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Siam Trading / Beware

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I recently placed an order with a company based in thailand, on-line for some clothing articles, for my fashion retail store in the U.k. after having alot of experience with dealing with chinese companies, I asked some prelimanary questions, i.e. can you ship express, how long to ship to u.k. how sure is the delivery. How can I pay.

After assuring me on most of these counts, shipping is guaranteed 'as we have our own agent working in customs' I have since found this out to be complete lie. We ship with thai post and will provide you with a tracking number. I tried to pay with paypal but he told me this was only for our most trusted members.'this was fabricated, as you have much more credit card rights/ protection with pay pal, unlike western union, where you have none, once the money is gone it's gone for good. After paying 375 euros, I was given a number that was going to be activated in a few days, after a weeks and no e-mail, I thought I would enquire to the status of my package I was replied to by HANS TEMMINK with a ridiculous contract I was supposed to sign that would gaurantee the NON arrival of my package, this was because i dare to ask for an active tracking number 2 weeks after they received payment from me. THIS IS THE FOLLOWING CONTRACT/E-mail.(if they hadn't fleeced me for so much money this would be the funniest thing I have seen all year, truly comical. I am Loyd, from Brighton, New Sussex United Kingdom.

I read the warnings and informations, about the extra checking controls on the Airport, from Siam Trading the give me ! The warnings on different emails and on Skype.
I order 25 polo shirts with order number [protected], what Siam Trading must sent and delivery to me !
Siam Trading put this order with a agent on the Air-Port On hold. Also the Tracking number CP [protected] TH is in this time not active. Siam Trading not take the risk for this temporary extra checking controls, for the Elections in Thailand.

I Loyd take all the full risk, and give order to write Sample Clothing on the documents.
I am take all the FULL RISK, to delivery this packet, to stop this On HoldĀ

Siam Trading is NOT responsible for any problems.

I Loyd Rosso sign this agreement and send it back.
After Siam Trading give this On Hold free, and let send the packet in the same minute.


I have not heard anything from these jokers, and they have managed to take over €450 from me.I don't not expect to be hearing from them in the near future but I will make sure others don't make the same mistake.

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  • Si
      24th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This “LIAR” receive the packet !
    Only he want to make fraud to become a “Second / Double delivery” !
    The Control Custom on the Airport give the packet after control free, but the are make a mistake, the send this packet be “Surface Mail”
    In this main time the packet is not tractable.
    We have proof for shipping en conform delivery.
    This mister Loyd Lozzo is a corrupt men to make fraud.
    We must to ### the Custom, writing on de packing slip for him “Sample Clothing” for a Amount of “80 Euro”
    This old story is from 3 years ago !

    We WARNING different other company’s NOT make any business with this men.
    He only ### you. (Swindler)

    It is a SHAME that this sort of Complain / Sensation Sites, nothing proof on Reality !

    We send all our delivery’s world wide by Registered Air Mail”
    All traceable and to proof !

    Siam Trading is trustful, and have many regular customers world wide !
    We please to serve you !
    skype: siamtrading2004

  • Si
      25th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Also the investigators of this website the are very stupid !

    Ivonne Wainwright !
    She not see the URL on the comment ?
    We also sale glasses !

    You can see the value of this site !

  • Pl
      3rd of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Only when you the "Moderators" threating with Hooker or Corruption, the are do something !
    Ask what for car the have, from all the Game and Casino advertise !!!
    This is also a sponsored corruption site, without any control !!
    The looking only on the visitors and clicks to fill-up the pockets !
    What a ### to help distroi Company's.
    No-bobby care !

  • Ab
      3rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Geeze, you would think that a representative of a company would at the very least be able to use correct spelling and grammar. Because of the way the contract and response is written, I am not at all impressed.

  • Si
      12th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Just to make things clear for the record Siam Trading is not the same company as Siam Trading Post Siam Trading Post has no relationship with Siam Trading, our company does not deal in Euros and we also take Paypal as our first choice of payments. Please check our web site and products we do not now or have we ever sold Polo Shirts.

    With so may companies operating many have names that are close to each other. All buyers should ask questions and find out about the company and products before placing orders.

    Siam Trading Post

  • Ca
      11th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    I placed an order with Siam Trading Post for 2 jerseys and received them. The contact person was 'ART' as stated in the above post.
    The jerseys are good quality but the size is off (the sleeves are very very short). I have been trying to get ahold of them for an exchange but nobody is emailing me back. Over 4 weeks now, 4 emails and no response - and fearful I am now stuck with these. Customer service to date has been very poor. Not good for spending over $200 when all
    I want to do is exchange...

  • Fj
      7th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I recently purchased a split Seahawks/Packers jersey. Siamtradingpost was responsive to each of my inquiries and I received the jersey as promised. I was also sent tracking information and kept informed every step of the process. The jersey is AWESOME and my daughter is going to have a great time wearing it to the opening game sitting between a Seahawks fan and a Packers fan!

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