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Simplicity lawn Tractors / Always in the shop for repairs.

1 21312 West Libert road.Parkton, MD, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 410-218-3774

I purchased a Simplicity Prestige 4x4 lawn tractor that has been nothing but trouble. The motor went bad at less than 10 hours of running time and the transmission was just replaced and the tractor has less than 50 hours on it. After the transmission was replaced I was assured the tractor would run like new. I ran the tractor up and down my lawn and the transmission started acting up again. I called the dealer and they sent out a mechanic to test the tractor and he said the tractor was under powered and would not work on my property. The dealer is willing to work with me BUT Simplicity is not. I called Simplicity and (Jim ) the service rep.said it was not there fault I bought the wrong tracto for my property. This is a $8ooo.00 piece of equipment with 27 hp and it can't make it up a hill without messing up the transmisson or burning up a motor. I've cut the same hill with a John Deere 2 wheel drive and a Cub Cabet with less hp so I figured and the dealer that a 27hp 4x4 Simplicity would be an overkill for my yard but it would last for along time. I would not buy a Simplicity for a couple of reasons 1: Tractors are under powered and will not stay together.2: Simplicity service will not work with you. 3: Simplicity's motto should SELL AND FORGET . I guess it's true that nothing runs like a DEERE.

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  • Sc
      28th of Jul, 2008
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    I just got a 2008 22HP 44" Simplicity Regent lawn tractor with a Tuff Torq K46BL transaxle and I towed a 400LB water filled drum plug aerator around my 3/4 acre yard twice which has some hills with no problem, no posi rear either. Drum aerators are much harder to tow than a lawn roller.

    There are very few complaints about Simplicity lawn tractors but I found dozens of them on the internet about John Deere lawn tractors, especially the L100 series they sell at Lowes and Home Depot. That was one of the many reasons I choose Simplicity over John Deere.

    I think you just got the rare lemon or your not being completely honest about how you are using your tractor.

  • Jo
      27th of Jun, 2018
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    @Scott Not a rare lemon from where I see it. Just bought brand new top of the line 27 hp Prestige. It does not have enough power to mulch with its own mulch kit? I have killed a good portion of my lawn with clippings, cutting three times per week. The grass is not getting mulched as mower deck reduces power continuously to compensate for more grass in deck...but the more that goes in the slower it goes, the slower it goes the more grass is in...FRUSTRATING!! No help from Lorleberg True Value in Occonomowoc, WI and can not get anyone on the phone from Simplicity / Briggs. Anyone want to buy a worthless brand new lawn tractor! I will sell it cheap.

  • Tr
      3rd of Aug, 2012
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    I have to start with John Deere lawn tractors. I own a four steer. It is the best machine I ever had.
    As for the L series, they are not really John Deere. The motor isn't even a John Deere motor.
    Now, here comes Simplicity. My girlfriend had a Simplicity riding mower. She just upgraded to a zero turn. The starting series for professional level. THEY SUCK. I don't know if it's because of the third cutting blade, manufacture defect or not having enough horsepower to throw the grass out the chute completely. They both did the same thing. They left a trail behind and kept me from starting a new row. The zero turn has 26 horsepower compared to her old 16 horsepower. Just so you know, the lawn is square, semi flat meaning just a small incline. So, it's not the yard causing the problem.
    I do like having a zero turn and the different style of riding as well as the speed.

  • Ga
      10th of Apr, 2016
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    I personality can't say anything bad about my Simplicity Conquest, I've abused the heck out of it running over blackberry vines and you name it. I have 5 acres with some fairly steep hills and it's been a work horse and a half! It's gave me very little troubles in the 6 years I've used it and it was used before I started using it! I'm not sure of the year of the model I have, just that it's a 18 horsepower engine with a 52" mowing surface. I did have to replace a pulley at one point when it decided to no longer move on it's own power. Which I tore the lawn mower apart and found the problem and bought a new pulley and fixed it myself. I wouldn't say I'm a mechanic by any means of the word, but I'm not really a novice that knows nothing either. Suppose I know just enough to be dangerous as some people say! (LOL) Still when it's broke, most the time I figure it out. Of course there's problems I'm not so quick to fix too! At the moment I'm having troubles with my mower engaging. I know it's in the wiring that goes to the main shaft that gets power from the engine. I can wiggle the wires and get the mower to engage for a second here and there. The wires go up above the first pulley on the shaft and on top of what I'm guessing to be some kind of clutch to engage the lower pulley to make the mower start turning. unfortunately these wires are up above this clutch assembly and I can't really tell how their attached or how it's shorting out? But looks like I'm going to have to figure out how to remove the bottom pulley, which I don't believe is going to be a problem. But the clutch assembly, if that's what it's called? I'm not sure how easy or hard that's going to be yet? I don't know if anything is press fitted on to the engine shaft or not, if I will need any special pullers? Hopefully I won't need a pulley to fix this, but it's got to come off where I can see how the wiring is attached and see if there's any bare wires shorting the system out from running correctly? If anyone knows anything about this issue I'd gladly listen to any advice they may have!
    Anyway, as I said I really can't complain about my Simplicity, it's done a very hard job of working hours and hours cutting grass, weeds and everything in between! But everything gives out sooner or later and needs repairs! I bought a new Craftsmen Lawn mower last year and it's complete junk compared to my simplicity! It's supposed to have 26 horses, but my 18 horse Simplicity runs circles around it horsepower wise! It gets clogged up under the Craftsmen mower and the clutch stops working and you have to stop what your doing and clean out under the lawn mower to get the clutch working again! The Craftmen mowers lights are almost non existent compared to my old Simplicity! The only thing I've found that I like about the Craftsman over my Simplicity is the way you remove the mower assembly from the tractor. Craftsman got that part right! Although the Simplicity not that much harder to do either! Over all I'll try another Simplicity over another Craftsman any day! I really like the John Deer that has the new easy attachments that you just drive up to and they pretty much attach themselves. But I have nothing as far as knowledge goes on how good of a machine the John Deer really are? I only know I don't want one from Home Depot or Lowe's, I've heard there not really the same quality as the John Deer bought from the John Deer dealer! But John Deer sure got me sold on their commercial showing their attachments hook up practically by themselves! If the John Deer turns out to be a faithful machine, then I may replace my Simplicity next year. If not, I'll stay with my Simplicity!

  • Xs
      13th of Nov, 2018
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    I have a 4 year old Simplicity Regent 48" fabricated deck mower. The center blade bearings went bad and ruined the housing. I ordered the parts needed to repair at a simplicity dealer and after three months, no parts. They contacted the company several times and got the same answer that the parts were out of stock and no idea when they would be available. I have not been able to mow since august (three Months) and feel this is terrible customer service from Simplicity.

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