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Sherman Sports injury and day spa / Employment

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Sadly Doctor Alan Sherman Or Doc as he likes to be called is not a genuine man. His patients see one side of this schizoid person we allow to practice chiropractics and his employee's see many other side's of this over bearing, God complex suffering, contradicting, verbally and mentally abusive, controlling, money hungry, disorganized, unsanitary, manipulative, short tempered, self absorbed person that believes he's more talented that he actually is. He has many loyal clients that have been sweet talked and manipulated into believing that he is a kind and generous person. Not true. He is a master of manipulation. People are just dollar signs to him. He only treats the patients that have the most money with the care, care that all people deserve. All other people that come in and don't subscribe to his "Program" are shuffled in an out with as little care as humanly possible. "They are not our priorities." "They aren't paying and shouldn't be being treated." "I'm doing them a favor." These are the words "Doc" speaks. There is a high roller list. A list in which these people are to be given special treatment and the gentleman that came to his defense is more that just the top person on that list. We are to go above and beyond for those high rollers at the sacrifice of other less financially stable patients. He is constantly reprimanding his employee's for not folding the towels the way he likes them to be folded or asking to go to the bathroom. All employee's must ask for Doc's permission to do anything in his office. They must ask his permission to do the simplest actions. He is a control freak to the 100th degree.He likes to leave early and won't take responsibility for his actions. He'll leave patients waiting for hours while he talks to his high rollers then he blames his employee's. It's always the employee's fault even if Doc's to blame. The employee is not only the whipping boy but must have ten arms two heads and be a mind reader. Everything must be done the second he says to have it done. If your filing and he wants you to bring him a pencil that means stop everything an get him a pencil. He's very demanding. If you don't drop whatever you're doing to take out his trash then you'll be scolded and told how small you are an how lucky you are to be working for him and how nice he is to be paying you for this job. Speaking of payment. Your shift is your shift. He signs you out an only pays you for the shift time. Which means even if you have work to do and you need to stay longer to finish, and he makes you stay till you've finished everything, you will not be paid for it. Yes that's right you are only paid for your shift even if he tells you to stay till you've finished everything. You are never paid more than the part time shift hours you were hired for. You are not allowed to switch shifts or take a day off, even if your shift is cover by another employee, unless he's approved it first. If he doesn't approve it then not only will you not be able to take that day off but if you don't show you will be terminated. You need to tell him why you're asking for that time off or he will not give it to you. He wants to know everything about your personal life and will continue to ask if you don't answer he threats to fire you and then claim that he's your friend. By no means is Doc a good person and you can ask any former or current employee. Sadly that's a false statement. You can't ask them to answer this question because Doc informs them that they can't speak poorly of him for his patients absolutely love him and will tell him of what was said and you will be fired on the spot. No ill words shall be spoken for fear you will lose your job. He is a mean an cruel man. I could go on but won't. I believe you get the idea of what kind of man you are dealing with and will not only not come but steer others away as well.

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      26th of Mar, 2011
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    I have been employed by Dr. Alan Sherman for eight years and know him well. He has many staff members who appreciate his honesty, integridty and fairness in all aspects of his practice.
    I know personally that he is a kind and generous person. He has done gone to Mexico to deliver medical supplies to orphanges and help staff and patients when they need help. He has personally loaned me money to help through difficult situations. I have seen several patients in the office treated by Dr. Sherman who have no income or very little income and they are always thankful and treated fairly. He has never in 8 years of employement commented on how anyone folds towels, nor do we ever have bathroom meetings. He has given me automony to do my own work and never tries to micromanage me. He is not demanding however takes interest in all aspects of his practice to ensure all of his patients get the best possible care. Each employee is responsible for putting down their time, he signs and pays you for that time. If you don't put down the right time that is on you not him. In 8 years he has never argue with me about my time. Whenever I have need time off he has been okay with it. I can tell you he is a kind and loving man in both in his practice and gives his time to charities on a regualr basis. It it obvious that you worked for him for a very short time less then the probationary period and never got to know him or his practice.

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      12th of Dec, 2014
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    I have been a patient of Dr. Sherman's for 2 years and have observed his relationships with his employees as I've been at his office 3 times a week over the past 2 years. To show my appreciation for all he's done to improve my health and wellness, I volunteered to assist him to recruit new staff. Not only does he offer college students who are pursuing careers in the health fields paid internships to support themselves during their studies, he provides them with hands-on training and career guidance as they transition to their chosen fields. These untrained youngsters gain much needed experience in the work environment. Not all of them are open to the guidance provided nor are they able to meet the high standards Dr. Sherman requires. He shows great patience training and overseeing their performance. Those who show good work ethics are given multiple opportunities to take on more responsibilities, earn more, and develop into managerial positions. He has a small, one-doctor practice by choice so that he is able to personalize the treatment of all his patients.

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