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2nd AUGUST 2014 while entering Singapore (Est. Time of Arrival 9PM:

First custom officer (Chinese male) at checkpoint on stamping passport:
I made a friendly chat with him about the price increase in
toll, and he just have me a quick blank look, no smile and continue doing his
stamping (awkward).

Second officer (Malay male) checking the boot.
Looks a little friendlier and smiled but he didn't say anything when I wished him Selamat Hari Raya.

Third & Fourth officer (Chinese male tagged team with the Chinese short haired female) just after the boot check where they do a more thorough check.
(a) Male Chinese officer does his job to check which is fine (no problem) and asked me how long have I driven this car in a normal way. No problem.

(b) Chinese female officer with short hair (BIG PROBLEM):
First question to me was "Where are you going?", in a rude way as if I'm going to do some crime. I answered Clarke Quay and Overeasy Wine and Bar.

Next: "Open your boot!!!" In a rude way again. I got out ofthe car and got my phone out as well just so I can check my SMS and she tells me off saying "I didn't tell you that you can use your phone and you just stand here when we're checking your boot!!", condescendingly. So I had to tell her "Then you should have said it earlier".

Next, she asked me "What are you going to do in Clarke Quay?" in a rude way again... And I responded
"to party then go back JB lor". She responded "so you're going to drink and drive back?". I thought to myself, if I were going to drink and drive illegally, would I even tell you Ms. Custom Officer? So, I responded, "Of course not, have to wait till sober up first right?"
Then she asked me "Then why you tell me that you are going to drink and drive?"... I think if she had any common sense or even listened properly, I said "Go party then go back JB lor...". When did I even said I'm going to drink and drive? So I replied, "I have to wait sober up first if I'm drinking right?"

Next, while they are still checking the car, I thought I'd be nice and asked if she wanted me to park to the side where they have those sniffer dogs area so as to not hold up the traffic. And she told me off and said I don't need to tell her how to do her job. Hahahaha What a JOKE this Chinese Female officer with her short hair.

Few suggestions: Maybe she should reduce her ego, and also maybe try and learn to have a little bit of respect for other people. Please try and remember what your parents & school have taught you about manners (I hope they did or maybe she wasn't a good listener).

5th and Last Malay Male officer stamping passport (leaving singapore):
I gave up, so I just wished him Selamat Hari Raya. He just stared at me blankly. And I thought to myself... Thank god I don't go into Singapore that often and I'm not a Singaporean Custom Officer (maybe it's just the officers).

Aug 02, 2014

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  • Li
      Mar 05, 2016

    Today 6/3/2016 12:40am I come back jb from Singapore. This is happen when I drive my car queue at check point to check out from Singapore, I queue at green tick lane and I m third car in the queue, after first access the green tick suddenly turn to red x but we have queue inside the lane. I see the first car owner so angry but don't know have scold the officer or not after one min a Malay man office go out and ask me reverse back my car, I follow his direction. When I reverse my car he suddenly knocked my window ask me open the window.When I open my window he very fierce and malicious said" u see u make difficult why you stop here you didn't see red x, I said just now really is green I don't know why suddenly turn red so now I reverse my car to other lane, suddenly he become very rude and fierce, he said by bahasa Melayu"saya paling benci orang tipu saya, awak mahu tipu saya jangan tipu saya, he so fierce and said again"awak cakap lagi tipu lagi", very unfriendly tone and no manners, all of my family can be my witness and the second car also can do the witness I really not lied, I don't know why he very rude and fierce talking like that. He makes a bad impression for me and very disappointed to meet this such officer...maybe we must accept anything you doing and talking because you are the officer if we makes you unhappy maybe something will happen to us.

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  • Ma
      Apr 26, 2016

    26/04/2016 took bus from singapore to Kuala Lumpur.Stoped at Tuas customs me and my son had no issues in clearing but my wife had issues(apparently her passport not in system).She was directed to go to a office, which was fine .Me and my son were waiting for her when a guy in uniform suddenly started yelling at us GET OUT GET OUT.My son and me informed him that we were waiting for my wife/mum but this officer still kept on yelling GET OUT GET OUT.I then ask him why he was so rude but he just kept out yelling loudly GET OUT.We then went outside to wait for my wife and he was still yelling at us to get out.I am just shocked why his superiors did not tell this guy to be civil.I am going to make a official complain when possible.I am sure there is CCTV footage about this incident at the customs.IT happened about 10.30am.Otherwise we have recoded a bit on our mobile phone and will put on the social media

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  • Ni
      Oct 19, 2016

    I wan complain jb to Singapore, so bad service custom morning confirm so many people go to working, but counter Open 2or3 only, why cannot Open 3 more, then how to do, i thing custom wan to change the way

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