didn't want serious dents in my wallet on the maintainence of the skodas as it it carried too many electronics and should some thing go wrong you really had it, as all spares are ridiculouly priced.
    I hope to go in for the diesal Altis due for launch soon as Toyotas are reliable and are supposed to be easy on ones pocket

  • Ra
      25th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi Gentlemen, Just like to share that after reading all above, I thank my stars for not buying Skoda one year back. Last year I bought Toyota Corolla. Before that at one point of time i was planning to buy skoda. I would like to mention with Toyota I have never visited any service station in last one year except for routine services under warranty. Car is smooth, excellent AC, nice pick up and good cabin space..



  • Ro
      29th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    thanks for the heads up !

  • Di
      30th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please visit and type skoda there you will get many threads on pathetic service and unreliability of skoda...Many have ongoing court cases against the manufacturer..
    Dilip Kumar.V

  • Ha
      23rd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hello everyone..
    Thanks to this forum and team-bhp I have dropped my idea of buying the all new Superb 2009 in petrol. I went to the Ludhiana showroom with the check of booking amount in my pocket but the sales people and the overall experience was not the way I intended. The message I got from them was that they don't care whether I buy or not...!


  • Di
      29th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I bought a Skoda Octavia in Jan 2008- last week i gave the car for service and got a shocker from the service station- my clutch assmebly needs to be replaced- the estimated cost is Rs 55k no warratny cover since it is due to driving issues- i have been owing premium cars for the last decade and never have had such a miserable feeling. I am a chartered accountant - i intend to file a case with the manufacturer- in case any of you would be interested please join me

  • Dr
      12th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I bought Skoda Fabia ambiante petrol in January from Sai Auto Mobiles. After 3000 Km last month the car stopped on the high way, no petrol emission. When I telephoned the company, they said that I should wait for two hours as this car heats uo. I should cool it down. The car was stopping afer every few km and it took me 6 hours to do 140 Km. DEaler refused to help, Company in Aurnagabade is not responding to my complaints accept their local agent said that the problem occurred due to dirty petrol in India (what a joke!). Germna and Czech offices are saying the Aurangabed company is independent and we cannot help.
    It feel like a Thug has taken away my 6 Lakh 11 thousand rupees.
    I request the government of India to deal with these Thug foeign companies and throw them out of the country. They come here to sell us the garbage and take away our hard earned money.
    Please never ever think of buying any skoda product if you want your peace.
    Dr. (Ms) Vinod Verma

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