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[Resolved] Silver Screen Talent Group / Unsatisfied models

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To whom it may concern,

We are two sisters, Erika Navarro of age 15 and Laura Navarro of age 17. Around september 2006 (uncertain date) we decided to get into modeling, acting etc, and that is when we saw Silver Screen in the news paper and decided to go for it. We auditioned and got in as hoped, later on we went for our photoshoot and came back home. We never really got auditions close to our home or auditions that were affordable.

Overall we paid about $1.200 for both of us, money which went to Silver Screen and nothing came to us in return.

It has been about 18 or 19 months since we registered with Silver Screen, and we are very unsatisfied.

This isnt the only thing to complaint about, if you look closely at the Silver Screen Talent Group website, you will notice that a lot of these pictures lack lots of photography talent, these pictures are very unprofessional in our opinion, we noticed that they did not take enough time to take/edit these pictures when they should've knowing that people work hard for the money going towards all this.

  • Resolution statement

    The company did everything to try to resolve the issue, but after several attempts to contact the complainant, no answer has been received. Therefore the complaint is declared to be untrue.

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  • Mo
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    i hate silverscreentalentgroup they are nothing but money hungry people!!!

  • Su
      1st of Apr, 2009
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    I joined them years ago, and have the same complaint as above. My parents spend ridiculous amount of money for all the photos that I had taken, which later came out to 3 out of the 1000 was taken on a sheet. We asked where the rest of the pictures went, they didnt have the answer.

    I felt bad for making my dad drive 4-5 hours for stupid meetings like having a director talk about a movie they did. I did get called for a couple auditions, which is a good sign. But where did all the pictures go? The makeup artist was crap by the way.

  • Ch
      12th of May, 2009
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    I went today for a "screening" . I want to go into Modeling, but when i got there they were doign auditions for acting in commercials.. So i was a little confussed but tried it anwyays.. The man, Steve Dutton, told me that i needed to be louder so i shouted so loud, everyone went silent. He then told me, i needed to aprove on my actign because i will need it for modeling.. ### # 1.

    He also told me i needed to be taller, which he had earlier said" we take all shapes and sizes"

    He told me i could not have Peircings, which i have 3 and i believe that true and false. i know several people with peircings and tattoos and make tones of money.

    He Reffered to himself as a professional, and likes to work for the money.. and the people who will bring in the most money. But aren't we supposed to get paid, You shouldn't have to pay to bea model!!

    Also, Toronto only? ###, there is tones in London or closer im sure..

    He also, told me that. Modeling classes and courses weren't a good idea, all the models famous now never took themm.. THEN HOW THE ### DID THEY GET INTO THEM!? did the oppertunity just fall out of your ### Mr. dutton. ###
    Go eat your own crap for once, oh and get some hair you bald bald man.

    Oh and maybe, you shoudl be a bit nicer to your client you treat tthem like ###, agents are supposed to be liek your best friend.. :)

    I think ill start my own agency but do it the rigth way, so thankyou mr.Dutton Your ignorence and maturity, or lack tehre of has influenced me !

  • Du
      7th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I got in with them as well, it was too easy, I'm sure they accept everyone. Well I paid my $700 and something fo rmy portfolio, did my own make-up and hair and no editing to any of my photos. After a year and no contact form Steve I went there and was todl that one of the women that work there were only sending out her favourites for auditions, unfortunately I wasn't one of them. So at that time she had been fired and 3 weeks later i had an audition, didn't get the part, owell. Then I had a gig for an extra in a 13 series show, not bad I suppose. I was supposed to pay him 15% of my earning which was around $500. I never paid him, I already gave him over $700 and got nothing out of it. He then started yelling at me on the phone because all the actresses and actors he got for that gig refused to pay him any money, I wonder why.. douche! lol. He then sent a collection agency after me saying I owed him like $200, I like how he likes to constantly pull ### outta his ###. I explained the whole situation to the collection agency and said if I owe anything its close to $60. Gave him my email address to email me the claim form from Steve and never heard back from them again. Since then he called me constantly asking for the money and no one at my house picked up the phone, until he finally gave up. I just wish I read all these complaints before giving him any money but it was my dream fianlly coming true and that is what he hopes for everytime he calls someone saying they made the cut!

  • Go
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    Thank you very MUCH for all these comments, Now I will cancell my "appointment", they are not waisting not my money nor my time.
    Hey, people, don't sleep, put your stories so others can be aware of such buisnesses if legal justice is asleep!..

  • Mi
      12th of Apr, 2010
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    My daughter was also with silver screen talent group and Steve took me for about one thousand dollars in total. He did send us to someone else in Toronto who did do photos of her, which I have the one photo of her. He said that I needed to go back about a year later to have new photos of her because they needed to have up dated photos of her. He charged me for them also. He said that they would be on the site within a week and they nevered appeared. I called him and asked where are the pictures and they gave me the run around. Finally I got the truth and they lost the pictures, so I had to take her back.
    I was pissed because I live four hours away and I had paid for something they lost. I questioned Steve to when was this goona take off. We had no auditions, nothing. Next thing you know I get a phone call to bring her back to Toronto for an audition. It took a whole five minutes for the audition and then they sent us back home heard nothing more.
    Her contract was suppose to be good for 2 and a half years with these new photos, dam if I don't get an other phone call from them saying that they need new photos of her. I told the girl that I was just there not long ago and that I was not going every six months for new photos. She told me that if I did not bribg her for new photos then my contract was done. They took all for heer photos for the web page and I heard nothing more from them. I am upset that they took my money and lied to me about what they could do for my child when in reality all they did was take my money .
    I am a single parent and trust me a thousand dolars is alot of money plus the drive to and from Toronto with stopping to eat because they sure didn't give you anything. They just took and they laughed at you once you were out the door.
    Steve I had many arguments and I told you I really think that this was a scam and you asured me that it was all legit and just be patient. I should have went with my gut and I wouldn't be out the money. I know that I am not the only person who feels violated and its really wrong of you to take advantage of so many people.
    I really hope that if there is any justice to this we all get our monies back and you get what you deserve.

  • Go
      25th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I think all those tricked by Dutton should contact each other and hire a lawer, together is easier - this man would end up in jail then, he tricked a lot of people!

  • Yo
      28th of Sep, 2011
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    He is a scam. I am embarrassed to say that I have worked for him before. I didn't realize what the situation was until I was behind the scenes due to desperation after being unemployed for nearly 12 months in Toronto.

    He is disgusting. He is disgusting to his clients, to the connections and companies he associated himself with, and he was disgusting to his staff. He was SATAN to work for and I have been working since I was 14 years old and only once has a boss ever made me cry-- and he took that title. Evil.

    He accepts 99% of the people he screens. If he doesn't accept one or two kids it's usually because he doesn't want to take a set of siblings JUST so he can say "see? we don't take EVERYONE" to other parents who inquire about it... which happened a lot. And for good reason. He really does try to take everyone just to collect that 20 dollars. People get submitted for jobs, but his roster (bad due to lack of inexperience, professional photos, etc.) and reputation precede him and no one wants to work with him.

    Do not associate yourself with this man. The only thing in my life that I can whole heartedly say that I am ashamed of in this life is that I have once worked with this man.

  • Ma
      5th of May, 2012
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    Does anyone have a contact for dutton or know what talent agency he is operating under now? I think silver screen talent agency is closed and would LOVE to track this crook down.

  • Be
      21st of Aug, 2012
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    I too fell into the Steve Dutton A HOLE trap, I only paid $200.00, drove to Barrie for a so called photo shoot, which was him taking the pictures...About a month later i had to call and find out where the pictures were. His daughter sent me them by e-mail, they were horrible!!! I e-mailed, called to no avail.
    He is working under Casting Connections...Just Kids 2012... his phone number is 519-940-8815. His response to me was to call me a 'stupid girl' and how dare i ask for my money back, and he should go after me for the GST!!!
    He didn't even know who he was taking too and kept calling me by a diiferent name.
    I will be lodging a complaint with the Consumer Protection Branch under the minisrty of Consumer Services.
    I will be calling the papers and then maybe the police...this can't be legal!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! The man is evil!!!

  • Wh
      12th of Dec, 2012
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    good to know he is attempting his tactis in port hope now I took my kids to the hotel last night paid the 20 each he said they'd probably only take 1. He called me tonight saying they would only take my son and he'll refund me for my daughter sat when we meet.

  • Sb
      14th of Mar, 2013
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    To Macshaft beachgrl74

    He is now running a company named Karisma Talent Group. I nearly was scammed for almost $600, thank god for Consumer Protection Act!!!

  • Ho
      16th of Aug, 2013
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    There was an AD in the Whitby This Week for Steve Dutton's agency. The ad said got talent, no experience necessary. I went, paid my $20, and got a call 2 days later to come in for headshots because an agency wanted to sign with me for an year. But they want $109 upfront for a year, and then I have to pay $10 a month for a year.
    So, after reading everyone's post about him. I will be cancelling my appointment! Thank you!

  • Ac
      24th of Aug, 2013
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    Hey Everyone,

    I am wondering if any agencies include free photoshoots with their agency fees? i have been told that most agencies charge an arm and a leg for their photography...


  • An
      17th of Oct, 2013
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    We replied to an ad in our local Niagara paper in March 2013 for "Casting Connections". Auditions took place in Grimsby where 'Steve" - phone number 519.940.8815 - and his daughter were paid $20 for my daughters audition. We were told that IF any casting agents liked the video audition we should expect a callback in a couple weeks. Looking back I doubt they even video taped anything, why bother, just call everyone back and tell them they 'made it' !! Stupidly we fell for it. Met Steve as well as two 'talent agents' MATTHEW PEARSON and JENNY in St. Catharines hotel meeting room facility (not a hotel room) and stupidly paid these people $258 CASH. Matthew (black guy, very nice...but then he did have my cash) took several pictures. He actually emailed a few to me a a few days later, and that's the last I've heard from them. I;ve tried to call them, email them. Nothing. This is a COMPLETE SCAM. Someone needs to stop this group. Or better yet, the public (like me, I admit it) need to give our heads a shake and not believe things like this.

  • St
      6th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    Responding to ERIKA & LAURA NAVARRO:

    First things first, you are never required to pay for auditions. Secondly, you live in Welland Ontario. My staff handled the auditions. After about 3 cancellations on auditions that were given to you, that is when I step in. And at that point I discuss whether or not this is something that you are serious about doing. At that time, I spoke with your father. He stated that Toronto was too far to go for auditions and if anyone wants his daughters for an audition, they will come and meet them in Welland. I suppose Stephen Spielberg will have to make the trip up to Welland ON, if they want your daughters!

    Hundreds of people have done work, using my photography. You didn't comment at the time, that you were unhappy with your photos, it's only after, that you have been released from the agency that we hear this. ALSO, if the photography was that did you get three auditions in the first place?

  • St
      6th of Nov, 2013
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    In 2009, we didn't hire make up artists, you had to do your make up yourself. Obviously you went to a photographer, apart from me, and they had hired a make up artist.

    I don't know how many pictures the photographer must have taken of you, obviously there is an exaggeration of 1000 pictures. The three pictures that they take are for a Comp Card. Normally one at the front, and two to three on the back of the card. Anywhere from 500-1000 Comp Cards were normally printed to be sent out to clients.

    To meet a director would be a privilege. As a casting director, like Gloria Mann, who used to do seminars for me quite often. She was and maybe still is one of the top casting directors in Toronto. Also Julien Grant, if you look up Julien on his website, he is pretty high profile. These are the only two directors that I can think of, that you would have met. To attend these meetings, was also a personal choice...NOT compulsory.

  • St
      6th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    RESPONDING TO 12th of May, 2009 by chellee420

    Looking at how you wrote this in point form, we should answer you back the same way.

    - Models do commercials, models also do movies
    - Life is improving on everything we do, maybe you should improve your computer skills by learning how to use spell check.
    - Obviously you are not tall enough to be a model, but all shapes and sizes is what we take for print jobs.
    - Piercings and tattoos are all dependent on their location - you've neglected to say where yours are
    - After being in the industry for 30 years, I would probably say I am a professional
    - Everyone gets paid who works, that is why we get our 15% as well., Does that mean photographers and make up artists should work for free as well?
    - Obviously you are from London, and my suggestion for you would be to stay in London. But if you want to actually do work, you have to go to Toronto for the audition at least.
    - Right time, right place, right face. Hard work, good photography and having an agent to find you the work. These opportunities don't fall out of my ###, as you have stated above, but with the previous points, that is what gets you the work.
    - As for being bald, grass doesn't grow on busy streets, ask your parents what that means.
    - And if you've started your own agency, I wish you good luck and all the hard work that goes along with it.

  • St
      6th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    RESPONDING TO MELLY - th of Jul, 2009 by Dutch_Mel101

    Hi Melly,

    You've had your say, and I would like mine to discuss the facts. A lot of the things you are saying here are contradictory.

    The $700.00 that you paid, obviously was a guesstimate. You actually paid to go onto two websites, one is the breakdown express and the other is the casting workbook. If you look at the casting working book, it will tell you that it is $99.99 dollars per year.

    The photography is $150.00, the copies at a print shop were $200.00, Administration was $50.00. SUBTOTAL comes to $598.00, TAX of $89.70 TOTAL comes to $687.70.
    Obviously you have paid $20.00 for a screen test. Now people can see what you've really paid for.

    These are the days where the photographers and the print shops made a lot of money, Thank God it is not like that anymore. Everything is done electronically. You say that I haven't done anything for you, how did you like the pay cheques from the 13 week series?

    The commission on these days worked, were $200.00 as you have mentioned. Means that you would have worked 13.5 hours at 15%. That means that the other 85% would have been $ 1147.50. I think that is more then your investment in this business..wasnt it?

    A collection agency would like to see some form of proof before they try and collect on a bill. Obviously your misunderstanding from me calling you, was the collection agency trying to contact you.

  • St
      6th of Nov, 2013
    -1 Votes

    RESPONDED TO 28th of Sep, 2011 by yougottamovethis

    How many times are you going to post about this? The same words, the same user name, just on different websites...really?

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