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Warning ! Rachel hartley : sitting pretty cattery, savannah and bengal breeder

I reserved a Savannah kitten from Sitting pretty (2010/10) but this kitten died at the cattery at the age of one mouth.
The breeder (Rachel hartley) then offered me his brother "Sad Sam" and I accepted.

When the kitten arrived here in France (2011/01) he was very hill, small and thin.
Just a few months later (2011/06), after multiple treatments and a long spell in hospital, our little Sam died.

The breeder Rachel hartley (Galloway) has caused a lot of upset in our family.
This woman sold us a cat who was ill (3, 000 Euros including transport costs)
She knew this, but she seems to like money more than animals.


She refuses any amicable arrangement and does not reply to my e-mails or telephone calls.

I hope that my testimony will help others to avoid such losses and sadness

sitting pretty savannah and bengals
sitting pretty savannah and bengals

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  • Ra
      Jul 26, 2011

    My name is Rachel Hartley and I am the breeder that the dilluded lady Aude Reininger is SLANDEROUSLY speaking about. Firstly I am a highly reputable breeder and I am a member of many Savannah clubs and institutions which would not be allowed if I wasnt a bonified breeder! Aude is a French lady who does all her business through a Scottish lady called Moira Pirie-Hayton. So I have not actually dealt with this lady directly though I have met her partner/husband Franck as he visited my home to view my kittens. This is hardly something I would do if I was a con merchant! Surely like all other con merchants I would provide fake details and fake photographs!!! Aude selected Sad Sam and as he was growing, I sent numerous photographs and updates and she was more than happy with him. When it came close to Sam travelling to France, Aude requested all sorts of last minute tests to do be carried out, to which I complied and fulfilled and even paid for mysel[censored] And at the last minute she tried to pay the balance by means of signing a cheque and faxing it to me as a means of secure payment. To which I ofcourse declined! As stated in the contract Franck signed, the balance must be cleared before collection or delivery of the kitten. Once payment was made, a courier collected Sam and delivered him to France. The feedback from this courier was that the new owners loved him and thought he was fantastic. Yet that same day I recieved threatening and nasty emails from Aude demanding all her money back because Sam was smaller than she expected. She also claimed he didnt have paperwork. Yet any breeder knows a cat cannot be exported or imported without all its paperwork!!! Days later she then claimed he was at deaths door, yet my vet had given him a clean bill of health to be able to travel from the UK to France. From there on I repeatedly tried to contact Moira to find a middle ground and find out how Sam was settling in (as I was originally promised updates and photographs). I was completely ignored and have been left just to wonder for at least six months! Then recently I found Aude's website where Sad Sam is advertised and shown in many photographs (some stolen from my own website) and where there are wonderful comments about his type and temperament. Hardly the actions of someone who has been conned or is bitterly dissapointed!!! And then in recent days I have recieved ONE email from Moira telling me that Sam has died, pointing the blame at myself and asking for compensation. To which I did reply, stating Sams full health upon leaving. It is blatently obvious that IF he has died, he has contracted something from Aude's own Cattery and cats and not mine. And I have heard nothing back from this email. So Aude's comment about my refusal to reply to emails or come to an ammicable agreement is an absolute joke! And moreover, Sad Sam still features on her website as a stud. And to add to this, she has LIED about him, claiming he is an F5 Savannah when he is in fact an F6 and she says his origin is the USA, when it is in fact the UK!!! And she has doctored his TICA paperwork/pdf to remove my name as Sams breeder. Do not believe a word this con woman says. I do not wish to waste any more of my time on this lady or her spokes woman. I urge all other breeders to stay away from this lady as she is clearly trying to obtain very expensive cats and make ridiculous demands and fake complaints in the hope of getting her money back and keeping the cats! There is only one person interested in money more than cats and that is Aude Reninger! And for anyone who wishes to challenge what I have said, I have kept every single piece of correspondence between myself and Aude and myself and Moira. So I have all the proof I need that these people are CON MERCHANTS! This whole situation makes me sick and I am confident enough to say that any other Savannah or Bengal breeder that knows me will vouch for my character and honesty!

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  • Ra
      Jul 26, 2011

    Here is a still from the Chatterie Moonwalk website. It shows Sams own page with the wonderful testimonial about him. And it shows very recent photographs of him running and jumping around and generally in full health! These pictures show Sam at 7 months old. He went to France at 4 months old!
    I should also state that I HAVE NOT recieved any proof what so ever that Sam has died.
    Rachel Hartley

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