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Sheila Matechuk / Hair Extensions / Fraud and unprofessionalism!

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Sheila Matechuk is a fraud and liar and not a master extensionist as she claims. I went to her house where she put cheap indian hair and super glue in my head, then charged me over $1,200. Now my hair is falling out and my scalp has an allergic reaction to the glue. She's also a thief because she would not return my money when I asked for a refund. Beware of this woman! She is not licensed to cut or style hair and has no training and no experience in hair extensions which she's been doing for the last year. Before that she was working at a hotel and a technology company in San Jose!


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  • Sh
      13th of Oct, 2007
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    This is obviously an attempt by one of my competitors to hurt my business. We have never had a client named "Laura Walters" and we have never had any of our over 1200 clients have a 'scalp reaction' to glue. I have a wonderful reputation in the Bay Area as a teaching extensionist with many regular and celebrity clients, and its shameful when a stylist can only try to increase their client base by tearing another stylist down. I invite this person to contact me directly and discuss this issue, and I hope YOU the public can see through this thinly veiled attempt to hurt a very successful company with many happy clients (many of which you may talk to directly).

  • Ac
      13th of Oct, 2007
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    I have been a client of Sheila Matechuk's for over 3 years. She has changed my life in terms of how I feel about myself. I went from thin, damaged, scraggly hair to long, thick gorgeous hair that I get so many compliments on! This woman above obviously has problems with her own work and clientelle, but Karma will get her, I bet! "super glue" come on!!! who would sit there and let someone put super glue in their hair? How sad to see something so ridiculous about a woman who actually helps other women with their self-esteem. Keep up the good work, Sheila and dont let the haters get you down!

  • Sa
      22nd of Oct, 2007
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    Lets look at Sheila’s quote of 1200 clients – a pure over exaggeration.

    This would mean she does 3.28 people extensions a day 365 days a year. With out them ever re booking them. Any mathematician and realist could see through that made up number.

    Any salon person knows that if a stylist has 1200 customer base, she is either “Cost Cutters” and spends no less then 15 minutes on each head. Which is impossible as an extension expert. Now if she truly has 1200 clients that would mean if every one of those clients booked one appointment a year she would have to do 3.38 365 days a year. That would be taking no days off. Funny Sheila travels to her home country Canada – and takes days off. Now think of 1200 or even half 600 people re booking with her on a constant basis to maintain their extensions it couldn’t even be possible.

    This could mean she has a lot of people never rebooking with her after having a disastrous attempt to get extensions from a fraudulent marketer not an actual certified hairstylist. If she is certified let her post her certificated on her site. Plus ask her to see all the insurance she holds in case your hair falls out or have some bad reaction like Laura wrote about. Now if you really want to see how legit she is ask her for her full working papers in America as well. If she can show you her client list of 1200 clients, certificate that she is a trained bonded stylist, insurance and working papers to work in America book with her. If she can’t you are playing with firer. Last thing you want is your hair to fall out, scalp issues, or cheap hair that makes you look like a prostitute.

    Oh before I forgot if you do search Shiela’s site you do see a women by he name of Laura. I can vouch for this.

  • Sh
      31st of Dec, 2007
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    Sarah is right in exposing Sheila Matechuk as the fraud that she is. Sheila did have an upset client named Laura, does not have a visa to work in the U.S. and is not licensed to do hair anywhere in the world. I know Sheila's dishonest ways and I'm not a hater. Sheila needs to walk the walk, expecially when she claims to be a sober recovering alcoholic. Sheila is not licensed by the State of California as a hair stylist and the fact is that she has no formal hair training and no hair salon license. She skirts the California Cosmetology Board's laws by claiming she doesn't need a license to do hair extensions because she doesn't technically handle hair when she does handle hair. What an insult to every trained and law abiding stylist out there. She has no right to come to this country illegally, much less to make money which she's not paying taxes on!

    Sheila started in hair extensions after failing as a marketing consultant. She and her sister Elena (a phone sex operator from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada took control of and upgraded the site by ripping software code off from another site (owned by an honest hardorking couple) When that didn't make any money she decided to compete against her hair extensionist clients by starting her own business. She had previously come across Goddess Hair Extensions which was owned by another hardworking honest and licensed extensionist that created Goddess Hair Extensions in 2001. Since was already taken years before, Sheila went for in April 2006. She also registered in case she got sued by the real owner of Goddess Hair Extensions. For the past year and a half Sheila has claimed that she's the founder and inventor of Goddess Hair Extensions which is an outright lie.

    Sheila has lots of complaints about the bad quality of her hair which she gets from Giovanni and Sons in VanNuys. They claim that its Italian hair but it's really low grade Indian hair that she's misrepresenting and overcharging for. She's had many clients wanting to return hair she doesn't return their money. In addition to her false claim of 1,200 clients, Sheila claims to have over 75 Goddesss Extensionists who are just the unfortunate victims that paid $1,500 for what she falsely claimed will make them $125,000 a year (she took that claim off the site along with some other b.s. claims). All she's teaching in her classes are ripped off versions of the nasty glue methods and the same old locks systems that you can learn from His and Her Hair in L.A for nothing. Any training or certificate from Sheila is worthless. How can it be worth anything if she was never trained or certified herself and she's fraudulently using another company's name without their permission?

    The bottom line is that Sheila tried to cover her lack of credentials and industry experience by coming out of the blue claiming to be a master extensionist and celebrity stylist (just because she did the hair of some loser that went to the King Kong premiere). Don't be fooled by her Mother Theresa routine either. She ripped off the Pink Hair for Hope idea from SoCap Hair Extensions. She did it to get more sales and to look genuine and caring. Nothing about Sheila Matechuk is genuine so do your research before handing your money over to her.

  • Sh
      6th of Jan, 2008
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    Maryam, this is becoming very tiresome. Why do you continue to attack

    me and my business? Your SF Bay business has failed, which means we

    are no longer in competition with each other, so why don't you just go

    away? I'm tired of having to answer to your lies and conjecture which

    are simply the results of you (or someone in your family) doing a

    Google Search on my name, finding out everything you can, and twisting

    it to make me look bad. Is it because your business is so bad that you

    actually have time to do this? Why are you so obsessed? I'm sorry that

    we came up with a very generic name "Goddess Extensions" that was

    similar to yours, but I had never heard of you before, otherwise we

    would have chosen something else, and avoided this whole nightmare

    with you-God help me. Everything you have written in your broken

    English about me is exactly identical to your faulty claims in your

    faulty cease and desist letter from your phony lawyer. You have pretty

    much cut and pasted the exact text. You don't even have the balls to

    contact me directly, or identify yourself on any of these complaint

    boards, because you are a bitter, obsessed coward, replete with

    dishonesty. Once again, I will itemize and defend myself to these

    vicious attacks and welcome any inquiries from interested parties as

    to the slanderous nature and lies you are spreading about me.

    THE FACTS (please search Google yourself, for verification)
    Maryam Ahmad, an Arizona stylist used to be 'Maryam's Extensions' She

    got her cosmetologist license in 2004 and
    decided to change her name to 'Goddess Salon'

    She tried to get the 'Goddess air Extensions" trademark but abandoned

    her application because the tm already belongs to a New Jersey

    company. She had also purchased, but

    didn't use the URL directly, only as a redirect, making it unlikely

    that my partners and I would ever even be able to plainly see that she

    was even vaguely associated with hair extensions. I, Sheila Matechuk,

    started doing hair extensions as a solo stylist in 2004,(which, Sarah,

    is why I can claim to have done over 1200 heads of extensions, it's

    actually closer to 2000 now) and officialy incorporated as 'Goddess

    Beauty, LLC. in California April 2006, with a DBA as Goddess Hair

    Extensions. I ran across Maryam's site as Goddess Salon and noticed

    that she was using my name 'Goddess Hair Extensions' and the 'Goddess

    Hair Replacement system and asked her to stop. My trademark

    application as a service is pending. She wigged out and had a lawyer

    send me a letter saying I had cybersquatted her domain name (she is a

    very small operator, and it's in plain sight that near every single

    search engine request clearly shows that we are a much bigger entity

    than she, with many more promotions, press stories and clients.) Since

    this time, Maryam Ahmad, who claims to have locations in San

    Francisco, Arizona, New York and many others (all route to a 1-800

    number that forwards to her Arizona salon has been unsuccessfully

    trying to ruin my reputation due to the uniqueness of my last name, as

    she is angry that we won't give up this corporate name or drop our

    trademark application. The shame of this is that as a business owner,

    I have worked extremely hard at carving out a company where I help

    thousands of women, and these 'anonymous' postings on complaint boards

    by a person who does google searches from my past, can create lies and

    stories that would be hilarious if they weren't so hurtful. Yes, I was

    a marketing consulting in both the US and Canada, and I am also a very

    successful self-taught hair extensionist and trainer to over 200

    students, yes I do not have a cosmetology license, one is not required

    in California. Yes, I have liability insurance-how ridiculous would it

    be for a company not to? Yes, I am a recovered alcoholic, that Google

    search produced a letter of mine that was published in Psychology

    Today. Yes I have a valid US Work Visa-how else could I possibly be

    permitted to work here or travel? Yes, I bought to be more successful, and we happen

    to have a lot of the same advertisers as

    My sister Elena is not directly involved with the site anymore, but as

    a former aircraft engineer, she most certainly does not do phone sex.

    That Google search turned up a blog I used to write talking about when

    she and I were poor in college and jokingly considered it! The classes

    I teach are all methods of extensions application that ALL currently

    exist on the market-each company does not patent methods, or else

    hairlocs and eurolocs would have sued each other and Dreamcatchers for

    patent infringement. If you would take my class, maybe I could teach

    you the difference! Our Pink Hair for Hope Campaign was unfortunately

    titled the same to Socap's, which is why we are doing better research

    before employing new marketing plans, and did not promote that name to

    our cancer clients this year. All in Maryam and family (in the above

    letter, the lingo 'hater' may very well be a younger relative of Ms

    Ahmad's) you are going to be seeing a LOT more of Goddess Extensions,

    so you may as well get used to the idea, or else start rounding up

    more people to spend many more hours typing up fake complaints.

    'Genuine' people have honor and dignity when it comes to competitors,

    and speak for themselves, not hiding behind a fake email address.As an

    immigrant to this country, I have worked very hard to fulfill my

    American Dream, and as 'Ahmad' is a name that originates in the middle

    east, you or your relatives are obviously trying to do the same thing,

    where is your sense of decency? Finally, and these

    other 'consumer' websites are wonderful venues for consumers to vent

    about a business that has treated them unfairly, unfortunately, the

    'anonymous' aspect of these posts leave innocent businesses and

    individuals with no power to refute or remove lies and conjecture from

    competitors and disgruntled people, these websites need more

    monitoring, or they will eventually be shut down. We are in the

    process of contacting the media about our situation, and have

    investigators trying to obtain IP addresses from the person who

    continues to assault us, so that we can properly sue them for slander.

    I welcome any inquiries from businesses going through this as well,

    and from any party interested in verifying my information.


    Sheila Matechuk
    Goddess Beauty, LLC

  • Ka
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    I have been a satisfied client of Sheilas for several years and I am so greatful to her for introducing me to the hair integration. It's very sad that some choose to sling mud at a successful company rather than building their own.

    One can't sling mud without getting their hands dirty tho -karma!
    Keep your head up Sheila,


  • Sh
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    To Sheila: I am not Maryam, nor a relative, nor an employee, associate, client or vendor of hers. The woman has nothing to do with my actions of exposing you. I do not hate you. I just want to tell the truth about you. I think your idea of contacting the media is a good one. The more people learn what a liar and fraud you are the better. For the record, my English is not broken and I’m a U.S. citizen that abides by the laws of this country while respecting other U.S. citizens. As a U.S. citizen I have constitutional rights and I’m protected if I want to speak freely and express myself in written form. As a citizen of another country you are here on certain conditions and you should learn what rights you have here. You should also understand the term “moral turpitude” which is misconduct that the U.S. government considers when barring U.S. immigration. The fact is that your conduct in this country has been dishonest and lacking any moral values.

    You so righteously feel that you have a right to shut down these “complaints sites” or subpoena them for IP addresses, but if you invade my internet privacy then I will respond in kind. I will subpoena your ISP and web-hosting company and all of your business and personal records to prove (to the best of my ability) the truth about you. Don’t assume that because you’re a Canadian citizen or because your web-hosting company is Canadian that you’re beyond the reach of U.S. law.

    The purpose of this and other “anonymous” complaints sites is to provide a safe environment for consumers to share information about unethical and fraudulent companies, without having to endure vindictive and defamatory retaliation such as yours. The only requirement for using this site per the site’s user agreement is that users be truthful to the best of their knowledge. You are not powerless to refute your skewed perception of the truth that emanates from these sites. If you feel you’ve been libeled (which is the proper term rather than slandered which you used), then you should prove all claims against you as being unfounded. Take note that in a U.S. court of law, truth is a complete defense to a defamation claim and a plaintiff must prove that the defendant acted with malicious intent and reckless disregard for the truth. Rest assured that unlike your intent, my intent is not malicious and I have the highest regard for the truth.

    After several months, you have yet to post your credentials, client lists, work visas, insurance policies and everything else that has been called into question. Until you can prove these claims as unfounded you will be labeled a fraudulent advertiser amongst other things. You’re also a hypocrite regarding the issue of anonymity when in fact your business practice is based on unverifiable and anonymous testimonials from clients like “Samantha M.” with actual work being done by associates like “Eliza J.” - the other “master extensionist” who has since disappeared.

    I am doing as much research as possible to back up my claims. You should do the same. For example, you should do proper research before you attack and libel honest people like Maryam. You should have called the California and Arizona cosmetology boards or checked their websites before erroneously stating that her license was issued in 2004. She has been a licensed cosmetologist in Arizona since 1993 and licensed in California since 2002. When I called those boards I learned that she doesn’t have a single client complaint in all that time. You are not only incorrect and defamatory in this instance but also a hypocrite since you don’t have a license whatsoever. Your comment about not needing a license should be addressed by the California Cosmetology Board or other regulatory agencies. As an unlicensed and “self-taught” practitioner, you have been skirting the laws only to put at least 2,000 woman’s health at risk. Your unregulated hair extension training of unlicensed stylists is only aggravating an already complicated situation in the hair extensions marketplace. Such unregulated actions are damaging an industry segment that has had enough horror stories to contend with. I have discussed your actions with many women and they all agree that you are highly unethical if not criminal for creating such a health hazard and for manipulating and profiting from loopholes in the law when others must abide by said law. Unlike you, ethical hair extension training companies do require their trainees to have licensing from the respective state cosmetology boards!

    You lied above when you claimed that you have been doing hair extensions as a “solo stylist” since 2004. Until March of 2005 your website was advertising your marketing consulting business “that helped businesses solidify their marketing processes, and develop revenue-generating strategies and tactics that have more than tripled the bottom line for many valued clients.” You never listed your credentials (such as a business degree or previous strategic consulting experience) to support these farfetched claims. In March of 2005 you converted to “Pivocal Hair Extension Styling” whereupon you started offering hair extension services out of your apartment in Mountain View. Your amateur and unprofessional service consisted of a hair extension application after a face to face consultation at the International Beauty Store in Campbell. You were also offering a next day appointment for “shaping” which we can interpret as ”styling or cutting”. In March of 2005 you had no pictures in your gallery so we can assume that you were just starting out.

    If we allow 2 months for start up time, we can assume you had 30 months to ramp up (from July of 2005 to December 2007) to your claim of 2,000 clients. As of January 2008, if each client were to change hair every 3 months (per your FAQ section), then we can add another 8,000 applications to be done by you this year. That means you’d be doing 27.4 applications a day (365 days a year), when retaining 100% of your 2,000 clients after the first application. If you lost 87.5% of your clients after the first application you’d be very close to Sarah’s original estimate of 3.3 applications a day, so maybe almost 90% of your clients don’t come back and you’re working 12 hours a day, 365 days a year! That is an incredible amount of work for 1 individual.

    Maybe Sarah’s method is a more simplistic way to analyze your outrageous claim of having completed 2,000 individual hair extension applications in 30 months. Such a client list, mind you, exceeds what many licensed stylists have after 5 to 10 years in the business. The additional 800 heads of hair extensions you’ve supposedly completed since last summer (exclusive of at the 4x re-application factor above) would raise your daily application rate to 4.4 heads, 365 days per year. At an industry average price of $1,500 per head we can assume that you’ve generated approximately $3,000,000 in gross revenue in addition to the $600,000 you’ve generated from your 200 unfortunate trainees (none of whom are listed on your site like other hair extension training companies do). If we conservatively account for a 10% client retention rate at only 1 application then we can add another 200 clients at $1,500 for $300,000. This means that in the past 30 months you have generated at least $3,900,000. Surely you’ve reported all of that income to the IRS and/or your Canada Revenue Agency.

    In May of 2005 you registered as a foray into the “Hair Extension Salon Guide” business along with YOU THEN COMMITTED A CRIMINAL ACT BY STEALING COPYRIGHTED SOFTWARE CODE FROM! In your entire diatribe above, you conveniently omitted the fact that you committed a criminal act! Feel free to respond to this claim. In April of 2006 you converted to and

    You also expect us to believe that with all your supposed marketing research experience and strategic expertise as a CEO that you didn’t come across until after you filed a trademark application in February 2007. Any competent corporate officer or trademark attorney would have done a proper search. I choose to believe that in April, 2006 when you were registering domains for Goddess Beauty and your infringing dba of Goddess Hair Extensions, that you did try to register I choose to believe that you did a “whois” domain search of which was registered in October, 2004, two years before you illegally started using your infringing and cyber-squatting dba. I choose to believe that you did a simple Google web search of “Goddess Hair Extensions” that would display At the very least you came across or Goddess Hair Extensions when you were on while stealing said guide’s software code for your salon locator site. The mere fact that you would register because was unavailable is a strong indication of you prior knowledge of

    You are also a good liar by omission. You failed to disclose the initial denial by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in June, 2007 of your fraudulent trademark application for Goddess Hair Extensions (which you only filed in February, 2007). You’re trademark application was filed fraudulently based on willful false statements WHICH IS ANOTHER CRIMINAL ACT COMMITTED BY YOU! You have also failed to disclose that your application has been refused as a final action by the trademark office based on the USPTO’s same citation as the “Goddess” mark cited on Goddess Hair’s application in August of 2005. That company’s mark was just the world “Goddess” and it was cited to refute yours because of a likelihood of confusion. That New Jersey firm never used nor does it own the Goddess Hair Extensions trademark. If you would have asked your cheap trademark attorney about Section 2(d) of the Lanham Act, she should have told you that the USPTO will refuse a registration such as yours if it “resembles a mark or trade name previously used in the U.S. by another and not abandoned, to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive…” Your deceit and ignorance of the law makes you believe that your rejected trademark application gives you the right to infringe on other companies’ common law trademarks. Under U.S. common law (where there is no registered trademark in effect) and based on first use, the entity that first used the Goddess Hair Extensions in 2004 is the trademark owner. That owner would be Goddess Hair and would definitely not be you or your company Goddess Beauty, LLC which was only incorporated in 2006. It’s amazing that you would ask a trademark owner to stop using their own trademark and that you only received a cease and desist letter from said rightful trademark owner. You should have been sued for trademark infringement and cyber-squatting and prosecuted for trademark fraud. Rather than insult another reputable firm and its legal counsel on the world-wide web you should have the decency to disclose the facts.

    You also claim to be a “big entity” with your many “promotions, press stories and clients” when the fact is that you are a 1 woman show operating out of your apartment in Redwood City and falsely advertising on Google amongst other sites that you have 4 salons. You have also fraudulently stated on that you have 5-10 employees. You have no such employees and salons much less a license to operate a salon. This month you are advertising that you are at “Awedacious” salon which is one of the many salons that you have jumped around to. In the past 2 years you’ve left multiple salons in your wake – from Louie Hair Salon in San Francisco to Utopia Tanning in San Ramon. We can only wonder what liabilities you have exposed these salon owners to.

    Your “press stories” are nothing more than self-promoting and deceitful news releases submitted by you to PR Web and/or other newswires that don’t check the accuracy of your information. Nowhere is there an objectively reported article in a respectable publication about you or even a public relations piece by an independent third party. In boasting that your many “search engine requests” prove how big you are, you’re actually verifying your ongoing campaigns of false advertising and deceitful marketing. Your site actually makes for a case study in deceptive advertising techniques that use meta-tags (keywords in HTML code). Google and other search engines search meta-tags to provide query results. Deceptive sites such as yours simply encode other company’s trademarks into it own meta-tags. This trademark infringement hurts rightful trademark owners because it drives consumers to cyber-squatting sites. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act addresses this deception when it misleads consumers. One Google search for “Goddess Hair Extensions” is proof enough, wherein your multiple organic listings appear for your cyber-squatting site, Again, it’s amazing that no party has brought your deceitful advertising to the attention of the Federal Trade Commission or any of the state’s Consumer Affairs Departments.

    This is also not the first time you’ve manipulated the web and Usenet groups for self-serving purposes, as proven by your spamming in November of 2003 (on where its users ran you and your company offline for illegal practices. Another example of your despicable blog spamming can be found in November, 2006 in which you preyed on cancer victims in a Cancer Forum regarding hair loss. Your blog stated “I’m not trying to sound like an ad…” whereupon you listed your website address and phone number. You were advertising and you were spamming. This has to be the lowest level an internet advertiser could stoop to.

    You have some real audacity to talk about “honor, dignity and being genuine”. What you need to do is sit down with your A.A. sponsor and do the 4th step, a “fearless and searching moral inventory” so that you get a handle on your “delusions of grandeur” that have driven you to walk the dishonest path you do. The only “shame of this” saga is that you’re not an “honest” business owner but a deceitful one that believes she’s above the laws of this country. Spare us your heart-wrenching story about working hard “to fulfill the American dream.” First of all, you didn’t arrive on these shores as a refugee or impoverished immigrant from a third world country. You entered this country from a former British Commonwealth that has plenty of material opportunity for its citizens. You disregard the fact that you’re breaking U.S. laws and ripping off American citizens who have already worked harder and longer than you have. While chasing your American dream you’re really playing both sides of the fence for your selfish benefit. For example, your return to Canada every 3 months is just a ploy to retain your U.S. immigration status while retaining your healthcare benefits under Canada’s healthcare system. To respond to some of your other QUOTES:

    1. “SHE MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT DO PHONE SEX” - The information about your sister doing phone sex did not come from a “blog” that you used to write but from her profile on which we can accept as her affirmation of this fact. While we’re discussing, I should state that you can’t even be honest on that site either. Your Goddess Extensions space shows you as being 25 years old and your She-La-La shows you as being 35 years old. Which one is it, Sheila?

    2. “YES, I AM A RECOVERED ALCOHOLIC” - You completely missed my point about your lack of honesty as a prematurely enlightened and “recovered” alcoholic. Your pseudo intellectualizing in Psychology Today about Alcoholics Anonymous is a breach of A.A.’s 11th tradition in which “members always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.” What’s sadder yet is that the empowering yet humble program of A.A. stresses the concept of “rigorous honesty”. Your dishonest character does a disservice to A.A. and your affiliation with the fellowship is a disgrace and embarrassment to all those who practice the principle of honesty in all their affairs.

    3. “EACH COMPANY DOES NOT PATENT METHODS, OR ELSE HAIRLOCS AND EUROLOCS WOULD HAVE SUED EACH OTHER” - It’s interesting that you cite those 2 companies as they both hold patents. Hairlocs owns patent 6,938,624 registered in 2005. Felix Traintinger, the Austrian inventor of the Eurolocs system received a patent in 1998. Hairlocs did in fact file suit against Eurolocs in January of 2004 and the case was dismissed in Federal District court later that year. As an “honorable and genuine” hair extensions company Eurolocs does require its U.S. educators and trainees to be licensed cosmetologists, just like Great Lengths and other training firms do as well.

    4. “OUR PINK HAIR FOR HOPE CAMPAIGN WAS UNFORTUNATELY TITLED THE SAME TO SOCAP’S” – Okay, so you’re admitting that you did rip the name off and that you’re the one with broken English.


  • Sa
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    Impressive - Research -
    I hope this stops people from ever using Sheila Matechuk services.

  • Hi
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    I know this has nothing to do with fraudelent women but allot of ppl have been ripped of by diana shaw how can i get my money back she trained me i paid £3500 but did not finish the course nor did i get any certificates and just disapeared come to find out later i'm not the only 1 nor is registerd what can i do to get my back? Any advice is appreciated

  • Ka
      25th of Apr, 2008
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    Sheila did what she called a "non adhesive shrinkies" method on her site 2005. It said No Glue!

    ...with keratin tips inside shrinkies using a heating wand (back then I didnt know anything about hair extensions I just new I didnt want glue and I specified that!!) I paid $1300 us dollars cash no receipt, unsightly on my thin hair a few weeks later I just wanted them out sharp bits were sticking out all over the top and sides and actually cutting into my head ... wait

    Gets better SHEILA could'nt remove them! I could'nt believe that the expert couldnt remove them.

    I asked you to take my picture off your site Sheila, after you ruined my hair. Your reply to me was that you were the owner of my pictures as it is your work. You never said sorry or offered to help me fix the problem or give my money back. You actually acted like I was the bad guy and you said you pitty me??!! I new you were a scammer as soon as I looked again at your site
    You had just started a training day on your site
    Saying.. only a few spaces left for training @ $1200 to be paid before the date of training - 8 people per class was it?? On a Sunday at that Salon next door to the hair extension and wig shop. Was it 3 or 5 hours to train in the 5 latest and greatest methods was it? And how to set up your own website and become part of Sheila's VIP TV Movies network!!! Well done Sheila, you total fraud PEOPLE ARE ONTO YOU!!! ad that money up USA?? $1200 x 8 up?? You scammer Sheila, you didnt know what the heck you were doing with peoples hair at all you probibly just looked at pics on sites and guess worked everything - yet you scammed so many innocent people including my partner and I. Remember when you said to me dumb American's with money are why your getting rich my GOD! YOUR VERY GOOD AT COMPUTER STUFF GOOGLE top of the list EVEN BETTER AT GIFT OF THE GAB, I remember going to your home to get my hair installed you had not even bothered to tidy up before I arrived. Are you just a messy type of person, to me that says alot about a person.

    I new some day you would be decovered for the CON you are

    Laura GOOD ON YOU for coming forward, makes it easy for the rest of us!

  • Sh
      27th of Apr, 2008
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    I met Sheila a few years ago when I ruined my hair with the Japanese hair straightening system (my long hair started breaking off & I hated how it looked). Sheila transformed my horrible hair into a beautiful mane using Bohyme/Remy 100% human hair. I was impressed with how quickly she matched my hair color (she took 1 look at me & immediately found my exact color) and then applied the hair extensions.
    Only my family & acquaitenance who were used to my shorter hair were able to tell I was wearing extensions. I got so many compliments on my beautiful hair!
    These negative posts about Sheila & her hair extensions business are pretty shocking since I have nothing but positive things to say about her. She is a professional who does quality work and I would recommend her to anyone seeking hair extensions in the bay area.

  • Sh
      27th of Apr, 2008
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    I got hair extensions done by Sheila about 3 years ago-wore them for about 2 years until my real hair grew out. My hair wasn't damaged by the extensions, it actually got the chance to grow back strong & healthy because I didn't have to use many styling tools on it. I never had a bad experience with Sheila and anytime I hear someone talk about hair extensions, I tell them about her & the great job she did on my hair.

  • Ka
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    Funny how Sheila has managed to make her complaints be gone from google search by filling the front line up with her business name and advertising. GIRL you can write some amazing references to YOURSELF on this site and your own site. But this site isnt FOR YOU!!! Its about your unethical workmanship and against your CON ARTISTRY!!! We have a right to say our veiws without YOU making up bull C R A P references. I can see straight through you and you wont be laughing when the authorities get you GIRL! This site is for complaints, it isnt for you or your friends to play with so please BUTT OUT of a site that you have not PROVEN your self too. How many times have you been asked for your PROOF of who you say you are?? Or if you indeed pay any taxes?? You are not just a CON!!! Your a nasty nasty human being who couldnt care if someone has cancer!!!

    I had to pay good money to fix what you did and my confidence to along time to repair.

    You were trying to help me??? You were never a friend you were just a LIAR and a FRAUD hope my money helped you live the life you want!

  • Da
      7th of May, 2008
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    OMG Sheila! Who is this freakshow that is trying to ruin your name? I realy hope that you do track them down by IP-this *Sherry Morris* person sounds dangerous to be honest-if something happens to you, the police will know exactly where to go! It's so obvious that this woman is a competitor that it's embarassing. This would actualy be hilarious if it wasn't so stupid and insulting. Elena a phone sex operator--hahaha, sorry, but that is just so ridiculous, she is such a nice person and always listens to me rambling on! I guess the higher up the ladder you go, the more your ### hangs out! I love how *Sherry* claims to somehow 'know your dishonest ways' yet has never spoken to you or met you face to face! She sounds like some legal aid lawyer who works for that Maryam lady who has figured out how to search someone on Google. The best part is when she demands you to post your tax return and immigration license for all the world to see! Why don't you just put your social security number and pin numbers too?? Priceless- Don't worry about this girl, your work is amazing and your gallery speaks for itself, my hair is fab, and this weirdness will peter out at some point. Since I can never seem to get a same day appt anymore, it isn't hurting your business is it? =P For any ladies who want to talk to a REAL client of Shiela's, email me and we can talk about my experience with her..

    Rock on hair goddess!

  • Sh
      9th of May, 2008
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    Hey Allison, how have you been girl? Where are you these days? Yes, this whole complaints thing is so disgusting. It's amazing to me that anyone has the time to sit there, search every last page on Google and spew lies and hate about a person they don't even know, aren't competing with, and whose only mistake was coming up with the same name. Interestingly, in addition to Mayam Ahmad and her crew's fraudulent posts under the fake name 'Sherry Morris" the post above from 'Kathy' is actually a woman from New Zealand named Kathy, who scammed me into teaching her how to do hair extensions back in 2005 with the promise that she was 'starting a huge hair extensions company in New Zealand" and she would buy hair and supplies from me in return. She said we could 'exchange methods' and when she assisted me on a client, it was obvious that she had no idea what she was doing, never mind being able to show ME anything. Kathy, it's really surprising to me that you of all people would get in on this and try to damage my reputation, when I gave you fabulous hair extensions with double drawn Russian hair, taught you how to do this for yourself, took you to Ruby Skye nightclub because your drug dealer boyfriend Ken from Concord kept you cooped up in his dirty house and never even showed you the sights in San Francisco. And Kath, if I ruined your hair, why did you want me to redo it before your flight back to New Zealand, because you had illegally overstayed your US visa by 3 months? Here's an excerpt from your email:

    From: kathy []
    Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2005 9:29 PM
    Subject: I can come to you!

    Im leaving on Wed, I need to make a time before then to do my sides and top of back of my head with the smaller shrinkie method - Kens offered his work truck for me to come out to ya!

    I will be happy to pay for your time as it must be done before I leave.

    We can talk methods then too
    I will pay you for Poly order in cash, just email a time best suits you?

    x Kath

    So I help you out, give you all my suppliers names to start your business in New Zealand, show you around the city, and then you have the audacity to demand the photos of MY WORK be taken off my site, so you can lie and tell people that it's your work, and because I told you I was uncomfortable with this (and also pretty offended that you would ask me for this after everything I had done for you) Now you post lies and say that I'm the con artist?? It was YOU who talked about American's being stupid and that's why you were going back to New Zealand. Here is the email you sent asking me to send you the photos:

    From: kathy []
    Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2005 1:34 AM
    Subject: Hair Extensions Inquiry

    Hi Sheila
    Can you please send me my pics again in easy format so I can do

    something with them, the ones you sent me, I cant resend onto my

    family or even save to my file I have on my p.c?

    Now that your on your way to Hollywood which Im truely excited for

    you!!! ...and Im getting into my own business now myself, it is also

    better to remove my pics from your site as I wish to use them for my

    own advertising of my own business.

    As it would definately be a conflict of interest for us both to use

    pics of me.

    Take care

    Thanks Kathy

    So who is the scammer and liar now Kathy? I guess you weren't AT ALL excited and happy for me to be styling in Hollywood, you are just like Maryam-bitter and spiteful that someone else is successful. What a disgrace.

    To remark on the email from 'U Don't Care" this is a former client of mine named Annie that I fired in January after she ripped off Eliza, my head extensionist who I had let go in December. Annie went behind my back to have Eliza do her re-do because she didn't want to pay what I charged her. THEN she cancelled the check she gave Eliza, and although I had let Eliza go at the time (I have since rehired her because she is an AMAZING stylist) what Annie did was WRONG. PERIOD. This, Maryam (Sherry) is an example of my 'moral turpitude'. I considered Annie a friend, and she and I and Eliza and hung out many times personally, and it sickened me that she would rip off a person who was nothing but nice to her, and is a single mom just because I had let her go, and Eliza would be powerless to try and get the money she was owed. Just because I hire and fire staff doesn't mean I want to see them ripped off and hurt. Annie also lied to me and told me she had gone to an 'Aveda' salon when I asked who had done her extensions, because the work was excellent. I don't need liars and thieves as clients, I have plenty like Allison that are good, honest people, and anyone reading this can email these people, talk to them on the phone, or in person if they live locally. I have hundreds of regular clients who are FURIOUS with the lies, and sick, invented stories Maryam is spreading on these complaint boards about me, and they are posting in an effort to share their experiences with me and my company because I have changed their lives, WHICH IS WHY they are offering potential clients an opportunity to talk to them and PROVE that they are real people. I have recognized a few reviews from former clients that aren't super positive, which is fine with me! I can't make everyone happy-AT LEAST THEY ARE REAL CLIENTS, and not a competitor making up lies to try and destroy my reputation, a scam artist who I tried to help, and and an angry former client that is a rip-off artist herself.

    Maryam, you are wrong as usual regarding the purpose of these complaints sites-they are also a vehicle for businesses to answer to lies, conjecture and threats, which I have done and in the process of doing. I have personally responded to ALL THESE LIES, and I will happily turn over our federal tax returns and my US Work Visa to an officer of the court to prove my integrity and legitmacy-better yet, why don't you identify yourself and I will show them to you in person? This is a personal invitation-call me at 650-361-8225 You won't, because you are a coward that hides behind phony, anonymous accusations. Contact all the authorities you want! Just because you can't find my personal information by doing a rinky tink Google search, doesn't mean I am not legitimate-I am and I have NOTHING TO HIDE. I have contacts in many areas of law enforcement, state congress, the california cosmetology board and many others that are working with me to see that this kind The reason your salon name did not come up on our trademark search is because your application # 78687792 was abandoned and you weren't using the domain as anything other than a redirect to, unless we had chosen that SPECIFIC domain, there is no way we COULD have known. I never even wanted it, because it's too long and not IS.

    Speaking of the California Cosmetology Board-your complaint about me, my employees and my company not adhering to CCB regulations has been retracted, and they have sent us letters that confirm that we are not in violation of any of their laws. Thanks for the introduction though- I am now being given an opportunity to work with them to bring my expertise to cosmotology schools who do not offer hair extensions and replacements as a specialty field. If THEY feel that I am an expert in extensions and training, then it does not matter what YOU think. You are an unknown entity in this industry, Goddess Salon has NO reviews negative or otherwise from clients, you have NO before and after pictures of your clients, you don't appear ANYWHERE on the search engines, and as for my putting 'thousands of women at risk" in an unclean environment, we use standard disinfectants as does any licensed salon. YOU on the other hand claim that Maryam Ahmad has "never had a complaint in all her years as a cosmetologist, " which is what the boards "told you when you called" This is an outright lie, along with the rest of your fraudulent research-she and her salon had a complaint as recent as April, 2007 from the Arizona Cosmetology Board:
    Violation #73449 Maryam Ahmad #19301485 Goddess Salon #C15700 -No large wet disinfectant set up

    Who is endangering their clients now?

    You continue to ramble on about how Goddess Hair LLC 'owns the "Goddess Hair Extensions" trademark (we applied for the SERVICE mark and that '"that New Jersey firm never used nor does it own the Goddess Hair Extensions trademark' which either means you are delusional or as bad at research as you appear. You own a DOMAIN name, and the reason your trademark will NEVER be approved is because you are selling a hair extensions PRODUCT line called 'Goddess Hair Extensions". The standard character Word Mark for 'Goddess" used in conjunction with hair pieces, wigs or extensions, is registered to Hair Zone Inc., and actively used in their Sensationelle hair extensions line "Goddess Remi Hair Extensions" mark Serial Number 78731388, Filing Date October 12, 2005, FIRST USE IN COMMERCE DATE: MARCH 1ST, 2004. You purchased both the and domain names in October, 2004, and when you went to file for the trademark-you discovered that the mark is in use, and abandoned your application. This means that YOU Maryam, are knowingly committing trademark infringement (and criminal acts) by purporting to sell 'Goddess Hair Extensions" TM products hair, falls and ponytails, as depicted on your website. Their first use in commerce date supercedes ANY 'common law' trademark nonsense you claim to have on this mark, and you have been actively and knowingly infringing upon this trademark for the past three years. I have contacted the owners at Hair Zone, inc., and although they aren't concerned about us using Goddess Hair Extensions as a DBA for a service enterprise, they are very unhappy to hear that another company has been actively selling hair extensions product with their trademark logo. They are a very large company with a stable of lawyers that should be contacting you soon. So for all the 'I assume" "let's assume", "I choose to believe", "If we allow" and other speculative claims you have made above about my company, my legitimacy as a stylist and my moral integrity as a human being, YOU are the fraud, and 'I choose to believe' that after using as your primary website as of 2005, and only as a hidden redirect (source: you came across all the promotions, marketing, press stories, reviews and tv ads and decided to cause confusion in the market place and 'piggyback' off my image and success, until I discovered you were actively using ' in yout paltry, nearly non-existing advertising efforts, and emailed you last year asking you politely to stop using the trademark that I had applied for and you had abandoned. What you forgot to mention in your comprehensive 'research' is that A simple Google search by ANYONE clearly shows that 90% of the pages that reference 'Goddess Hair Extensions' are results of hard-won marketing, advertising, public relations initiatives, and accolades that I have paid for, and earned because of my talent as an extensionist, and skills as a marketer.

    You know Maryam, as my friends, family, suppliers, students, clients and other supporters can attest to-I'm actually a pretty nice person too. You and I both obviously love what we do, and love to help women. If you had replied to my initial email last year and offered a compromise like "Well, we have been using the mark longer, but it's only for our product line, could we come to some sort of agreement?" I would have been more than happy to work it out with you in a way that would be positive for both of us, or even partner up and help you sell your product, but you immediately launched a full scale attack sending threatening emails and letters, and continue to try and hurt me as a person and a business owner. All you have done is gotten us both listed by name on complaints site and tarnish the Goddess image. What exactly have you gained?

  • Jo
      10th of May, 2008
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    If you spent less time typing these rambling diatribes and more time correcting problems with people's hair, we would ALL be better off.

  • Sh
      11th of May, 2008
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    I saw your snotty little comment before Joe-or is it Joseph? I agree, this should be about my skills at as a stylist, ...the comments in this thread about "using cheap indian hair and superglue ' are complete crap and being posted by competitors, if you didn't bother reading the diatribes. I have an open door for any former clients who weren't happy to call me and I will work it out with them-so whose hair needs to be corrected? Yours?

  • Sh
      11th of May, 2008
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    Get a restraining order & get a body guard. This Maryam, aka Sherry, aka Kathy sounds just as dangerous as she is crazy.

  • Da
      12th of May, 2008
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    This vendetta against Sheila, her family, her character and business is dishonest and morally reprehensible. I have known Sheila for about three years having been a client, student and colleague. The reason I found Sheila, and what a find!, was that my hair was completely ruined by a "licensed" professional who applied hair extensions that literally cut my hair at the application site! I paid a pretty penny for all this and was left with a broken, matted mess. Sheila was able to give me the hair I wanted with the little I had left. She so impressed me with her agility, knowledge and compassion that I took her course in hair extensions and have not regretted it once! I know how I felt after Sheila was finished with me and I wanted to give that feeling to other women who had gone through a similar experience. The class was informative, well presented, thorough, hands on and professional. I really feel that Sheila has a natural artistic ability and esthetic sense when it comes to hair extensions/hair integration. She genuinely loves what she does and is committed to her clients. Why anyone would take the time to maliciously attack her in this manner is really puzzling. Their need to drag her family and personal life into this forum is actually quite piteous and an obvious attack for personal satisfaction or gain. Those who are acquainted with Sheila and her staff will find these malicious posts laughable and, for those who do not know Sheila, I would hope that they would take the time to talk to her before succumbing to these far-fetched stretches of imagination that were written about her and her business. I welcome anyone to contact me as I am writing this because I feel that Sheila has been grossly and maliciously attacked and misrepresented.

    To you, Elena and your staff: you are competent, generous, professional and YOU ROCK! Your reputation in this business will bring out enemies, "frienemies" and everyone in between envious of your success but you have the truth on your side and that is the best side to be on!!!

  • Ev
      21st of May, 2008
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    Hello Everyone,

    I typed Sheila Matechuk on google and this is the first thing I find! This is awful, I think that things like these websites shouldn't be legal because anyone could write any lie and it is allways the best liar that wins! I think that Sherry and Maryan don't know Sheila and that they are jealous of her.

    I know Sheila more then 1 year now, first I was a friend of her family in Canada, I met them on a trip and they are all hard working honest and nice people. I travelled all over the world and I went to Redwood city for a weekend and met Sheila, she was so nice to me that i stayed a whole month in her home. She gave me a room and I had a wonderful holiday. This was all free because she is very hospitable and she doesn't care only about money like you guys try to say, maybe you guys get paid to write lies like this?. Her house is very clean and she disinfects everything with special products. I never saw her using glue on anyones hair! She does have 4 salons i saw them with my own eyes when she took me on a trip around the bay area. eliza is a woman that works for her and she is also a great stylist! I saw every day at least 3 happy clients. One day sheila looked at me and asked if I also wanted extensions and i said: i love to but i don't have the money, because i am travelling all over the world in a year. And she did it for free for my birthday! She is an extremely generous person and wants to help people. I can only say good things about her.

    Please people don't believe these things, first you have to meet her and see what a nice person she is.

    I think it is horrible that they also said something about elena, saying things about someones family is very childish and hurtful and very mean. I know elena, because after my trip to the USA I went back to Canada on my trip around the world and stayed also in her house, she showed me plenty pictures of her working on helicopters and I saw a picture af her graduating as an helicopter engineer. Just because now she answers the phone to make apointments for hair extensions it is very easy to use a lie like that as an insult.

    Sheila, Elena and eliza you are 3 wonderful women, and I hope that you will survive this horror, if this would happen to me i wouldn't be as strong as you guys, hold on!!!

    I am sorry for my bad English, I am from France and French people have a hard time speaking English, because in our country all the movies are dubbed and we do not get original English movies.

    Also I still have my hair extensions made by Sheila and i can do the touch ups myself because she thought me how to and sometimes i remove them to put them all back in again and then i can see how good my own hair is and i have extensions more then a year now made by sheila and my hair is still very healthy and shiny. you would be amazed if you see the quality of my hair now!!! and I have amazing before and after pictures!!!

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