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I bought a $6000 puppy from Tammy Tomson of Silver Brook Maltese. This was to be the last dog of my life and I used retirement funds to purchase her. I only had her a couple of months before she developed two luxating patellas, a genetic disorder where the long bones of the legs are not properly formed. Her legs were also bowed. My vet stands behind this diagnosis. The surgery was to be a minimum of $5000, not including any follow-up physical therapy, and I could not afford this. Tammy offered to take the puppy back with a promise to have the surgery done and replace her with another puppy of the same value, meeting my initial specifications, as soon as she had one available. Upon receipt of the puppy, Tammy concurred with the diagnosis and reaffirmed her commitment to replace the puppy. However, when a suitable puppy did became available, Tammy refused to send her to me without me paying an additional $3000. This was extortion and I refused. She accused me of buyer's remorse and of possibly dropping the puppy, neither of which was true. I loved that dog and she was kept very safe. After a few e-mails back and forth, Tammy stopped answering either my e-mails or my calls. She had my money, she had the puppies, she lived 2500 miles away and she was refusing to talk to me. I had no choice but to get an attorney. I have now accrued a fairly substantial legal fee. We have sent two demand letters to Tammy and she has ignored them both. She has also refused calls from my attorney. We are now prepared to file in court, which I fully intend to do if Tammy does not settle by the end of the month. I want my $6000 back, plus all my legal fees, and if I go to court there will be additional legal fees, plus I will add all of the other vet expenses I accrued in the short time this puppy was with me, approximately $2000 worth. We intend to claim consumer fraud. My attorney has already notified the AKC, Better Business Bureau of Western PA, PA Department of Agriculture, and the PA Attorney General. I have follow-up letters ready to go to these groups. This puppy was from a joint breeding and I have not mentioned the other breeder's name in all of this because my dealing was strictly with Tammy. The only fraud perpetrated on me was from Tammy. However, in the further correspondence I have with AKC and the PA Department of Agriculture, because of the genetic flaws, we will be naming the other breeder and her kennel.

I have considerable documentation for my claim. I would be glad to discuss this with anyone. My attorney is in Pittsburgh and I am sure he would be happy to hear from anyone with a similar complaint against Tammy.

  • Updated by QuinnyAnne, Feb 23, 2018

    Well said. AKC has been notified and I will be following up with them if this matter is not resolved to my satisfaction soon. However, I do believe that Tammy was one of the top breeders in the country maybe ten years back. I think she was dedicated to the breed and had honest business practices at that time. I chose her for my first Maltese for those reasons. Unfortunately, at age seven, that Maltese developed, simultaneously, two major health problems in what seemed to be a spontaneous manner, heart disease (which resulted in her death 1 1/2 years later) and cancer. My vet said that these were genetic problems and due to overbreeding. I didn't believe him, considered Tammy to be a friend, and proceeded to get another puppy from her ... and that is that puppy's story above. However, the demand letters that my attorney has made, and the lawsuit that we intend to file if this matter is not resolved soon, are for consumer fraud, i.e. the promise of a puppy that was not delivered. Tammy's lack of honesty in business practices is my most immediate concern. She not only refused to send me the puppy she had promised, she refused all my attempts to communicate, necessitating that I get an attorney.

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    FOLLOW-UP: Tammy eventually offered me a puppy of my choice and I picked a delightful boy. I am totally in love with him. He is not exactly what I paid the big bucks for (he is worth less because he is male, larger and older), but he is what she had at the time of the offer, and I am not at all disappointed in him. Tammy showed remorse and worked really hard to make things right. She would have given me pick of any future litters, but I had waited a year and a half for a puppy and didn't want to wait longer. I am still out a lot of $$$ for legal fees, but I was saved from going to court, which was already well in the process.

Feb 19, 2018
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  • Vi
      Feb 21, 2018

    This type of abuse needs to be stopped. The AKC should also become involved. If these puppy mills were to be refused pedigrees, that could surely reduce the numbers somewhat. Stronger Animal Control Laws, reports to IRS and SS, more frequent surprise checks and a clear definition between natural pet breeding rules and puppy mill type persons. Animal Control have their hands tied because of lax, poor and non-existent or poorly thought out laws and revised penalties for breaking said rules.

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  • Qu
      Feb 23, 2018

    @Virgie Lee Sorry, I apparently entered my reply as an addendum to my original complaint. Thank you for your important comments and suggestions. See above!

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  • De
      May 13, 2019

    Please stay away from this breeder. Tammy is the WORST! I purchased a male Maltese from her that has several issues with his pigmentation and size. He was supposed to be a miniature and is 10 inches longer than he should be. I have tried to talking to her, but she tells one lie after another and even went as far as saying that the pictures I was sending her wasn't the dog I purchased from her. This is the 4th Maltese that I have owed and I have never had issues with any of the other ones. It was the first time she bred the mother and I now have a Maltese that has black skin! Anyone who knows this breed knows that they are a pink skin dog! I called to see if he was still available, it was right before Christmas, she told me to come that night. We did. She was having a dinner party and her granddaughter was jumping and screaming in the pen with all of the puppies. I wanted to leave, but my husband was already holding the dog we went to purchase. She was so nasty to me because I didn't bring cash and she doesn't take credit cards. She NEVER told me that when I called. She then proceeds to trying to use my credit card with paypal. She had no idea what she was doing and was rushing to get me out of there. She told me to just send her a check because the payment didn't go through! I walked in to 2 voicemails from the fraud department of PayPal and she charged me TWICE. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE with her and still trying to resolve these issues with the BBB and my attorney.

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